Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I've got my Mojo!

How glamorous and cool this Mojo Titan Bullet is!
Let's talk about the lipstick part of this little contraption. Botanically formulated, this lipstick is smooth with a minty essence, it feels lovely being glided across the mouth. The lipstick contains shea butter, beeswax, aloe, cucumber, green tea, vitamins a and e. How delicious! Can I have it in a salad?
You take the small tube of lipstick and place it in the little alloy bullet which becomes your lipstick case. It's very pretty and fun to show off! The alloy container or bullet, protects lipstick from the harsh elements- freezing if you are up north, melting if you are in the deep south. The lipstick comes in colors like Delusion- a purple cocoa shade, Diabolic-burgandy, Conviction- pure red, Pin Up- cotton candy pink (my favorite), Suede- burnt umber, Dune-neutral. There is a shade for everyone.

The Titan Refillable lipstick has been featured in so many magazines, I can't even list them all. I think what I like best is how funky it is. And how the top screws on and off. How portable it is. Well, it's also cool. Very cool. You can always put a new tube of color in the bullet. I appreciate the all natural ingredients too.

Also noteworthy is the Platinum lip gloss, with a high shine and light shimmer, this is the perfect topper to your lipstick. I love the feeling of gloss on my lips so this one is a must-have for me to keep close at hand. About a year ago, I posted about this new product. I'm very excited to have had the chance to test it out and review the "botanically formulated refillable lipstick."
Need I tell you that this is so great for the makeup lover in your life? See more at MojoCosmetics.

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