Sunday, November 04, 2007

MBT Shoes will shape your body and more

A couple of months ago, I attended Melanie Segal's Platinum Gifting Suite for the Emmys. There I had the chance to try on a pair of these nifty MBT shoes which I read about in various health/fitness magazines. When I was told that I would receive a pair, I was excited... but didn't hold my breath. After all, these are very expensive fitness shoes and well, I'm not a celebrity. You know celebs are the ones that walk away with all the swag not so much the writers.

Lo and behold, one day not too long ago, I went to my door to find a large box with these shoes inside. I was beyond thrilled! I laced them up right away and read the little insert from cover to cover, learning all I could about the science behind the shoe. These shoes do a variety of things like improve posture, tone muscles and lessen the stress on hip and knee joints.

There is so much to learn about Masai Barefoot Techology, I encourage you to read about it on the website. MBT helps with back pain, foot pain, ailments, complaints. Because I suffer from terrible lower back pain I have been wearing the shoes around the house to see if my chronic pain improves. I also like the fact that wearing the shoes is an easy way to tone up the buttocks and yes, I need that.

I want to say THANK YOU to the people over at MBT who sent the shoes to me. I am super grateful because I love wearing these comfortable fitness shoes. Please check out all the information on the website.

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