Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Perfectly beautiful with Yves St. Laurent

I've mentioned before how picky I am with foundation. I don't like it when you can't see the skin through the makeup. Foundation, for me, is only used to even out skintone and create a canvas for the rest of the makeup I pile on my face.

Yves St. Laurent has a wonderful foundation which is in a glass jar and comes with a small brush. It's called 'Teint Majeur' Luxurious Foundation SPF 18 and I like saying it with a French accent. This product is creamy and offers light coverage. The foundation is blendable and contains anti-aging ingredients so you are actually looking younger when you wear it! Yes!

Golden Gloss is everything you want your gloss to be- shiny and not sticky, colorful but not overly so. The Golden Gloss gives your lips a dash of rich golden shine. I wear this alone or over a nude lipstick. Speaking of nude lipstick, you must, must must try the Rouge Pur Shine The Naturals Lipstick in Natural Pink. It's super creamy and shiny and lipstick has never felt so good on my lips! The lipstick made the cut in Allure magazine's "best of beauty " issue so I know Im not the only one praising this lipstick.

You can buy Yves St. Laurent cosmetics at or learn more at Yves St. Laurant.

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