Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss

I was chatting with a girl the other day, a girl who is smart and savvy and lovely and she didn't know that I had a book out in the world.
"You need to get that on your blog!" she told me.
I really am shy about pushing my work out there but I figured, what the heck? Look at all the celebs who are reading my book! Jennifer Aniston (such a sweetie!) even made it into a tee shirt!
A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss is about Barrett Greer, a down on her luck writer who is obsessed with tabloids, blogspots and E! True Hollywood stories. A chance encounter at a convenience store hurls Barrett into the world of Kat Savage, pop singer and world wide star.
Barrett can finally live out her dream of designer clothes, spa visits, fame and fortune, at least by befriending Kat. But her relationship with the singer is nothing short of a disaster: Kat's career is careening downward, she is slovenly and sloppy and can't do a thing for herself. It's all worth it to Barrett though, if she can get her foot in the door of Hollywood. When Kat commits a terrible, selfish act that hurts her, Barrett is forced to question if life in Hollywood is really studded with diamonds and gold or filled with backstabbers and unscrupulous behavior.
The book is light and funny, a satire of Hollywood. If you enjoy books like The Devil Wears Prada and the Shopaholic series, I think you will like mine.



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Blogger Jessucka said...

I loved the book. A very light, funny read. Your humor is marvelous.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Caroline said...

Cindy, this is hilarious and so much fun! And your book is wonderful, by the way!


12:41 PM  
Blogger BlushingGirl said...

so funny! I love this post!

8:40 PM  
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