Friday, November 16, 2007

Vavoom Gold Heat

Imagine what it was like to be a starlet in the 50's- you had to have your roots touched up every nine days and your hair was dyed with pure bleach and ammonia. The coif of the day was rigid, hard curls and many girls would suffer their hair breaking off. Thank goodness technology has come a long way!
Vavoom has long been a favorite of mine because as you know, I love the big hair. Gold Heat is a line made for girls like me who style their hair every day and need to protect their tresses from heat damage.
Blow In Volume Protective Lotion protects hair from the heat of the blowdryer. Use before blowdrying, just a little bit throughout your damp hair does the trick. Blow In Volume protects from heat styling and adds body. Iron In Volume is a must for curling or flat iron use! The ends of the hair get so damaged from daily use of irons, this helps to pamper the hair. Iron In Control is used when you want shine and control. Mist on and style hair in sections. I keep all of these on my bathroom counter because I blow my hair dry every day.
You can find out more here at the Matrix site. You will absolutely want to try these products if you style your hair with any heat element!

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