Monday, November 12, 2007

Winter Scents

When I think of a Roxy girl, I think of sunkissed skin and wavy blonde hair, a girl who knows how to hop on a surfboard and ride the waves all day long. Roxy has captured that beachy, sunny vibe and bottled it into the new Roxy scent.

Notes Of Citrus, Red Fruits, Magnolia, Violet, Lily Of The Valley, Frangipani, Ylang Ylang and Musk make up this perfume which is housed in a round pink bottle. Because of the citrus, the fragrance is very clean and light. Although the target age for this hip scent is 15-25, even a thirtysomething such as myself can wear it. Also, look for the shower gel which pampers the skin keeping it soft thanks to the pearl extract.
I like the shape of the bottle and top of Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker. This squat little bottle with the floral inspired top combines chocolate, magnolia, and amber musks. Sounds like it would be a heavy scent, but it isn't. I smell the light musk more than anything followed by magnolia, I don't detect chocolate but I do smell notes of lemon.

A nice perfume can complete your outfit, your essence, they way you feel about yourself. I rarely go a day without spritzing on a little perfume or cologne. There are days when I cant get enough of a certain scent and I spray some on before I go to bed. A few scents have found their way onto my perfume tray and I bring you the best of the bunch.

Susanne Lang's Midnight Orchid blends jasmine, musk and vanilla to create a lovely perfume with a sophisticated flair. This delicious combination can be layered with other scents in Susanne's collection but I think it smells wonderful alone. On my skin, I notice the burst of sweet vanilla most of all.

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