Friday, November 09, 2007


I have been on a quest for some really great yoga dvd's and books. You will rarely see me running or jogging, that is not my style. First of all, my knee hurts when I run for more than a second and with every step I want to cry because quite frankly, I rather be sitting at home reading a book. I've found alternate ways to try and stay fit- riding my stationary bike, doing pilates on my reformer, free weights and best of all, yoga.
I bought two dvds from Ravi Singh and Ana Brett. I highly recommend them for their peaceful quality and easy to repeat moves. I'm used to doing the standard yoga moves and Ana and Ravi feature Kundalini yoga which is a little more intense. If you think you can't get a decent cardio workout from yoga, guess again!
My body begins to crave the yoga moves, gentle stretching and relief from chronic lower back pain I suffer with every day. Also noteworthy is Ana's page on live foods.

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