Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Are you an original?

I am so excited about MAC's new collection, the Originals. I will be posting more about this another day but here is the official press info directly from MAC. Can you imagine getting a thousand dollar gift card from MAC?

~*~*~*M·A·C Cosmetics announced the “Are You A M·A·C Original?” contest to launch their new limited edition collection The Originals. The contest is a celebration of one’s individuality and originality—qualities intrinsic to the M·A·C brand. Launching nationally through the M·A·C website (http://www.maccosmetics.com/), the contest will also run regionally in 6 key cities across the United States: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Houston.
The M·A·C Originals Collection will launch in stores December 19, 2007. The Originals pays tribute to popular product shades both discontinued or existing that consumers covet and can’t live without. The Originals, a collaboration of the new and the old, introduces new textures and modified formulations of must-have Lipsticks, Lipglass, Eye Shadows and Pigments.

To enter the “Are You A M·A·C Original?” contest on a national level, consumers can visit http://www.maccosmetics.com/ beginning December 26th to submit a picture of themselves wearing their favorite M·A·C products, along with 50 words on what makes them a M·A·C Original. The winner will be determined by votes online. The winner will receive a $1,000 M·A·C gift card and the complete Originals collection.~*~*~*

You can go to the MAC website to see the new collection which looks like so much fun as MAC products always are. Russian Red is going to be my signature color in '08.



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