Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ashley Tisdale's new nose!

Gisele Bunchen's nose

The Tara Reid: slightly red with early onset of gin blossoms

The Paris Hilton nose

The Carrie Underwood

The Alicia Silverstone

I know that Ashley Tisdale went to the hospital to fix a "deviated septum." Sure! So when she looks totally different in two weeks, blame it on that. Jennifer Aniston also had the surgery and now her nose is suddenly looking a little more refined. How will Ashley look when the swelling goes down? Will she have the perfectly cute button nose of one of the other female celebs out there? Only time will tell.

Oh and I really did have surgery for a deviated septum and it was horrible. I should have brought a picture of Angelina Jolie with me and said, "Just make me look like this. I don't care about breathing...I want to be gorgeous!"

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