Thursday, December 13, 2007

Avon Foot Works Set

The ideal gift for the girl who loves wearing stilettos but complains of achy feet: Avon Foot Works Mocha Supreme Nourishing Foot Butter, Foot Soak, file and mug. I think feet often go neglected. Have you ever seen a lovely woman wearing sandals and her heels are cracked, toenails are long? Don't even get me started on wispy hairs on toes.
Our poor feet! They get shoved into shoes that are ill fitting and rarely get pampered. According to Reflexology, the feet are the pathway to many parts of the body. Taking care of them is good for your healthy it!
I like this set- you soak your feet with the Energizing Foot Soak, scrub off the rough skin then rub them with the nourishing foot butter. And the mug is wide and deep, perfect for the coffee I drink all day long.
You can order this spa essential here.