Sunday, December 09, 2007

Daily Dollfaces

I really want to like Rumer but when she says things like, "I'm a celebrity and have to deal with fame twenty four hours a day!" boo hoo, ugh, then I realize we will never be BFF. I want to fix the neckline of the top, take off the hat, hem the dress and add some bronzer to her face.

These two have been hitting the bottle- of formaldehyde.

Okay, so sue me. I think Paris looks nice here. No overdone drag queen makeup and her hair is sans extensions. She is covering up her lady parts and doesn't seem to have lipstick on her teeth and apparently she is sober. Does she ever stay home? She's always out and about at some party.

If I walked out of my house wearing this ensemble, my friends would laugh at me. White trash or high fashion? Mans shirt, tight jeans (with rip in knee) heels and piles of jewelry, unwashed hair, this is a fashion statement? And here I've been washing my hair to leave the house and wearing clothes that fit. Duh, I'm such a dork.

I've seen those shoes Mischa Barton is wearing on the CLEARANCE rack at Ross. The wedge heeled peep toe sneakers? Just say no.

Tara Reid constantly looks like one of the matrons of the Real Housewives of Orange County! If they ever make a movie of that show, Tara should star in it. Boozy, overly tan, bleach blonde- check, check, check!

Keria Knightley's make up is so soft and pretty! I love it. I might be inclined to love the dress is there was not that sternum bearing peek-a-boo on it. I'm kind of questioning the worms on the dress too.

Can you imagine leaving the house with your hair twisted into little knobs? People would point and stare for sure. That's how I style it when I have to touch up my dark roots. Gwen Stefani can work it.

Someday I hope to be famous enough to bear all for the anti-fur campaign. Eva Mendes looks pretty fierce here.

The world needs more Christy Turlington. Isn't she just amazingly beautiful?

You have to feel sorry for Beyonce! Clearly she is too weak to hold her own umbrella. Why is she carrying her own jacket then? Why isn't someone helping her? Gah! Poor thing is probably forced to carry her own purse too! So unfair.
Her belt reminds me of the Tommy Hilfiger logo.

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