Monday, December 10, 2007

Daily Dollfaces

Megan Fox may be an attractive girl but those tatoos make any party dress
look less sophisticated. Even if the tat is of Marilyn Monroe.
Gorgeous! Kerry Washington is a beauty but I think the dress would have been better with a more subdued shoe, perhaps a neutral gold strappy sandal?

Hmmmm, hot mama! Mary Louise Parker shows off the gams at the premiere of PS I Love You. Do you think she's still bitter about Claire Danes and Billy Crudup? You know what they say, looking good is the best revenge. At least thats what I tell myself.

Lindsay looking clean and pink! I want to see her with that nice red hair again. Also, I want to see her sober and with a nice guy and not getting into car accidents.

When she was giving the interview for the magazine all Katie had to say was, "Na nu, na nu, bleeble blabble." I remain confident that Tom brainwashed her in some way. Did I say some way? I mean, every way!

Liv Tyler proves all you need is red lipstick to counteract the positively unglam look of Uggs. There is nothing sexy about winter in New York. Static hair and puffy coats, hats and ear muffs, thick gloves and frost bitten noses? I don't miss that.

I haven't gotten the appeal of Jessica Alba but I will say that her cute hair makes me want to take scissors to my long bangs and chop them. If Kate Hudson sends her son over, I'll snip his hair too.

Joely Fischer could use some bangs. And I like her better with red hair HOWEVER she appears pretty natural and un-botoxed so I will give her two thumbs up for fighting the fillers. But thumbs down for bangle overload.

You know when celebs put their hands over their belly, everyone immediately thinks they are pregnant? Is there something you want to tell us, Jenny? Jenny and Jim Carey's baby would come out burping, farting and making armpit noises like it's parents.

First I'm like, OMG whats wrong with her face? And then my eyes travel south and I'm saying, Holy cow, why is she standing so wonky? And then a little further down, I wonder if she has peg legs or something! Jenna Jameson should have left herself alone. I'm glad this is all we're seeing of her.

Hilary Duffles! I'd love to get over the knee boots but I'm afraid I would look like a street walker. I cant be a soccer mom and a street walker at the same time.

I always adore Kate Hudson but the time has come for her to cut her kids hair. This is crazy! Hopefully she will donate the clippings to Locks of Love. (see my offer above) Snip snip!

This is a reminder to me not to wear those boots and a short skirt, you appear to have a sausage leg. Gwyneth is usually a fashionista but it's nice to see even actresses have off days. Bad hair days, bad fashion days. No one is immune. Maybe Kate Moss. But she has bad coke days.

Gina Gershon is totally chanelling Stevie Nicks. The only person in the world that I know of who can pull off the flowy skirts and boots and bell sleeves is Stevie. Don't even try.

Fergie's like, "Thank you! I'd like to take a bow because I didn't pee on myself tonight.
Thank you so much!"
Love her demure dress and shoes and understated hair.

I wonder if Kim Kardashian is the kind of woman who wakes up in the morning looking nothing like she does in the evening? What a switcheroo! I'm sure makeup that thick takes hours to apply. (also see: Christina Aguilera) You have to have brushes and tubes and pots and jars, you need a trowel and a spoon plus a dryer and some spackle, a little Venetian plaster...

It's probably not supposed to look exactly like an ill fitting bra over a Hanes tee does.
Its taken me a good long while but I finally understand who's who on Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E! but I have finally gotten it! That family has nothing against plastic surgery. Boobs, noses, fillers, face lifts, thats what its all about.

Here is Hilary Swank at the premiere of PS I Love You. This is one of Hilary's first roles as a romantic lead. I'm sure she loved the fact she didn't have to train like mad to get in shape for a role, finally. Okay she was a romantic lead for Steve on Beverly Hills 90210.
The dress is kind of neat, I'm sure it costs more than my monthly mortgage payment. I would have liked it better as a knee length dress. Or maybe if some birds were sewn into the feathers.

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Blogger Grayburn said...

Always love love love your commentaries. These are things sometimes we are afraid to say outloud!

grayburn @ blogspot

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Ricardo said...

"Thank you! I'd like to take a bow because I didn't pee on myself tonight.
Thank you so much!"


11:11 PM  

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