Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Daily Dollfaces

No I won't go out in a leotard or leggings but I will answer the door wearing exactly what Katherine Hiegl is wearing. I love celebs without makeup!

Sarah Jessica is texting someone, probably me, we're close like that. I love the scarf, the bag and the shoes. A good alternative (Kate, Lindsay and Britney Im talking to you) to leggings is skinny jeans.

Julia Roberts looks great! I think I see a hint of a bra which is nice because at least she's wearing one. Her hair is so pretty and thick, she must use Mane and Tail shampoo. I used to wonder what was the appeal of Julia- her large doe eyes? The million dollar smile? The hair?

Maybe the hair could be done up a little more but who am I to nitpick?

I'm not sure where I stand on the tight skinny pants. Beyonce shows off her boo-tay. I swear I was at TJMaxx and found a pair of jeans from that House of Dereon or whatever it is that her mother's "fashion house" is called.

Kate Hudson looks perplexed- hey, there's a SuperCuts on every corner, if you're looking for a cheap salon for your son's hair. oh and take Celine Dion's son with you too.

Now we know what Jennifer Garner would look like in a 1.) grim reaper costume and

2.) in a nuns habit

Yeah, seeing a celebrity picking their nose never gets old. Never!

Hilary Duff is caught digging for gold.

Somewhere in that car sits a day old bag of Cheetos, a Venti Frappacino, a stolen cigarette lighter, a can of Red Bull and a crumped KFC bag. Grease stains on the seat, Cheeto dust in the air, a broken Justin Timberlake cd, court papers.

I didn't know Angelina and Brad liked to watch fights. And I've been missing Kevin Federline. Thought I would combine the two.

I am afraid to go out of the house with skimpy shoes on. What if I step on a piece of broken glass? What if I step on a rusty nail? How about if my thin slipper rips and I'm forced to walk along a dirty road? Amy Winehouse is immune to my concerns.

I normally LOVE Kate Moss and whatever she is wearing. Boho chic! Derelicte! But this is too much. You will NOT EVER see me in a leotard and leggings. Not to mention a mangy fur coat.

I love Rachel Bilson's dress. If I had somewhere to go, I mean a fancy place not just my local Target and bagel shop, this is the style of gown I would choose.

I thought for a second, how did my picture get up there? But alas its Pam Anderson and not I.

Kidding! Along with wearing nothin' but a leotard, you can bet your last dime that I would NOT EVER NEVER be on stage, in front of people, with lights on and cameras flashing, in a little bathing suit like Pam is wearing.

If you don't look at the head, this could be my mothers outfit circa 1982. Shannyn Sossamon is wearing something from a whole other era. I know its really hard to pull of looking bohemian and vintage and chic. Truly, I get it. But the stockings and plaid shirt, right there is a fashion 'hell no'. A beautiful girl with a hideous, unforgivable Red Carpet ensemble. Pssst, see if Rachel Zoe is available next time, in a pinch I'll help you out.

I cannot believe I used to classify Tom Cruise as "cute" maybe I even said he was "hot" back in the day after Top Gun. Never have those words tumbled past my lips during these last few years. Is he doing a Popeye imitation? Trying to impress Suri with some ventriloquism?

Uma Thurman and Elle McPherson's cast off, Arkie Buspad or whatever his name is. I think rich, famous people only gravitate towards rich, famous people.

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