Friday, December 14, 2007

Daily Dollfaces

Enough with the leggings! See what you started Lindsay Lohan? Even mega pregnant Jennifer Lopez is wearing leggings, with black socks and ballet flats no less.

Jennifer Aniston is hiding her newer, slimmer nose behind a scarf. At first it was difficult to notice because of the swelling but now time has passed and her slender new snout is more refined. So they say.

Heather Graham at the airport. I want her to star in the movie version of my book. Fingers crossed. I know she loves practicing yoga. We can bond over our downward dogs.

I want to ask Dita Von Teese how she keeps her skin so lovely? Flawless, no pores, smooth... yes, I'm jealous. Dita Von Perfect!

Diane Kruger borrows curtain tassles to complete her dress.

Here's what I don't miss about living back east, the snow storms. Jennifer Garner's umbrella is on the verge of blowing inside out. I have the same exact umbrella so that makes us, like, sisters. I bought it at Target if you want to be like us.

I hope Blake Lively doesn't mess up her career by becoming a coke sniffing party girl. She is so cute and has a lot of potential.

Hilary Swank shows what a multi-million dollar paycheck can buy: designer shoes.

We will be seeing a lot of Julia Roberts due to her new movie.

Little Miss Mischa sat on her tuffet...oh wait, that's her skirt!

Bruce and Rumer, one and the same with their weaves. I want to soften this girl up with pretty hair and pink cheeks and feminine clothes.

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