Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Daily Dollfaces

Katherine Hiegl and her enormous but cute belt.

I would love to have my own umbrella man to shield me from the raindrops, carry my packages and act as my personal escort.

Let's get Suri on the sippy cup now, Katie.

Jessica Biel is a contradiction in fashion with the elegant coat, ugly retro sunglasses and running shoes.

It's Santa Lohan!
Red jacket-check! Black boots-check! Red socks-check! Rosy cheeks and a twinkle in the

Paige Turco was on All My Children back in the days when I tuned in, she was also in Party of Five as Bailey's girlfriend. Why do I retain useless TV trivia?

Hey, do these lace up wrestling shoes make my boobs look big?

Just a preview of things to come, little Jamie Lynn, just you wait.
Zoey 101 is going to have to change to Parenting 101 or How Not To Get Pregnant 101. She's only sixteen! SIXTEEN. You can't drive, drink or vote but can make a little person.

I always thought Jaclyn Smith was soooo beautiful. Her daughter is pretty too but doesn't look a whole lot like her mom. Nice black bra under the see thru Hanes men's tee shirt. Hey, only Amy Winehouse gets away with that look!

Heidi Klum's jacket reminds me of those scratch-off boards where you take a stick and scratch off the black top coat to reveal colors underneath. Mom and baby matching UGGs.

Christy Turlington is in this months Cookie magazine.
I paged through while I was in the bookstore today.

Britney is doing a bit of holiday shopping. Cheetos for Sean Preston and Red Bull for Jayden.
"Y'all. I dont know nothin' of Jamie' bein' knocked up or nothin'. Bein' a mama is so dang cool, you git a court moniter thing to look after the kids! Soooooo kewl!"

I was hoping that Christina would lighten the load of makeup she smears on her face but no such luck. The baby will pop out wearing glittery eyeliner and Russian Red lipstick.

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Blogger Alissa said...

So, as much as I think it's dumb Jamie Lynn is pregnant...She's got a really amazing glow to her. I wish I could look that glowing. She skin is radiant. You know, living in Ohio, it's pasty white all year long. The closest thing I can think of to getting that would be using Benefit's High Beam and Dallas bronzer. I've heard all really good things about that stuff. Even Katherine Heigl has and Katie Holmes looking glowing. I wonder what their secret is?

8:53 PM  
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