Thursday, December 27, 2007

Daily Dollfaces

Gwen and Gavin are the cutest, hippest couple ever.
Britney shopped at Rite-Aid for her boys presents. Couldn't she have at least sprung for the Butterscotch Pony? Not to be confused with the Butterscotch Stallion.

Only one month to go and Halle will pop out her baby! I bet that child will be giving Shiloh a run for her money for the Cutest Baby title. I wish I didn't hear rumors that Halle wasn't nice. I want to like her, really I do.

Baby Bump watch! Let's check out Jessica Alba from every angle to see an inkling of a baby bump, real or imagined.

When I was little, I would wash and blow dry my Barbie doll's synthetic hair. The photo of Lindsay Lohan pretty much sums up what Barbie's hair looked like after a visit to my bathroom sink salon.

The real crime here is Mischa Barton's unflattering high waisted tapered pants! Where are the Fashion Police? Book her!

If I were ever pregnant again, I would take a page from Nicole Richie's book and wear all black with voluminous scarves.

Nicolette Sheridan has an awesome figure! She's in her forties and looking fantastic. I have to remind myself that she never had a baby, has implants and probably employs a personal trainer to have that bod.

Shiloh is too cute! And Angelina is stunning. I read that someone was threatening to kidnap Shiloh and that's why she's always home with nannies and bodyguards and not outside with the other kids.

Ashlee Simpson is defintely the cuter and less annoying Simpson sister. I think she's carrying an Olsen twin in her enormous black purse. Is her mom carrying a trash bag?


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