Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I don't care how well she sings, I want to take scissors to her son's hair.

It's checks! It's plaid! It's a girl! It's a boy! Kate Hudson and her long haired son pose for Vogue. Vogue! You couldn't tie his hair back in a ponytail or something?

Jenna Fischer is doing the press junket for Dewey Cox. I love her makeup here.

Mena Suvari looks fierce! She was dining at the Newsroom Cafe yesterday. The Evil Beet, uber- adorable and fun Sasha P. and I had a lovely and healthy lunch there yesterday.

I used to really like John Mayer until he dated Jessica Simpson and then my love dried up and blew away like a tumbleweed. Here he is at the premiere of The Bucket List.

Yodel-ay-hee-hoo! Oh Paris honey, who dresses you? You are a step away from yodeling on the Alpine. Target sells those shoes.

PS. Hi Greasy Bear!

Jennifer Garner, I was championing you as one of the best (Hollywood) moms because you seemed so hands on. Imagine my shock when I saw you cheating with a nanny!

From the skirt down, Kate Walsh's outfit reminds me of highschool, wearing stockings that came in an egg with my loafers from Fayva.

Nicole Kidman is wearing the outfit that people don before going down into those shark cages to take up close pictures of dangerous fish in the ocean. Who knew she was such a fan of marine biology?

They don't bother me, Pete and Ashlee. I he looks like the Indian on the nickel.

This is my look every morning when I roll out of bed and go for my morning walk.
A knit cap, scarf and sunglasses is all you need for those cold CA mornings.

My eyes have been raped by Tara Reid and I will never be the same. Tara looks even more unhealthy than in last weeks photos. She is rapidly deteriorating! Get her help.

Don't send a congratulations note just yet- contrary to reports, Britney is not marrying Sam Lufti. He's the Howard Stern to her Anna Nicole.

If you are going to have surgery, just be honest. Ashley Tisdale went to Dr. Raj Kanodia who is known for his celebrity clientele. There is no shame in getting a nose job in a town like Hollywood. Nose or boobs.

photo credits- justjared,teddyandmoospage,imnotobsessed, ohnotheydidnt

Everything is fine until you scroll down to Adrien's sneakers. Gosh, he needs a haircut, who does he think he is, Kate Hudson's son?

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Blogger Grayburn said...

Great posts, thanks! Have you noticed that so many celebs are pregs these days?

11:58 AM  
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