Friday, December 21, 2007

Daily Dollfaces

If you have ever been on a horse drawn carriage ride, then you probably kept yourself warm with a plaid wool blanket like the one Jessica Simpson is wrapping herself up in. A blanket is no sub for love Jessica! You should have a baby like everyone else. Its the "in" thing to do!
Keri Russell and her little bundle are too cute! Jen wears the dreaded but warm Michelin man jacket while Violet ponders the necessity of her court jester inspired hat.
Eva Mendes shouldn't stand next to her slender naked photo wearing what looks like a smock. What, is she pregnant too?

Criss Angel could be the reason for the sad and unexpected breakup of Pamela Anderson and Rick Saloman. When can we expect their tape to be leaked? Back to Criss. He can put women in a low level hypnosis in order to bed them.

Cinde and Rande Gerber at the airport. She looks nice for a plane ride. I always dress in comfy, non flammable clothes with shoes I can run in should the situation arise.

She said she didnt want to be seen in public but Jennifer Lopez can't escape the paprazzi and their sneaky telephoto lenses. I love her gray coat, very chic.

Kate Moss, my fashion guru. I'd love to raid her closet but everything would be too small which makes me feel sad and fat.

Awww, cute puppy. Lisa Rinna puckers up to kiss the dog with her enormous lips.

I like how she choose to stay warm in a funky jacket, sweater and comfortable shoes.

While there is something to be said about MK's style, I feel like she could use a brisk scrub down and hair wash. I think she might smell like old cigarettes and unwashed clothes. I can't believe she is cavorting with a girl who dares to wear a sweatshirt!

Paris and her padded assets. Her pizza boy looks as vapid as she. Remember when Cher dated that guy who everyone refered to as the Bagel Boy?

Sharon Stone, what happened? Some people age really well and others...don't. The silky scarf tied around the head isn't boho chic, it's like a sweatband keeping the chill off her brow.

Tori Spelling shops in her ultra tight, skinny pants which will most likely result in a yeast infection.

I cant wait to run out and see this one. It has Academy Award written all over it.

Oh right Tori, did I say Academy Award? I meant Razzie.

It's your daily Christina pregnancy and makeup watch! Makeup looks better today although I cant see up close so it may very well be smeared on with a trowel.

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