Monday, December 03, 2007

Max Factor

I used to buy Max Factor wayyyy back when, probably when I was a teenager into my early twenties. I sort skim over it at the drugstore but recently I had the chance to try out the new mascara and lip gloss so I thought, Why not? If I look 1/100th as good as Carmen Electra in those ads, then I am all for Max Factor and anything they offer.
Yes it looks wild but check it out, this Vivid Impact Highlighting mascara is really great with teeny little combs that lengthen and coat every lash. Then you switch the tube around and there is another color, a vibrant shade to add to your lashes. I did the brown-gold combination called 24 Karat Brown and was nervous at first that I would look like a drag queen circus clown but you know what? I didn't. The gold gave a neat pop of color and went well with my brown eyeliner. When the light caught my eye at certain angles (I studied this in my mirror) you could see the gold shimmering through.

There are more wild color combos available so head over to the website or look at Max Factor next time you are in the store. I also tried the Maxalicious Glaze Lip Gloss. The shades are in colors of Naughty which are dramatic, and Nice which are my kinds of colors, light and sweet.

Can I say that I was pleasantly surprised with the gloss? These are super shiny, smell delicious and wear very well. I tossed one in my bag so now my gloss count is six lipglosses with me at all times. For more on Max Factor, please go to their website. Be sure to check out the makeup tips from super makeup artist Pat McGrath!

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