Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Say it aint so! Scarlett as Marilyn Monroe?

When I heard the news that Scarlett Johansson was to play Marilyn Monroe, I felt a churning in my intestines. Jeanne Carmen was allegedly a friend of Marilyn's however, a couple of friends of Marilyn's who I am acquainted with say this was never the case, the two were never close friends.

The sequel to my novel, A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss is called Fifty Cents for Your Soul and it is partly about Marilyn Monroe. The book flashes between present day and the glamour of 1950's Hollywood. I did extensive research for the novel and am always searching for the perfect starlet who would be able to play Marilyn in my film adaptation. I mean, in my own little fantasy world, I have Heather Graham as the main character and Shirley MacLaine as the aging movie star who recounts her friendship with Marilyn. I need an agent, a manager and a production company to make my dream come true. *sigh*
I would love to bring my own version of Marilyn to the big screen. Someday. I hope.

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Anonymous ruby said...

A few years back Poppy Montgomery played MM in a bio-pic. Must have been better casting than I thought, because when I see Poppy, I still see glimpses of Marilyn, and when I see Marilym, I think of Poppy!

11:40 PM  
Anonymous Katrina O said...

What??? Everyone has it all wrong. The part Christina & Scarlett & Kate are up for is the part of Jeanne Carmen, not Marilyn Monroe!. It's the most amazing role ever. Jeanne Carmen was and still is the Bomb. She rocks the world. She had the wildest amazing life ever. it's the perfect part for a hot young actress. There is so much to the story. I don't even think the movie has much to do with Marilyn.
Take it away Jeanne Carmen. Whoever plays you, I'll be there cuz I wanna be you!!!

Love & kisses,
Katrina O.

4:17 AM  
Blogger CINDY BOKMA said...

I agree! Poppy was great! Oh I hope Scarlett plays Jeanne because her as Marilyn would not be a good fit.

8:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More Madonna Thefts Uncovered - Marilyn Monroe


11:45 AM  
Anonymous Regina said...

I really didn't think Poppy played a good Marilyn, and also I don't think anyone can ever play Marilyn because truly there's no one else like her. Never was, never will be. I don't think Scarlett should play Marilyn nor Christina or anyone else. Case closed girls =]

11:44 PM  
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