Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Stylistics, Of Beauty and Metal X from MAC

The Stylistics is a beautiful and hip collection for true glamour girls! The compacts are small works of art with pearl embellished black metal cases! There is a sophisticated fragrance in a handblown glass vial. which is described as,"A baroque blend of white pepper, dates, tuberose, orange flower, jasmine, precious woods, leather, vetiver and amber crystals sumptuously overlaid with the opulence of ylang ylang and orris. "

Also included with the Stylistics is a vivid red lipstick called Stylistic- could this be the Hollywood starlet red lipstick I have been searching for? Lipglass, pressed powder, mystery powder and a party-worthy clutch are also available in this collection.

Metal-X is the name of this metallic heavy collection that includes metal cream to powder shadows in many usable colors. I love glitter eyeliner and Metal-X has some super colors. I will line my eyes with a dark color and gently trace the lash line with some glitter. Check out the shade Lime Dandy. I think it would work well with the liquid liner called Inkspill.

Of Beauty is a collection of reflective powders. Above is my holiday look. Beautiful loose powders and Studio Lights semi-fluid color is what you get with Of Beauty. I always knew to mix and match lipsticks and glosses but very recently discovered that you can mix anything. ANYTHING. Add some reflective powder to your lipstick. Mix in some face highlighter with your foundation. It's common sense but not for those of us who don't normally experiment with unlikely mediums. Oh and check out the flat brush (no.183) in this collection. You might want to sleep on it, it's that big and fluffy and welcoming.

You can learn more and spend hours on the MAC website here.

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