Friday, December 14, 2007

Wake up your senses with LaLicious Candy Cane!

LaLicious is a brand that offers the most scrumptious body products! For the holidays, they have Candy Cane Body Cream, Body Wash and Oil. In aromatherapy, the invigorating peppermint essence does all of this:
Mood uplifting
Helps relieve mental fatigue
Improves mental clarity, alertness, concentration, and memory
Sharpens the senses
Reviving and refreshing
Encourages communication
How could you not love it? Your morning shower over the holidays will never be dull when you use the Candy Cane products. The Body Cream has a shea butter base and contains aloe making skin smooth and soft. LaLicious's products are very moisturizing and your winter skin will be silky instead of dry. You can learn more about their products here. I have to warn you though, the body scrubs are very addiciting.

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