Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ISO Bouncy Curls

I do not want curls like this.

Yeah, now we're talking!

Thank goodness for curl enhancing products like
ISO Bouncy Cleanse and Bouncy Condition

I am always searching for products that will give my hair ultra oomph! My fine tresses are not quite wavy, but not really straight. I've said it many times before- I have hair like a male rock star from a hair band during the 1980's. Poison anyone? How about some Warrant? I think I just discovered my next Halloween costume.

Each day I either straighten my hair or make it go curly. Until the last year or so, the curls only came out through finger numbing scrunching and then lots of hairspray. But now there are lots of products for hopeless hair like mine, transforming piles of frizz into actual curls!

ISO Bouncy Cleanse and Condition is a shampoo and conditioner that will enhance those waves, making them into pretty curls. I used the products this morning and received some compliments when I went out today. These ISO products are fabulous, they smell good, lather up nicely, rinse out completely and assist in coaxing the hair into curls. I would guess that if you have waves like mine or permed hair then these would be great products to use.

ISO also offers a Bouncy spray and Creme for curly haired chicas as well as products for Daily care, Color Preserve and more. Check it out, lovely ladies! Its nice to know that no matter what hair you were born with, you can find products to get the hair you want.

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Monday, January 29, 2007


Hamadi Beauty
features products that are made with 100% organic essential oils and plant extracts, you can't get much more natural than that! They just feel good for you as you use them. Each product carries a nicely subtle scent and the items I tested seemed gentle enough for a baby to use!

Ginger Soymilk Hair Wash is super soothing and mild. There is no big abundance of scent or bubbles but when you finish washing and rinsing, you feel like your hair is very clean.

Shea Leave-In can be used to moisturize or can be rubbed on the ends of your hair to nourish all day long. I reviewed this item when I received a sample from Azalea Online a few weeks ago. I raved about it because you can use it on your skin or hair and anything with Shea in it is so good for your hair and skin. Shea butter is one of my all time favorite ingredients!

The Shea Hair Cream can be used to tame frizzy waves and curls (that would be me) or used to smooth hair down when you want it straightened. It's a versatile product that is so good for your hair- again with the shea butter. It protects from the sun as shea butter has a natural sunscreen element to it. This would be perfect to slather on the ends of your hair when you go to the beach!

Hamadi Beauty offers more than haircare, they have a lip balm and a natural hair brush that I've been eyeing up! Check out the travel pack- what a great gift.

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Clarisonic Skincare Brush

I was so disappointed to find nary a gift under the tree for me this past Christmas. So it was as if Santa himself dropped off a late present for me when I received the Clarisonic Skincare Brush a few weeks ago. My hands trembled as I tore away the packaging to find this facial-at-home kit just for moi! Between you and me, this is even better than anything my husband could have picked out for me!

I have read many fabulous reviews in magazines and have heard people raving about this brush. I've been wanting one forever! As I have mentioned many times before, as I get older I am taking skincare very seriously. I don't want to be tan, I don't want to pile on the makeup to hide my age. Right now the best look is a fresh face, clear skin and a glowing complexion.

The brush, developed by the people who brought you the famous Sonicare toothbrush, is a hand-held device. When you are ready to recharge- every thirty uses- it is quick and easy to set the brush the charger and thats it. Before you use the brush, you must charge it. When it's ready, the light will blink (all the how-to stuff is explained in the instructions) and you are free to give your face a cleaning and remove all traces of dirt and oil from your pores.

The brush will beep after about ten seconds so you can spend equal time on various parts of your face. Moving the brush around in small circles, the bristles rotate and spin at a "sonic frequency", cleaning your skin, sloughing off old cells to reveal a healthier complexion. I read that many aestheticians use these very brushes in their offices, that's how amazing this product is! Yet it is very gentle and can be used twice a day. Its easy to use, portable, simple to clean, you can take it in the shower with you, use whatever cleanser you like with it and it delivers results. I might just become addicted to using it like I am to this little tool.

The Clarisonic Brush has lived up to my expectations and has a permanent spot near my sink in the bathroom. In fact, it's towards the end of the day- I think I'm going to go buff my skin right this very minute. For more information, please click on this link.

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Friday, January 26, 2007


Caviar Rapid Repair Spray

LIFE Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

How many times I’ve read about or heard about Alterna, I cannot tell you. A friend of mine had terribly dry color- treated hair and her hair stylist recommended she use the Alterna Hemp line. After she used it, her tresses looked amazing. I was intrigued.

Celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston, Hillary Duff (this is a small sample of the celebs) all love Alterna. It’s the crème de la crème of haircare products. Any products with caviar as an ingredient must to be special, right? I bet those are the products that Posh & Becks use. I know for a fact that Jennifer Aniston loves the TEN line, more on that later...

The green bottles for the LIFE line remind me of when the Brady Bunch went to Hawaii and found the Tiki idol. Every time I reach for the bottle, I think of that episode. LIFE contains Green Tea and Ginseng to create voluminous, healthy hair.

This shampoo and conditioner worked very well on my color treated, dry, limp, lifeless, lackluster, fried, damaged hair. These products boast the ability to boost the hair strands thus making your hair thicker. I appreciate the fact that the conditioner rinses out completely, don’t you hate it when your hair is weighed down? The smell is really light and pleasant. When I use my Alterna products, my hair looka and feels in much better condition than usual, maybe that is partly due to the fresh water pearl powder contained inside the shampoo!

The Caviar Anti-Aging line is fashioned from Caviar extract- a source of those ultra-amazing omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, and something called Cytokines “to encourage micro-circulation”. I wish they had this in pill form because it sounds very healthy, doesn’t it?

The Caviar Rapid Repair spray works best when I use it on the straightened version of my frizzy hair. Sometimes I go curly, sometimes straight. On the days when I want my hair sleek, I spray this on for extra shine, moisture and nourishment. You would never guess that my hair was in such over processed shape. You can and will see a difference using this spray.

The Radiant Smoothing Lotion is a styling aid that gives a nice finish to your blown out hairdo. I haven’t used it on my curly coif but when my hair is sleek this finishes it off nicely and adds a hint of a lovely scent and softness too. I love the bottle to this and the Moulding Creme, - nifty tops that swivel to expose the pump. When you’re done, turn the top to hide the pump. I dig that!

I use the Moulding Crème everyday whether my hair is curly or straight. It adds thickness to my hair without making it feel greasy or heavy. I rub a small dot of it in my palms, lightly spread my hands through my hair, then blow dry.

I am really pleased with Alterna and of course now I'm hooked and want to try everything! Especially the very exclusive, high end White Truffle shampoo! Check this out - the new TEN line has all kinds of cool sounding ingredients like White Truffle Oil, Champagne Grape Seed Oil and Bulgarian Evening Primrose. With ingedients like that, I expect my hair would look like a lions mane! Alterna is sold at high-end salons and select online retailers.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Skin Perfection: Dr. Brandt

Dr. Brandt Skin Care is constantly being written about in beauty and fashion magazines. These cleansers, creams and lotions are always getting rave reviews so of course I was very excited about testing some of Dr. Brandt's products. My friend Lisa raved about the "C" Gel and I was anxious to get my hands on it and see if I had the same positive reaction.

A renowed dermatologist, Dr. Brandt is an expert in "research, treatment and diagnosis regarding all issues of dermatology." Naturally I had high expectations of this line.

I began with the Lineless Cleanser, an odorless and colorless cleanser that comes in a clear triangular bottle. From the first time I used it I could see a difference in that my skin seemed smoother. Skin felt cleansed and fresh without being tight.

The "C" Gel is a silicone textured gel that contains anti-oxidants to protect your skin. The consistency reminds me of a makeup primer and you can use this as a base for your cosmetics if you want. As soon as I applied this product, my skin instantly felt very smooth and soft. The website says the C Cel stimulates collagen production which is what aging skin needs!

Laser Tight firms, tightens and tones the skin and improves its appearence. When I've used Dr. Brandt's products I see that the texture of my skin is improved, that is something that can be seen from the first usage of Laser Tight. It contains good things like grapeseed, white tea, green tea and hyaluronic acid which plumps up cells.

Crease Release contains "gamma amino butyric acid" or GAMA for short. This is one of Dr. Brandt's most popular products because it decreases the appearence of wrinkles for 8-10 hours at a time. So if you are headed to some place like the Academy Awards, use this under your make up to get rid of fine lines!

I can see a huge difference when I apply this product. After my shower I rub it in it all over my face and neck. I use a couple different products over it like the C Gel and Laser Tight. My face is so flawless, I wish it was like that all the time. Maybe the key to great skin is not to wear makeup at all. Nah....

Poreless Gel contains salicylic acid and tea tree oil which are two strong ingredients in clearing up acne and large pores. Thankfully this product isn't drying to the skin. I used it on my T-zone which is a little bit oily with large pores that drive me crazy. It's a refreshing gel that is light in texture and blends well into the skin. If you use it consistantly, Poreless Gel will help in preventing breakouts. At thirty -something years old, I think I should be long over acne and pimples! The best thing to do is be proactive and head off those annoying zits with a product such as this.

I would love to try more of Dr. Brandt's products, especially the Lineless Eye Cream and Microdermabrasion! I am certain that they would be outstanding.

Booty Parlor

Cruisin' for a Bronzin'

Don't Stop Massage Oil
I'm So Sexy Lip Gloss

I was really thrilled to review Booty Parlor products. I have to say, everything I received exeeded my expectations! The packaging is super feminine and flirty, just the right combination of fun and pretty. Everything was packed in a box surrounded by a pink feather boa which I refuse to share.

A few years ago, a friend gave me a gift and told me there was something for my daughter and a little something for me inside. I pulled out a pink feather boa and exclaimed, "I LOVE IT!" She gave me a weird look and said, "That's for Riley, not you!" Err...okay. But now I have my own boa and you better believe I wear it.

The Dust Up Shimmering Body Powder is my fairy dust. I dab a bit of the super soft and fluffy puff into the shimmery powder and dab it gently on my arms and chest. It smells very lightly of sweet roses and leaves behind the lightest shimmer. When the light catches the skin just right, you can see a glow.

Cruisin' for a Bronzin' is a powder, much like Dust Up Punch Drunk Pink (tastes like Cotton Candy!) but it give the slightest hint of bronze and it smells like cinnamon toast. I will admit that after I applied, I licked my arm to see if it tasted good. It does. Both powders come in pink spheres.

I was getting ready to take a steamy hot bath, pouring in a generous amount of Naughty Bubbles, ready to relax and get taken away to a place far away from dogs and kids and the ringing phone with operators on the other end calling me from far away places trying to get me to refinance my home. Everything was perfect, I may have even lit a candle.

Suddenly my daughter came bounding in. "Oh a Bubble bath!" and faster than you can say "Booty!" she was stripped of her clothes and in the tub with me. How very romantic! Naughty Bubbles smell incredible. I wish the peeps at Booty Parlor would create a nice perfume that is the essence of this bubbly treat. Essence of tuberoses with a bit of shimmery goodness transport you to a relaxing place, preferably one alone or with your mate, not with your kid.

I hardly think that Booty Parlor's target demographic is a six year old girl but I can bribe my little one with the "fairy dust" and the bubble bath. But she is NOT to touch the pink boa.

I'm So Sexy Lip Gloss comes in two shades, Peppermint which is a shiny pale pink and Cinnamon which is red. Both are high on shine and low on stickiness. You know I am a true lip gloss fanatic and I love to apply gloss all the time. I'm So Sexy is delicious and feels and smells wonderful. The Peppermint and Cinnamon flavors are not overpowering, nor do they give your mouth an unpleasant tingle but they do give your mouth a sexy pout! I simply love these glosses. Did you know that the lips are an erogenous zone? So what does it mean when I keep reapplying lipgloss like an addict, all day long?

Don't Stop Massage Oil is not tacky or sticky, can be used as a bath oil and like the other products from Booty Parlor, smells fabulous. I used this on my legs after I shaved them so that my skin glowed and glistened. I know it's a massage oil to be used lovingly by a partner, but lately my husband is obsessed with this game and I am left to my own devices which includes trying to reach around and massage my own shoulders.

I am so grateful for the chance to try these items which obviously, would be perfect for Valentines Day! With that special day just around the corner, you should treat someone you love - whether that be yourself or a partner- to the yummy goodness that is Booty Parlor.

What I liked most about this brand is that it makes sex fun, not porny. Is that a word? The site is easy to navigate and you don't have to worry about being blinded with sleazy images. It's all nice and pretty and flirty and fun. I give Booty Parlor two thumbs up for a great website, cute packaging and fabulous products!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Giella, Custom Blended Cosmetics

Giella, custom blended cosmetics

This is a fantastic idea- custom blended cosmetics where you decide what you want from beginning to end. Choose matte, shimmer, specific color, finish, you can even choose what scent you want your products to have. You are in complete control of your makeup. Giella offers nail polish as well, so you truly have a hand in whatever you desire. Imagine having a makeup case full of things made just for you and no one else?

This brand was sold exclusively at the high end department store Henri Bendel but now every doll face can choose her own custom- made makeup by shopping online. Be sure to check out the brushes and tweezers, I am seriously lusting after both.

I was able to try out a few of the cosmetics and wow! High quality cream, bronzer, highlighter and nail polish. Knowing I had a hand in my products made the experience more fun and lots more personable. I was even able to make my own lip gloss which is the perfect shiny pinkish color with a hint of shimmer- we call it Dollface!

I am honored to have Giella on my site to do an interview. Being a huge fan of makeup and all things girly, I am in awe of this brand. I know you will love it like I do! I cannot wait to see what else Giella comes up with, especially the custom fragrance with perfume oils...

What inspires you?

  1. People. I like to observe what different cultures wear, eat; how they spend their leisure days and what is most important to them.
  2. Social factors. Trends in leisure, education, jobs, travel, family
  3. Entertainment. Movies, theater, music

Where did you get this great idea for women to customize their own makeup?

Customization is the new standard – from jeans, fragrance, coffee, jewelry and handbags. People know exactly what they want and they want it quickly and at a reasonable price. They are tired of spending money on products that are “almost” right and sit in their drawers.

Customization is empowering; it gives people control over their purchases.

I feel very good about providing products and services to people who are truly satisfied. It’s rewarding.

How did you go about creating this line- were you sitting there one day and then decided to go ahead and make your own cosmetics...?

It was basically a continuation of what I had been doing at Vidal Sassoon. When they exited the cosmetic business, my position as National Sales Manager was eliminated. I had so much invested:

  1. 12 years in formulating colors and products
  2. Experience with chemists and packaging suppliers
  3. Developing a reputation as a makeup artist
  4. Product development
  5. Expertise in marketing
  6. 3000 clients whose custom blend formulas I had on record and who were extremely loyal

I just finished my MBA and felt very comfortable with business knowledge. I had a window of opportunity to take on this venture.

If you had to design a perfume, how would it smell and what would you call it?

It would smell sexy, sophisticated yet gentle. I know it would have some notes of citrus, amber and rose in it. And, for the name, it would be Rose, after my grandmother who was a major influence in my life.

What do you want people to know about you?

I love meeting new people and making new friends. I also like making people feel good about themselves and put a smile on their face.

What else do you have in store for your cosmetics line?

Custom skin care and custom fragrance with pure perfume oils.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


has lots of nifty little tools and tricks to help you fake your way to looking like a super model. I totally dig this brand- it keeps growing and adding products every time I check back in to see what's new.

While scrolling around online, I found Erase Those Fine Lines and had to try it. I cannot stand the lines I am beginning to get around my eyes and the very stubborn wrinkle in my forehead drives me crazy and makes me want to cut my hair into blunt bangs. The description of this product boasts that it will "firm and tighten the skin while reducing the look of wrinkles around the eye area."

The applicator is a long wand that you slide one end down and the formula releases out of the spongy tip. Then you lightly dab this where you need it. If the brilliant minds at ModelCo can somehow create an anti-cellulite cream with the same ingedients as Erase Those Fine Lines, they will quadruple their business. Because whatever is in this tightens like nothing else. That wrinkle in my forehead? Almost gone. What eye wrinkles? Lines? There are no lines! Although its primarily for eyes, I used it on my forehead and it worked so well, I'm sure you could try it anywhere. Lumpy thighs perhaps? I just wish the results lasted longer. ModelCo does note that you can use this everyday for cumulative results. Here's hoping!

Whenever my day calls for me to go somewhere more exciting than the grocery store, I pop some lashes on in the outer corners of my eyes and away I go, looking like what I hope is a sexy little mama. LashOut comes with three rows of individual, long lashes and eyelash glue. The glue is quite spectacular, it dries totally clear as all lash glue should, and it comes off so easily. Just pluck the lashes from your skin and pop! Right off. It reminds me of rubber cement.

I cannot believe I've gone this long in my life without using these fun tools for prettier eyes. There is something so feminine about these wispy lashes. Be daring, go ahead- order yourself some and have fun.

Lola Cosmetics

Lola Refine Prime

Lola Mascara

Lola brushes

I was very intrigued by Lola Cosmetics on a trip to Sephora while in Las Vegas. I came back home anxious to learn more about Lola. Hollywood makeup artist, Victoria Jackson is the name behind the brand. As I've said before, makeup artists create the best cosmetics because they simply know what works.

The red and black signature colors give the products a sultry, dramatic vibe. It reminds me of a smoky nightclub during the 1940's. Me draped over a baby grand piano wearing a red velvet dress emblazened with sequins, hair pulled back with a rose tucked behind my ear...

I got to sample several makeup brushes which is a relatively new obsession. I'm still learning how to use brushes, it's been years of using cheap applicators to apply eye shadow, concealer and foundation. Lola's brushes are lovely, high quality. soft bristled tools that make putting on your makeup a little easier. The brushes are made with synthetic and natural fibers. I'm pleased that the brushes are super smooth and the bristles don't fall out or give me rash, that's happened before. My favorite out of the bunch was the foundation brush because it was the perfect instrument to seamlessly blend my foundation.

Lola Mascara and The Ultimate Mascara didn't flake or smudge and left my lashes fully coated with color until I took it off at the end of the day. I used both mascaras, layering them and liking the result of very black, long lashes. Neither mascara clumped and the wand never became goopy or too packed with mascara. Lola Mascara worked well but did not have the same impact as The Ultimate, if you like your lashes simply dark and pretty then use this one.

I am constantly looking for great primers and since running this site, I've found some really good ones. I think you will agree that the Lola Refine Prime is wonderful. This water based primer comes in a little bottle with a pump applicator. It doesn't take much to smooth this all over your face to prep for foundation.

Refine Prime contains "Active levels of retinoids, antioxidants and peptides help to promote skin regeneration and deliver oxygen and nutrients to assist in rejuvenating the skin." The consistency is like a cream or lotion and the primer dries to a smooth finish. After gently patting this one all over my face, I did notice my pores and fine lines were less noticable.

You will enjoy checking out this brand if you haven't heard of it before. I'm very pleased with what I tested and you will find it fun to check out the website and look over all the different products. What caught my eye was Lipstick Sheer. I'm starting a wish list for Lola products and that's going to top it!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Stila Spring Garden

Spring is a lovely time of year. Hazy winter colors turn technicolor with soft buds bursting open with bright shades of reds and pinks. Stila has fashioned a garden party of a palette for spring 2007. The creative minds at Stila teamed up with Arianne Phillips, an Oscar award nominated costume designer, to design this flirty, feminine collection. You will love it.

The Eyeshadow Trio is housed in a fancy satin box with a debossed flower on it. Flip it open to find a mirror and three lovely colors. A highlighter, crease color and liner shade. The colors are a lot lighter than what they appear. Very subtle. I tried the Ravishing Rose trio- bronzy rose colors- which I accented with brown eyeliner to make my blue eyes appear brighter. (I adore Stila Smudge Pots, used with an eyeliner brush this gel eye liner lets you get super close to the lash line.)

The Convertible Color is used and loved by many a makeup artist. Creamy color you can apply on lips or cheeks. The shades in this collection are Gerbera- a pale peach, and Lillium- soft pink. These pastel colors are flattering on lips, just add a touch of lip glaze for shine. This is the first time that Stila is offering a "split pan" with both Gerbera and Lillium side by side. A touch of Gerbera on the cheeks gives a healthy glow, like you were outside on a chilly day and have that healthy, rosy cheeked appearance.

I keep a Plumping Lip Glaze in my purse at all time. I love lip glosses because they are shinier than a lipstick, light in color and I like the texture of a good gloss- not tacky or sticky. I reapply often so my lips are constantly hydrated and super shiny. The Plumping Lip Glazes will become your favorites and find a permanent home in your purse or pocket. The minty essence of these glosses feels and tastes refreshing.

There is Vanilla Mint, a light peachy-pink, Cherry Mint - rosy pink, Berry Mint- desribed as lavender but is a neutral pale color. The lip glazes are applied by twisting one end and painting the color on your lips with the brush applicator on the other end.

Stila's Kajal Eyeliners are soft, smooth eyeliners in colors of aquamarine, antique silver and rose quartz. The silver looks dramatic applied over black liquid liner which is how I've been doing it, while you can use the rose quartz as an eyeshadow or eyeliner. The pale, shimmery rosy bronze color is easily blendable and very neutral.

What I like about the Kajal liners is the consistency of the product. You never have to pull the skin taut around your eye when applying this eyeliner, it is very, very soft (but not crumbly). The color glides on and can be applied light- or heavy- handed.

Stila remains one of my favorite brands because of the high quality of the products and the creativity behind each collection. The brand is consistently coming out with new colors and collections, keeping things interesting and fun. Stila is a perfect match for all ages- gorgeous dollfaces in their teens or twenties (or 30's, 40's 50's) who want to look fresh and pretty. You can find Stila at Sephora and at their website which has been under construction but will hopefully be up and running soon.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Azalea Online

Azalea Online is purely addicting, I'm warning you right now. While surfing the site, I found this plus these boots. Then I looked around some more and decided that I wanted this too. Oh and these jeans. And I could go on and on and on.

The real reason I went on Azalea was to check out the Beauty Bar. Loaded with nature inspired products, the Beauty Bar is chock full of goodies. I was able to sample a few items, lucky me. Only problem is now I want to try more!

Stem feature antioxidants in their products and we all know how good those antioxidants are for us. Ingredients like Rosehip, Billy Goat Plum, Jojoba are just a few things you will find in the Stem Exquisite Face Fluid. This rich lotion made my skin feel very soft and smooth. I'm sure with repeated use, you would see a difference, especially with dry skin.

I loved washing my makeup off with Ren Mayblossom and Blue Cypress Facial Wash. I had never heard of Ren before so it was nice to try something I knew nothing about. This facial wash removed all makeup and oil from my skin and left it looking fresh. The cleanser is clear with only a slight smell, it foams up nicely. It contains Willow Bark, Blue Cypress and Mayblossom. I would love to try more Ren products just judging by this product alone. Ideal for oily skin. I bet this would be an awesome product to have sitting in your bathroom cabinet.

The Hamadi Shea Leave-In Cream will soften any kind of hair and enhance curly hair. My wavy hair responded well to this cream. I used only a tiny amount lightly through my hair and it was not weighed down at all as I initially feared. Lavendar, Lemongrass, Verbena are just a smattering of the great ingedients in this product. You can use it in the shower and wash it out or as I do, as a leave in conditioning cream. I use it on my hands when I'm done running it through my hair. A double duty product scores points in my book!

Kimberly Sayer Restore Anti Aging Cream
, I need this by the gallon. I've talked before how, as I'm getting older, those fine lines are reallllllllllllllllllllllly bothering me. This restoring cream softens fine lines and wrinkles. It also smells amazing, like a luxurious spa filled with lavendar and eucalyptus. This cream brags that it will "restore former tone and suppleness" oh yes! You can use this daily and nightly. I applied it around my eyes and felt no irritation but Kimberly Sayer does make an eye gel formulated for that very delicate area.

Azalea Online is very well worth your time checking out. I'm glad I had the chance to test these excellent products. I am leaning towards the natural ingredients now more than ever and am thrilled to learn about some new brands that incorporate botanicals and vitamins into their products. Check out the Beauty Bar by clicking here. Happy shopping!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ole Henriksen, Anti-aging Vol. 2

Who doesn't want to have glowing skin with tiny pores, no shine with not a wrinkle to be found? I feel strongly about finding the right skincare for your type of skin. It's a trial and error process and unfortunately, you've got to try a lot of products before finding the fountain of youth.

Ole Henriksen has been running a successful spa for three decades. His clients include people like Renee Zellwegere, Ralph Fiennes, Charlize Theron, Linda Evangelista Christy Turlington- thats a small sample of the celebrity clients he services. Only four years ago, Ole decided to make his luxury skin products available to those outside of his spa and we are lucky he did. The products are pure and natural as evidenced by the simple, brightly colored boxes he packages his creams and potions in. The products are super high- end and fabulous and I know you will not only enjoy the products but see a difference in the skin after using them.

My favorite is the Truth Serum Collagen Booster. I don't know how the chemistry works - I'll leave the scientific stuff up to Mr. Henriksen, but this works so well that I am addicted to it. When I apply this thick, citrusy serum, my face tingles slightly but pleasantly as if I can feel it working some magic. And when I wake up after using it at night, my skin is smooth, pores are less noticable and my complextion is even. Imagine a product where you can see a difference in just one use!

Sheer Tansformation Renewing Cream - I want to boost my collagen and this is just the cream to help me do it! This light moisturizer contains fruit acids and beta hydroxy, two of the best things you can put on your skin. I lightly dab this cream on my cheeks, neck and chest. It absorbs quickly and works over the Truth Serum and the Restart Anti-Aging Serum. My face is really soft and the fact that it has those fruit acids makes me happy since they are beneficial to the skin in the most natural way.

Restart Anti-aging Serum contains "DMAE and reparative Alpha Lipoic Acid with calmative and retexturizing botanicals like Gardenia Tahitensis Flowers, Rosewater and Black Currant Oil." How can you not love it? I use this every other night switching back and forth with the Truth Serum. It has a bit of a fragrance but I do not mind. This product will strengthen aging skin, resulting in a younger, smoother face. I don't think you are ever too young to begin using antiaging products.

Visual Truth Wrinkle Resistance Eye Creme is an emoillient cream that treats the very delicate eye area where the first wrinkles start appearing! I use it every single night so my crows feet fade away. This gentle eye cream feels great on and doesn't irritate my eyes at all. I use it right up to my eyelashes with no bother at all. It contains things like African Red Tea, Ester C and other nutrients to feed the skin and keep it looking young. So far I'm liking it alot. I tend to really overuse products thinking more is better but all you seriously need is a few dots around the eye. It is everything an eye cream should be- rich, sensitive to the skin and nourishing. Used consistently I believe this would benefit everyone, giving the complexion a glow that only comes from good health.

Ole Henriksen has so many skin care solutions I want to try especially after being so pleased with what I tested. All the products are made with only the best ingredients for the skin, various goodies packed in each product to fight aging and increase collagen production. I want this item right here, and with all the stress in my life at this moment, I think this would really really help me relax. And you can't go wrong with this kit, it is the ideal gift to give yourself, a little slice of luxury.

From the bright and simple packaging to the anti-aging properties of his products, Ole Henriksen is a brand to give serious attention to. The website is easy to navigate and you can read about the spa services available in case you find yourself in desperate need of some rest, relaxation and beautifying. I was reading about the spa treatments and dreaming of getting a restful hot stone massage or a Thai Yogi massage. The only problem is that I wouldn't want to leave. But then Ole and I could become best friends and he could help me maintain a perfect complexion!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Skin Alison Raffaele

Lipskins, tinted Lip Balm with SPF15

Your lips will be nourished completely when you slick on some Lipskins. That is such an appropriate name for this lipstick because one swipe of color on the top and bottom lip is all you need for lip- hugging color!

You can tell this is a great quality product from the integrity of the lipstick. It's smooth and soft, and it makes my wintery chapped lips feel much better, soothing them with vitamins A, C and E. The color is sheer but on my darkish lips, I get some solid color from these tubes! I tested Breathe, sheer beige and Smile, sheer pink- both colors are very neutral and can easily be worn under a gloss or with lipliner. This product also contains sun protection, a necessity if you spend any time outdoors even in the winter months. Another terrific product from Skin Alison Raffaele!

Reality Base

I really am hard to please when it comes to foundation and that's a fact. I've been wearing makeup for about fifteen years and I can name on one hand the different foundations I've liked enough to use repeatedly. I tend to stick with what I like and don't hop from product to product as I often do with lip glosses and mascaras.

I was very anxious to try Skin Alison Raffaele's Reality Base liquid foundation. This product boasts the fact that is 100% oil and fragrance free, it's suitable for all skin types, it is weightless and can be adjusted based on application method.

My skin tends to get oily throughout the day and I favor coverage that doesn't make me look like I am about to star in a play on Broadway. No heavy pancake makeup for me! Since I have fine lines I don't like to over-apply my foundation. I dot it on and then blend with my fingers or a sponge.

I am 100% pleased with Reality Base, it totally exceeded my expectations. This yellow based product stays true all day long without fading or changing color. The shades I used (2 and 3) matched my skin enough that you could not tell where the foundation ended or began.

It is not chalky or heavy, it blends really well and washes off easily. The fact that it is oil free meant no extra shine on my nose and forehead. I used a lighter coverage method and it worked well with my Skin Alison Raffaele concealer.

Why isn't this brand more well known? It's superior to some of the very high end brands that I have used. I strongly suggest you check this brand out if you haven't done so already. I'm sure it will soon be a favorite of yours too.


Supersmile Professional Whitening Toothpaste

My friend Catherine has really white teeth. Last time I reviewed Supersmile products, I told her all about the brand and how I enjoyed what I tested. Catherine smiled at me and said, " We only use Supersmile in our house, I've been using it for years!"

See, it really does work!

I had the chance to test the Professional Whitening Toothpaste and here's what you should know:
*it is scientifically proven to whiten teeth with no overbleaching (ever see the episode of Friends where Ross's teeth glow in the dark?)
*enhances bleached teeth
*100% safe
* will remove stains from coffee, tea without use of abrasive ingedients
* results from brushing twice a day

The flavor is minty but not overbearing. It is very gentle which was suprising to me. Normally those whitening toothpastes bother my gums or make my mouth tingle but this toothpaste is so gentle that my mouth felt clean, not irritated in the slightest bit. The toothpaste doesn't foam up a lot but seems to really get my teeth sparkling. Another two thumbs up for this Supersmile product. What surprised me most about this is how gentle it is. I guess it proves that effective oral care doesn't have to hurt!

I love using the Supersmile Oral Rinse. Every time I brush my teeth, I use this rinse which leaves my mouth fresh, like I'm ready for a kiss! Maybe I am one of the few who love the act of flossing, brushing and rinsing to keep my teeth looking as good as possible. Hey, I didnt go through the agony of braces and a headgear as a pre-teen to have yellow, rotten, discolored teeth as an adult. I'm going to do what it takes to have a glorious smile!

This oral rinse is another safe way to maintain a white smile. The product will keep bacteria from clinging to the teeth while helping to prevent plaque from forming. It also helps to keep teeth white and is 100% safe, even for pregnant ladies. As with the other Supersmile products I've tested, this is a very gentle product that leaves your mouth feeling clean but not stinging with a minty aftertaste.

I'm wishing and hoping that Dr. Irwin Smigel, the mastermind behind this fabulous brand, comes up with a really great whitening gum! I love to chew gum all day long and I'm certain that he could create a gum that might actually be good for the teeth. Until then, I'm going to use the Supersmile products daily. You can check them out here, Supersmile.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Joico Hair Care


Body Luxe
Color Endure

Have you ever wanted to hide your hair under a wig? I know you've experienced a bad hair day before - we've all worn a hat to cover up a wayward 'do. Ever tried to postpone a trip to the hairdressers because you don't have the time or money for a color or cut? I've been there, done that so many times before. I haven't worn a wig- yet. But I've had some pretty unfortunate bad hair days in my past and if you see me wearing one of my many caps, you know my hair isn't behaving.

Just recently I was trimming my split- ends over the bathroom sink using some dull scissors and a plastic comb. Then I received Joico K-Pak, the answer to my hair prayers! I used the entire K-Pak line- Shampoo, Conditioner, Cuticle Sealer, spray- on Reconstructor and Intense Hydrator (which is perfect for smoothing down hair after heat styling whether hair is damaged or not). I saw an incredible difference in my hair. The ends were not crispy and my hair was super soft and smelled wonderful! This line puts back moisture, repairs the lifeless ends and gives hair a lift. I use this once or twice a week to put back in what's lost with coloring and daily heat styling.

Because my hair is limp and fine, I also use the Body Luxe Line which provided my hair with volume and fullness. This line of care contains an exclusive "Oat Protein Complex" which thickens the hair shaft resulting in a full head of luxurious locks. The Thickening Elixir "boosts body" and can be used with other styling products.

All the products from Joico smell wonderful, lather up well and rinse out completely. Hair will be softer and shinier, easy to manage and will not dry out the hair. This brand caters to what our hair needs, ladies. There are no harsh detergents or strong fragrances in Joico products, you have to look out for that with other brands.

I've been coloring my hair for something like twenty years- since I was a teenager. I have to use special shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair to keep the color fresh. Recently I put a little red into my hair, a color known to wash out quickly. Of course I want to make my coppery highlights last so I've been using the Color Endure products. This line contains anti-oxidants, ultra violet protectants, Quadramine Complex (amino acids) blended together to keep hair strong and protect the delicate color.

The shampoo and conditioner are purple! Both are scented with florals like tuberose and jasmine. The Color Endure Leave In Protectant is a spray that is odorless and weightless. It is simple to use- just spray it all over your towel dried hair for protection against color loss. As you know, sunlight and winter elements will cause the color to fade. I use mousse and volumizer on my roots to give me the enormous hair that I love.

I am very pleased with Joico. The mousse and hairspray work very well, leaving hair soft, not stiff or sticky. There is nothing that bothers my sensitive skin or causes me to sneeze or itch. This is a terrific line that will give your hair- color treated or not- protection, volume and shine. You can check out the site here for more information.