Monday, March 26, 2007


the always delicious, Aveda

Learn to love your hair! You have heard me lament on my frizzy, lackluster hair. It's taken me years and years to figure out what to do with it. Finally I realize that with some good product, we can have the hair of our dreams. Well sure, my hair will never be like Gisele's and it will never grow past my shoulders but with some good product, I can turn my hair straight or curly. Do I feel like curls today? Or should I go for the pin-straight locks?

Not too long ago, Aveda came out with their Be Curly line of hair care. The shampoo and conditioner transform your waves into curls. As with all Aveda products, everything smells divine. The Be Curly Curl Enhancer eliminates frizz and smooths the cuticles producing envious curls.

On the days when I want my hair straight and serious, I use Hang Straight. I wash my hair with a volumizing shampoo and then towel dry and comb it straight, applying a quarter size of this lotion to my hair. After using a large round brush to pull the waves out, I flatiron my hair and it is without curl or wave. It helps to have a really good flatiron too.

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Friday, March 23, 2007


Skingenic Regenerating Moisturizer

Skingenic Regenerating Moisturizer is the shockingly bright color of the inside of a mango. This cream immediately makes your skin look gorgeous. I don't know whether it's the hue of the cream or the ingredients in it (lychee complex, green tea, kelp, copper peptides, hyaluric acid) but after rubbing it all over my face, my skin was instantly improved.

I am looking forward to seeing if long term usage will keep my skin looking healthy and young. This lovely lotion boasts that it will firm up the skin and provide protection against environmental damage as well as correct the appearance of fine lines. I like to eat lychees but didn't know that they contained vitamin C and potassium both good for you and your skin.

I think you will adore this moisturizer and see a glow after your first application. I had never heard of Skingenic before testing this moisturizer so I am glad to have the opportunity to check it out. You can learn more about this product and the brand here.

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Sonia Kashuk's Spring Collection

from Sonia Kashuk's new collection

Who doesn't love shopping at Target? I admit to spending too much money and shopping the bullseye all too frequently. Target has recruited some big names over the last few years like Isaac Mizrahi, Liz Lange and makeup artist Sonia Kashuk. The makeup brush I use most is by Sonia Kashuk and over the past couple of years I've purchased quite a few nail polishes by her as well as pefume and random goodies here and there. I cannot resist pretty makeup. Am powerless over cute clothes.

The Sonia Kashuk Spring/ Summer Collection is coming out so keep your eyes open for her newest products. Don't you love new seasons? New colors come out and of course you must sample the goods. Think of pale pinks and light blues, springy shades and bronzed cheeks, pastel nail polishes and bright eyes.

I had a chance to get an advance look at Sonia's collection, I am such a lucky girl! You know I just adore cosmetics and new products and brands and reporting on every single thing that I like. My favorite item is the Eye Marker in black. I love it with the eye shadow called Baby Blues, a pale sky blue. The Eye Marker is just like a magic marker for your eyes. It gives you more control than a liquid liner but you get the same effect. I am so sloppy with liquid liners, this one goes on straight and smooth.

Sonia's eyeshadows are silky on your lids. The new Eye Shadow Duos include sets of pale green and light frosty brown, pink and sterling silver, neutral copper and tan. The cases are plain and white, small enough to bring along for retouches.

The Eye Palette in Spring into Action feature a foursome of color: gray, lilac, pink and gold. The case features a mirror and a tiny applicator. This is the perfect selection for daytime with colors that are both complimentary and neutral for fair and medium skin.

Cheek Sheers are push-up tubes of color, much like a cheek stain. Shades like Flushed (raspberry), Beach Babe (looks red but goes on like a peachy-coral) and Sun Goddess (bronze) are an easy way to give your face a burst of color. I love the cheek sheers when I don't want to wear makeup but want to add some life to my pale skin. These look natural and can be applied with a heavy hand for a real shock of color or applied lightly for a slight flush.

Sheer Champagne is a pale, frosted gold-ish color. This is a nice departure from my usual staple of light pink. I have every shade of pink you can imagine. Sometimes its nice to shake things up and use a different color.

The Luxury Lip Color in Floweret is a reddish hue that is bright and fun! I've been searching for a good red, so many are too dark and make me look like a black lipped zombie but Floweret is delicious and feels fabulous on the lips and it smells good too.

If you want to inject a bit of color and excitement into your makeup palette, shake things up a little with new shades and hues, give these affordable products a try. Sonia also has some new brushes and tools available. I give these my stamp of approval as I've been using my angled eye brush for a year and it's held up very well through hundreds of applications and washings. Click here for more.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

B.Kamins Skincare

B. Kamins Chemist

I've been trying to post my review of this brand for a while. First my computer, with all my many pages of information and notes, crashed. It died like an old man with a weak heart. Then I am going through this. Last, I have been away on a vacation for a couple of weeks but now I am able to sit down and write about B. Kamins!

This brand focuses on skin conditions and how best to improve it whether it be anti-aging, repair, cleanse and tone, acne, eczema, dry skin, rosacea, sun care and moisture and masque.

I will admit that B. Kamins Bio-Maple Compound found in the products I tested, had me concerned. Immediately I thought the products would be sticky and smell like maple syrup. Rest assured there is not a bit of sticky sweetness about any of the products. Bio-Maple Compound is a moisturizing antioxidant, not something to put on pancakes and waffles.

I tested the BioMaple Eye Cream and really liked it. It has no smell and is very gentle to the eye area. Sometimes my eyes water with eye creams but not this one. Episphere-Blue is in this cream. What is that, you might ask? It is "tiny time-released capsules of anti-oxidant vitamin E." One thing I am hyper diligent about is eye cream. I see those fine lines starting to simmer and I want to pamper my eye area as much as I can so I use this cream twice a day.

B. Kamins also offers a Therapeutic Eye Cream for dark circles and bruising. If you have surgery or bruising, this would help with the "post surgical trauma." Can be used on other body parts too. It's a wonderful light consistency and like the BioMaple Eye Cream, doesn't irritate the eyes or carry a heavy scent.

I love to take this into the shower with me and use it with my Clarisonic Skin Care Brush: the BioMaple Bamboo and Rice Facial Polisher. Just sounds good, doesn't it? Gentle to the skin, without harsh beads or a gritty texture, this cleans and buffs the skin leaving your face looking smooth and radiant. Therapeutic Brightening Masque willhelp you achieve glowing skin. I love it when my face is flushed and healthy and smooth. With daily use if these products, your skin will be vibrant!

I don't use moisturizer every day because my skin is on the oily side, (bad, I know!) but I love this Matte Moisturizer Spf 15 which doesn't leave my skin slippery or greasy. I dot it on and wait a few minutes, then get out my trowel and apply my makeup.

The Glycolic 10 topical solution exfoliates and helps to erase those pesky fine lines that I look at in my magnifying mirror all the time. I used a little and thought it wasnt working so the next night, I was heavy handed in my application. I developed redness and irritation right away. I learned my lesson that when applying this, use sparingly! (common sense here)

The Cellular Renewl Serum is a must-have for clear skin. It does all kinds of things like gives your skin a glow, protects the skin, refines texture. I love it. It contains that BioMaple Compound as well as alpha hydroxy acids. Use this and let it sink into your skin and then apply your moisturizer.

I am certain that if you chose to use B. Kamins, you will not be disappointed. This is high-end, high quality skin products. The doctors behind the brand also penned a book called Beyond Botox. Don't you love the name? I have a wrinkle that needs to be eliminated. Yes, I've considered a little shot. I've thought about a collagen injection. Then I received the book and started reading through it and reconsidered botox.

Beyond Botox features information on how to keep your skin looking fabulous without shots or surgerical procedures. This book includes foods to eat for optimum health and skin benefits, skin problems and how to treat them, aging skin and how to take care of it (and much more). What I liked about the book is that Drs. Ben and Howard Kaminsky don't constantly harp on their own products as an answer to every skin problem. Instead, they tell what ingredients to look for and how to take care of yourself. This is an excellent tool to educate yourself!

Please check out the B. Kamins website for more information.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Platinum Publicity Academy Awards event

I'm just a girl from New Jersey who always knew she was destined for something bigger and better than the confines of a small town. When I drive to Hollywood or Beverly Hills, I breathe a sigh and think, I've come home. My people are here. People being writers, those behind the scenes, the creative minds involved in movie making and television writing.

Melanie Segal’s Platinum Publicity events are so excellent and I thank my lucky stars for the opportunity to go. I fire up my car and drive away to the glorious city of Los Angeles, the place of beautiful people and movies, Bentleys and luxury stores, the Hollywood sign and mansions perched on cliffs. It's plastic surgery and Rodeo Drive, it's In N’ Out Burger and boutiques and bistros and coffee shops.

It was a sunny day and completely clear- for LA, that’s not an everyday occurrence. Fueled by a large cup of coffee and a cup of green tea, my friend T. and I drove to West Hollywood to attend Melanie Segal’s event, held at the Hyatt on Sunset Blvd. If you have never been to this West Hollywood location, let me explain that the streets are narrow and windy, curving all over the place. The residential area ascends to the tippy- top of tree lined hills with enormous homes crammed in next to each other. Some of the homes would blow you away with their lush flowers and trees and heavy doors and iron gates.

The Platinum Publicity event was held in the penthouse of the hotel with amazing floor to ceiling views of the Hollywood Hills. Incredible and breathtaking. How could you ever get tired of looking out the windows?

The first stop was at the Color Science table where we learned about this brand of natural color cosmetics. These products are made with minerals that are good for your skin, nurturing and protecting your eyes, lips and face with their good for you ingredients.

We learned about this nifty thing called a WinePod. I can’t even begin to explain this wine making device where you yourself can become a vinter in your own home.

Christine Price of Haute Moms Rule, a chic collection of tee shirts, jeans and other goodies, was a joy to meet. I love meeting other creative people who are passionate about what they do and Christine was full of excitement. She makes funky diaper bags that don’t look like diaper bags, tee shirts with cute designs and sayings and jeans that flatter every mama’s body! She so kindly sent me off with tee shirts which I accidentally left behind when I sat down for a drink! I am so bummed and mad at myself because those tee shirts were totally cute and soft and would be ideal for hanging out around town like the haute mom that I am.

Check this out, AquaMantra water. Your words and thoughts have lots of power which is the basis of this water. Learn more here and drink up!

The Bwell Clinic combines “eastern philosophy with western and Naturopathic medicine.” Bwell will give you a complete physical and determine what your body is lacking and what it needs to function properly. I would love nothing more than to avoid all toxins and live purely and naturally. A trip to Bwell would be good for both mind and body.

Samsonite Black Label was giving away the coolest of the cool attaché cases designed with pop art prints and color. I’ve always wanted a Samsonite. These gorgeous cases are functional and fun for travel. They can stand up to anything like a big animal jumping on it, should the situation arise. You never know.

Lotus 9 Designs offers fabulous, one-of-a kind jewelry designed by Kelly Ozaki, a pretty bubbly girl with loads of talent and an eye for detail. I especially loved her unique leather cuffs which make me feel very rock n’ roll. I keep thinking about these earrings. I bet we see lots of celebs wearing Kelly's works of art soon!

Casio was there too, showing off their new watches and a digital camera so small that I could have snuck it into my back pocket. I am a huge fan of digital watches because I never second guess myself on what time it is. Check out the pink Baby G!

This is innovative, sexy and practical all rolled into one neat pot: Lotionglow. The soy candle will burn, giving off a lovely scent. After the wax has pooled into the bottom of the pot, simply pour it off, and rub into the skin! You can use this as a massage oil and it smells delicious, making your skin subtly scented and soft.

Tarte, one of my very favorite cosmetics brands, had a few items displayed such as their eyelash curler, lipgloss, and my numero uno mascara, Lights Camera Lashes! I was excited to see something familiar at the even, I adore all things Tarte!

Other vendors at this event included V2Vodka (oh how I wanted a bottle of this, I love vodka!), Corduroy by Zirh International, a men’s fragrance, a cd from Samantha Mollen, SunWear Daily Sunblock and SunDial Everyday Glow, both by Banana Boat. The incredible Dirt Devil Kone which every house needs because it's functional and a work of art, Cacao Reserve- high quality chocolates that melt in your mouth, Bottlenotes wine and ProVina.

I have to tell you about the Chi Rocket Dryer. I am picky about my blowdryers. I want lots of power to dry my locks but the blowdryer needs to be lightweight. This one gets the job done quickly and quietly. There is a removable grill so you can clean it out, you know how fuzz and hair tend to get trapped in there? It offers two settings and a blast of cold air to set the style. There is also a Chi Flatiron which transforms my hair into cords of silk.

BioSilk samples were included in the bag of Chi goodies as was the Ceramic Hairstyling Flatiron Bling edition. A one million dollar diamond trimmed Chi Flatiron was set to be auctioned off with proceeds going to the Blood Diamond Victims and Save Darfur.This shiny flatiron was in its own special case with body guards standing around, making sure no one tried to run off with it and turn it into a hood ornament.

It was such a fun day. I recognized Neve Campbell who is so pretty and gracious. Party of Five was a major show for me so long ago. Jai Rodriguez was there and I chatted with him for a minute. Last year I met Ted Allen and I hope to continue meeting those fun “Queer guys”. Jai has super white teeth and is so cute that I wanted to bring him home along with my Chi flatiron. Kate Flannery from The Office was there and I am convinced that she could play the role of Arvis from my book, A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss.

I turned around to see Penny Marshall behind me. It was hiliarious when I stood up and yelled “Schlemiel! Schlemazl! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!” Just kidding!

What a terrific, elegant event that Platinum Publicity put on in honor of the Academy Awards. Great job Miss Melanie, on another fabulous event!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Spring Fever!

Maria B. Cosmetics is a new brand, so new in fact, that the website is not even up and running just yet. But keep your eye on this company because I believe they are destined for greatness, especially being called "MAC for Latina's." Would you believe that with my blonde hair, fair skin and blue eyes that I am a Latina? Yes, my ancestors hail from Latin America!

One of the ideas of Maria B. is that any woman can wear red lipstick, the idea is to find your particular color. With 30 hues to consider, there most certainly is a red that is perfect for you!

I am so fortunate to have a look at a few of Maria B's products. I loved the eye shadows, the consistency is totally smooth and silky. I tested Shell, a nuetral bronze-pink and Star, a lighter version of Shell. Layered, Shell and Star look beautiful together especially with brown eye liner and pale lips.

I really like the packaging whichis black with zebra prints. How hip and fun! Lip Paints come in pots with clear lids (with the zebra prints). I tried Queen B, which looked like a nice merlot color on my lips, and Siren, a pomegranate shade of red. These colors are nourishing and feel good on your lips. And they are long lasting which is always a plus!

I can't get enough of the Lip Shine in Cheater. Applied with the sponge tip applicator, this tube of gloss gives your pout lots of shine. The color is a frosty peachy-nude which is perfect for spring and summer.

Keep your eye Maria B.'s site. For more info, look here and here. I can't wait to see what else this brand comes out with.

Have you ever heard of Dr. Miracle's? I received a press kit in the mail along with some samples a few weeks ago. I love the fact that everything with this brand is kept simple. Dr. Miracle's is an ethnic hair company but that doesnt' mean that this girl with thin blonde hair can't use the products! I took an instant liking to the Intensive Spot Serum. It's a hair and scalp treatment that is thick in consistency and has a slightly minty scent. When you apply this to your scalp, you feel it tingle a bit.

The Serum boasts the ability to stimulate blood flow to the scalp, help split ends and strengthens hair. I poured a lot out by accident and rubbed it into my hair, resulting in a damp mess. But when I washed my hair after that, WOW, my hair was full of body. And the next day it looked even better.

Dr. Miracle's collection features lots of treatments and products and is worth a look. It's sold all over the place- you can find it at CVS, Walgreens and RiteAid. Sometimes you can find really excellent products at the drugstore, like Dr. Miracle's. Take a look at the website here.

I received some information about this Smoky Eye Kit from Stila but haven't actually used it. I feel confident recommending it because Stila never lets me down.

This kit takes you from naked eye to smoky eye in less than a minute! I adore dark smoky eyes coupled with nude lips. Whenever I see celebrities with that look, I think to myself, "That's how I want to look!" - polished and sexy. The kit talks to you, telling you what brushes to use and how to layer the colors. It's like having a makeup artist in your pocket. What a cool idea!

Stila is introducing a second shade of their All Over Glow called Peachy Keen. This fabulous springy color is like peaches and cream for your complexion! Apply the peachy hue to your cheeks and admire the glow. Then top it off with the slightly frosty shade for a hint of shimmer. The result is fresh and pretty, perfect for a sunny spring day. I like the way the peach color gives me a nice flush, almost tan- a hint of warm color for my cheeks. I love pink for the winter and peach for spring. The texture is even and doesn't clog pores or make my skin shine. I don't think I have ever been disappointed with Stila, its a brand I always return to. Go to Stila or Sephora for more information.