Monday, May 28, 2007

Get a Bronzed Beach Glow with Physicians Formula

Bronze Gems

Mineral Wear Bronzing Veil

Mineral Wear Loose Powder

Bronzers are the new blush for summer 2007! A fluffy brush dipped in bronzer on your cheeks and forehead, a little dab on your nose is all you need to look summer ready. Forget laying in the sun for hours, your answer to a sunny glow is right here. Physicians Formula has tons and I do mean tons of bronzers for all the glamour girls who want to look tan but not sunburned.

Let's start with the Bronze Gems. These compacts can be used as a bronzer, highlighter and eye shadow. Gorgeous! I like the matte look of these, I have oily skin and want to avoid extra shine at all costs. I love the little crystal on the box!

The Powder Palette is a multi colored bronzer. A mixture of colors and shades to warm up your skin and brighten up your complexion. No more pale, wintery skin with these products! Summer Eclipse is a dual bronzing and shimmery face powder that adds a hint of sparkle and shimmer. These pretty palettes are embossed with golden moons/suns on them.

Les Botaniques are botanical bronzers which include both matte and shimmery powders. "Sunflower extracts work as antioxidants to protect skin against free radicals." As with all Physicians Formula products, this is hypo allergenic and fragrance free.
Minerals are the hottest ingredient around. Even Cameron Diaz has stated that Mineral Powders have changed her life! Or at least, her skin. Physicians Formula has a bunch of Mineral Wear products. There's a nifty Bronzing Veil, a talc free, finishing touch made to apply over your pressed/loose powder or liquid foundation. Think of it as the final step in your beauty routine. What's neat about this product is that the powder flows right through the brush. It's all in one. Cool, huh?

The Mineral Wear Loose Powder and Face Powder is made for extra sensitve and breakout prone skin. Mica and Silica along with Vitamins A and E, nourish and protect the skin.

Here's what you can wear every single day and not worry about adding an extra dose of sunscreen to your morning routine, Solar Power SPF 20 Light Bronzer. Thank you! This is ideal for people like me who only like to apply a tiny bit of sunscreen to the face for fear of having even more oily skin at the end of the day!

Check out the Pearls of Perfection, little pearls of bronzer with matte and iridescent colors to enhance your skintone. The Shimmer Strips can be used as bronzer, blush or eyeshadow. These strips of bronze, tan, beige, sand and gold are a beautiful rainbow of colors that will illunimate your skin!

Physicians Formula has come a long, long way since the days when they only offered a couple of pressed powders and a coverup stick! Besides what I have mentioned here, they offer an entire line of sun protection and much more.

Click here for the website and to see all products.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Candle in the Wind

Okay, a couple of things. First, I would love to add candles to my round- up of beauty reviews. Candles set a mood, they lift the spirits and improve the scent of the room, obviously. Candles are sexy and candle light is flattering to everyone.

Second, I am at this very minute writing a book with elements of Marilyn Monroe in it. Several times I've turned on my car radio to hear that Elton John Candle in the Wind song. It's a reminder that I need to finish up my novel, the sequel to A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss.

Sharon Bolton's Luv scent is one of my favorite perfumes ever. How she gets that essence of the ocean along with tropical flowers all blended together in one perfect perfume, I don't know. I do know that I love it and when I wear it, people ask me what perfume I have on. Friends stand close so they can breathe in the heavenly scent and I walk around smelling my own wrists where I've applied it. I wish it came in an enormous spray bottle so I could go around spraying it everywhere, even on my dogs and kids.

Now Sharon has come out with a soy candles in the scents of Luv, Truth and Soul. All her fragrances are dreamy. Delicious. The candles in those very same scents are incredible. I leave mine in the bathroom so I can use my Luv body wash, lotion and perfume while breathing in the scent of the candle and have a very sensory experience. If you are a candle addict, this is one that you MUST get. I'm never bossy about what to buy, I only write about what I like but right now I'm telling you to head over to Sharon Bolton Scents and buy a candle or too along with some perfume.

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MAC Attack!

MAC has always been an ultra cool brand for makeup artists and mere makeup lovers alike. I have yet to meet a girly girl who doesn't own at least one tube of Lipglass.

I'd like to introduce you to Tendertones, a new lip product from MAC. With an spf of 12, your lips are protected from those harsh summer rays. But the best part, aside from the sweetly intoxicating scent and the way your lips feel super nourished (there is vitamin E and more good ingredients in the Tendertones), is the color. Sheer shades like Take a Hint, a mid-tone pink ( my fave) along with Pucker (looks dark in the pot but goes on raspberry sheer) and Tender Baby (watermelon pink) and more, these tints feel like a balm but appear on the lips like a gloss. They come in a little pot and slick on with the tip of your finger or lipbrush. I'm a finger kind of gal and I keep dipping my pinkie in there to apply more and more. Pretty soon I'm not going to have any left!

Tendertones features a satiny finish, a smooth touch on the lips. This product goes on sale at MAC counters on May 31st so be on the lookout. Don't you deserve a little end- of May treat for yourself? Enjoy!

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Victoria's Secret Beauty

Very Sexy Mosaic Bronzer

Very Sexy Perfect Lipstick

Very Sexy Lip Gloss

Mosaic Eye Shadow and yes, it's Very Sexy

I totally buy into the idea of me wearing Victoria's Secret anything will make me look exactly like the sexy, toned, bronzed babes in the catalogue that lands in my mail box a few times a year. If by using the Very Sexy beauty line will turn me into Gisele Bunchen then bring it on!
My friend has constantly shiny lips and I am forever asking what lipgloss she uses. The answer is always the same, Victoria's Secret!

I was excited to try my very own lipgloss in the shades of Wet (a pale plummy shade) and Bling (clear with hints of glitter). I slicked it on with a heavy hand and was ready for everyone to comment on my extraordinarily shiny lippage. Yes, there was total high shine! What's nice is that the lip gloss is not tacky or sticky and my hair does not automatically become glued to my mouth.

Still, I looked nothing like Gisele. I think it's the hair.

Next up I tried the Mosaic Blush in a shade called In Lust. All the beauty products have very sexy names like Pleasure Me and Afterglow. In Lust offers a neat square of color made up of smaller squares of color. My lusty color was a shimmery rose in the middle with a lighter pink and edged with bronze shades. I also got to try the Mosaic Bronzer which is a jigsaw puzzle of tans and bronze hues. Very pretty. The very sleek compacts are thin and offer nice sized mirrors so you can admire your own hotness.

The Mosaic Eyeshadow is made up of four different colors, mine was named Sultry. There is a silvery gold, a white base, a charcoal and gray. The shades are perfect for my blue eyes and I like the fact that I can layer and blend all the colors or just use one at a time. I really dig the silvery gold color with my blue eyes.

The Perfect Lipstick is super creamy and soft and glides on like a lovers kiss. I don't know exactly what I mean by that, but go with it. The color I tested is called Body Heat.

Where is the color called I Have Two Kids and I'm Tired? I think that would be the name of my cosmetics collection. Body Heat is a coral-pink color. It really is a perfect lipstick because the texture of it is excellent and it looks glossy and shiny on the lips. Other names of these perfect lipsticks include Satin Sheets, Beg Me, Love Bite, Hot Spot, Sweet Release. I hope my mother isn't reading this.

I've come up with a few other names just in case Victoria decides to corner the tired moms demographic: Don't Touch Me, I'm Trying to Sleep, Go Back to Bed, Who's Making Noise, Do You Want to be Punished? I guess we could throw in a little something called Spanking because of the double meaning. Don't Touch My Shoes, I Need To Go Shopping and lastly, Where's My Wine?

If you are feeling sexy or want to feel super glamorous, give Victoria's Secret beauty products a whirl. These are really sultry and sexy and beautiful and everything is high quality. I want to add a few more glosses to my collection because these are some of the very best I've ever tried. Gisele swears by them and I never tire of having a sexy pout! Click here to read about more products.

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Skin Effects by Dr. Jeffrey Dover

"The way to make skin look its best is to find a daily skin care regimen and stick with it. Caring for your skin is a simple three step process: cleanse, treat, and prevent. By cleansing twice daily, treating your skin to help fight the signs of aging and preventing sun damage, you can slow down the aging process and reveal healthy, younger looking skin." that is a direct quote from Dr. Jeffrey Dover, the dermatologist behind the line of skincare, Skin Effects.
I am always on the quest to find products that will hydrate, erase wrinkles, make my lips softer, plump up fine lines, make me look ten years younger. I'll drink from the fountain of youth. Whatever I need to do, whatever mask I must apply to my face, whatever lotion or cream, I will do it.

Dr. Jeffrey Dover has created the Skin Quenching Daily Mask. This light cucumber scented skin mask boasts the ability to "infuse moisture for all day hydration"! YES. Does that mean I can skip my morning moisturizer?

Apply the mask and in only five minutes, rinse it off to expose softer skin. Seriously, it's that easy. I just did it.

What a great product. It serves a dual purpose because at night, you can leave it while you sleep and wake up to better looking skin.

Dr. Dover has an entire line of skin care products to help correct and improve aging skin. You are never too young to start taking good care of your skin! If you shop at CVS all the time like I do then you probably have seen his line of products. You can also head over to the CVS website to browse all the products. I have my eye on the Eye Therapy.

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Runway Color, Drugstore Prices- N.Y.C New York Color

Hooray for NYC! You will love this brand!

New York Color has their spring line out in the stores, ready for you! You won't believe the colors and choices, all at super low prices. You can absolutely afford to buy up a bundle of lip glosses and still have money for a non fat, low foam, no sugar, half caf cappucciono at Starbucks.

I love lip gloss, thats no big secret. New York Color's Liquid Lipshine is only $1.99 but more than that, the colors glide on easily and are not thick or goopy. A nice layer of color coats your lips, ready for a kiss. There are colors like Sungold Pink- a pink shade with a light gold flair, Pink Sand- a neutral pink, Dusty Rose- deep pink shimmer plus more shades to suit every complexion and need.

The Color Wheel Mosaic Powder is a soft, light blush that is made up of various shades of pink. Sometimes I use a blush and a bronzer so this type of product eliminates the need for more than one cheek color. Just get a big fluffy blush brush and apply. Instantly you have a lovely pink cheeked flush.

The Curling Mascara adds color (try the Cobalt Blue for fun!) and makes your lashes have a nice curl. A boost to the lashes. This product isn't thick or clumpy and it is easily removed with soap and water. The Lengthening Mascara gives lashes a longer look, again no clumps. A bit of color and length. I love it for the times when I want my lashes to stand out but I don't feel like applying a whole lot of mascara.

NYC products are available at every major drugstore. I often buy their nail polishes because the prices are so low! Now Im going to be a lip gloss junkie too and buy up all the colors!

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Manicure with Deborah Lippmann

I'm sure you have seen Deborah Lippmann's name in many, many fashion magazines. She is the goddess of nails, the manicure maven, the . She has painted the finertips of the hottest A list celebs. Deborah has her own line of nail products from polish to kits, you can read about her and view her high quality products here. Be sure to check out her tips on doing an at home manicure.

I was so lucky to test three colors from her collection. Pale, simple, delicate shades. You Can Leave Your Hat On is a bare beige shade. Fashion is my favorite, a shiny taupe shade that looks good on fingers and toes. How Far is Heaven is pale pink. These colors are the no- manicure manicure. Looks professional and pretty and feminine.

I was so happy that the colors dried quickly and offered a high shine. Dont you hate it when nail polish takes forever to dry? The color on my toenails lasted for many days- maybe even over a week- without chipping. Two hearty thumbs up for these lacquers. That would be two very well manicured thumbs up of course!

Haven't tried the Vinyl yet but want to! I am all for the high shine and glorious colors.

You can find The Lippmann Collection at places like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Bath and Body Works stores.

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Spring into summer with Lancome goodness!

Who doesn't love Juicy Tubes? These little sweet glossy treats give your lips the ultimate high shine. The Pop Cherub Collection features Juicy Tubes Smoothies in shades like Butterflies which is bright pink in the tube but sheer with a hint of pink on your lips, Sweet Sunshine is a high shine beige color that is universally flattering. These little tubes smell wonderful and I promise you will become a Juicy Tubes addict once you buy one.

Color Design Sensational Effect Lipcolor in First Crush. A creamy lipstick in the perfect Gwen Stefani red shade. Most reds are too dark, too deep and give me a vampire mouth but this one is bright and lovely. Totally glamorous. Creamy. Perfect!

Juicy Gelees are little pots of glosses, jelly jars if you will. I tried Daydream Sparkle, a clear with silver shine and Spring Fantasy, a light gold. These shades are ideal when you have a slight bronzed glow. (you know how much I love my bronzer don't you? I fake it all the way!)

La Poudre Aux Yeux, can you say that three times fast? I don't speak French but I do speak the language of Cosmetics. These small containers feature shimmery, springy loose eyeshadows that pack high pigment into every application. Use a small brush or the tip of your finger and apply to your eye lids.
Makeup artist Gucci Westman designed this Pop Cherub collection that is very ethereal, angelic, soft. Colors are pastels, light blues and grays, so pretty and perfect for a hazy summer day.

I am on a mission to banish these fine lines and wrinkles that seemingly occurred overnight after I entered into my thirties. Lancome has a lovely product called Glow Sensuelle Daily Luminous Moisturizer. This lotion softens skin, evens out the tone and contains vitamin E for anti-oxidant protection. It smells so nice. I apply this to my face, neck and chest. If I'm home all day then I skip my makeup routine all together and liberally apply Glow Sensuelle.

Can I just tell you how much I love Lancome? Love it!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

TINte Cosmetics

Love love love TINte lip glosses. The shine! The smell! The taste! If you love chocolate then here is a treat for you with none of the calories- TINte flavored Lip Shine in Haute Chocolate. The color is bronze and the scent is pure chocolate. There is high shine with this shea butter infused gloss.

I reviewed this brand a long time ago and was totally impressed with the tins of lip color as well as the flavored glosses. I was super excited when I saw TINte mentioned in Lucky magazine. You know you've made it when the Lucky editors notice you!

I am always thrilled when a new product comes out from a brand I like. Haute Chocolate is the latest gem from TINte and I know you will lick this tasty treat right off your lips, prompting you to whip out the darling bottle and apply it all over again.


Kiss My Face

I've told you many times how much I like big, fluffy hair. Enormous hair! Rock star hair. So when I got the Kiss My Face Big Body Shampoo and Conditioner, I was only too happy to have more products that would create a head of hair equal to a lion's mane.

Kiss My Face has been around for a long time and is easily accessible at health and beauty shops. I never tried their products before now. Maybe it's because I had the notion that natural beauty products would smell like a vitamin shop. Wrong! The shampoo and conditioner smell like a day at the spa; ultra clean and fresh- like rosemary and sage. YUM. The shampoo sudsed up nicely and didn't leave behind any residue. Sometimes body building shampoos make hair clump together, I hate that! But this one didn't. I used about a half- dollar dollop of conditioner and my hair was not weighed down at all. Everything rinsed out completely.

Yes, my hair was full of body and volume, I am totally having a good hair day today! Kiss My Face Big Body Shampoo and Conditioner is chock full of deliciously natural ingredients like lavender, chamomile, aloe vera. Organic with essential oils and herbs, these are as healthy as you can get. Of course nothing is tested on animals which makes me a fan. Learn more about Kiss My Face here. Take a look at what this brand has to offer, tons and tons of great, all natural products for the entire family.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Freeze 24/7

You've seen the Freeze 24/7 products in countless magazines, I'm sure. Freeze 24/7 offers a non surgical alternative to needles and Botox being shot into your forehead, eyes and cheeks. No needles used here, only technology and a little something called Gamma Aminobutyric Acid aka GABA. I am all for creams and lotions which freeze the wrinkles in place and plump the skin.

I tested the IceCrystals Anti- Aging Prep and Polish. Wash your face with this lightly textured cream to reveal healthier, fresher skin. When I used this, I was almost expecting a minty scent or something that felt like BenGay! But it was just a very nice exfoliation that did indeed make my skin look pink and fresh and clean. This product boasts the ability to improve circulation, reduces oil in acne prone skin, lessens the appearence of fine lines and even helps in making hands look healthier. You're exfoliating your hands as you clean your face with those tiny ice crystals!

Plump Lips Lip Plumper makes thin lips appear fuller. When I applied this to my lips, of course I expected some painful tingling and irritation before the plumping began. But no stinging, maybe just a very slight sensation. I noticed my lips looked a bit fuller and redder too. This product increases circulation, hydrates and smooths lips. Since Plump Lips is totally clear- as clear as water, you can wear it alone for high shine or put it over your favorite lipstick.

I love learning about new cosmetics and technology. Freeze 24/7 is on the cutting edge. They have a whole roster of products designed to cosmetically enhance and treat aging skin. Go ahead, take a look! Then take your Botox money and go shopping for some new shoes.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Awake Cosmetics, Stardom Line

Awake Cosmetics is a luxury brand sold in high- end stores like Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Bendel’s. Stores that smell like fragrant French perfumes and offer items like cashmere this and imported that. Stores that sell Jimmy Choos and Stella McCartney. Ahhhh.
This Japanese brand launched in the US back in 1997. I read about Awake cosmetics in a magazine and wondered why I had never tried this brand before! Behold, glamour girls! I bring you much needed information about Awake.

I was lucky to try out some items from the new Stardom line. First you must imagine the beautiful, modern packaging, all red and silver with their little silver icon that looks like a leaf unfurling. I could just tell, my cosmetic sixth sense if you will, that this was going to be good. And it was.
The Lip Lacquer is housed in a rectangular tube and I tested a brownish, pinkish, sparkly color. This isn’t usually my hue but I really dug it. It may be called Elf Brown but trust me, it’s a gorgeous color with excellent non tacky texture.

I am so picky about my mascaras. If my lashes aren’t instantly longer or fuller or more voluminous, forget it. I was very pleasantly surprised that this Side Long Lash mascara was as good as it is! The wand has a special edge to it so you can go back and coat your lashes with extra color or get those tiny often missed lashes. The color I used was Glossy Black, is there anything better than long glossy lashes?

The Gem Glint liner in Palmetto Brown is a liquid liner in a brownish hue. Metallic and water resistant, this liner is fabulous to call attention to your eyes. The color sparkles and you can get close to your lash line with the very fine point.

The Aqua Trans Powder contains 77% water and is super hydrating. “Botanical powder prevents skin inflammation and nourishes skin with natural anti-oxidants.” The container comes with a soft puff and its own case. The color I tested is called Golden Honey and I use it instead of a bronzer, a little something to even out my skin. I’ve never tried a powder created with so much water! I’m impressed.

I loved trying out this new (to me!) brand. The Stardom line is so hip with neat technology and flattering colors. I'm so thrilled to introduce you to this line. Click here for more!

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Astara BioGenic Skincare

When I was little, my mother let my use her face mask, just for fun so that I would feel like the glamour girl I would grow up to be. I loved the way the mask would dry and my skin would feel so tight. Then I would wash my face and my complexion would be pink and flushed.

I still love the face masks and get the same pink cheeked results as when I was younger. You won't feel like there's paper mache drying on your delicate face with the Astara Golden Flame Hydration Mask or the Nourishing Vitamin Mask. Both of these masks serve to put nutrients back into your face, not suck the life out of it.

The Nourishing Face Mask contains a healthy mix of organic aloe vera leaf juice, soy, pine, hyalauric acid and vitamin C among other ingredients that will soothe and heal, add moisture,
regenerate and protect the skin.

The Golden Flame Hydration Mask soothes and adds moisture to the skin. This blend of aloe juice, cucumber extract and vitamins assist in retaining moisture in the cells. You can leave this mask as for as long as you want, let in sink in and really plump up those fine lines and heals chapped dry skin.

Here's what you need to do, make yourself a nice glass of spa water- a tall glass of ice water with slices of cucumber and lemon. Take a long hot shower. No kids or husbands or dogs allowed in! Afterward, gently towel dry your face and generously apply the mask of your choice. Get comfy and watch Dancing With the Stars. When the hour is up, wash your face and admire how you are glowing. Don't you feel so much more relaxed now?

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Jillian Dempsey for Avon

I've been trying forever to sample some Delux beauty products. Jillian Dempsey is the brains behind Delux and I've often checked out the brand online and have seen some neat items. So when I received my Jillian Dempsey for Avon Sheer Glow All Over Face Powder, I was so excited! Jillian has partnered up with Avon to be their Global Creative Color Director. The Avon Spring Style 2007 palette has been designed by Jillian. Way to go, Jillian!

Let's talk about the Sheer Glow All Over Face Powder. This super fine, soft powder will give your face a lovely sunkissed glow. I love the floral embossed design of the powder itself, it's so luxurious and pretty that I almost feel bad destroying it with my blush brush. The shade is peach-champagne, ideal for fair to medi

um skin. Gives my skin a bit of a tan look which is what I use for the hot months of summer.
I rarely wear lipstick because so many times the colors are too dark. The Ultra Color Rich lipstick in Peach Champagne goes beautifully with the cheek powder. It has a satin texture, the shade is a frosty peach. This color is super light. the consistency of this lipstick is very smooth and almost feels more like a gloss than a lipstick.

For a complete summer look, check out the True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Sandy Corals. A sunset of bronze colors in one sleek compact. Vanilla, peach, copper and chocolate are the hues you will discover in this set. All the colors make my blue eyes really stand out. You can mix and layer these eye shadows creating your own custom look. All three products together make a gorgeous summer face!

For more information, you can go to the Avon site. Why do I always forget about Avon? I don't know but every time I get a product from them, I am always happy and never disappointed!

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Skin Alison Raffaele Soft Gloss

Skin Alison Raffaele is one of my new favorite brands. The products are consistently high quality with a fabulous, flattering range of colors to chose from. I recently tested her Soft Gloss and Soft Gloss Volumizing. I love lip colors and am addicted to glosses. I collect them like some people collect stamps or coins!

Both glosses have a terrific texture that is not tacky or sticky, simply a soft coating of shine on the lips. The Soft Glosses have a sweet vanilla smell but I couldn't detect a scent from the Volumizing Gloss.

Even though I have full lips, I still want to look exactly like Angelina Jolie and I liberally use the Voluming Gloss which plumps the lips with no stinging or tingling or unpleasant side effects.
You can read more on Skin Alison Raffaele's site to learn more or order products. She has a very good reputation with awesome high coverage foundations and concealers.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Palmsugar Spa

beachy glam

What a fantastic gift for Mother's Day. Who wouldn't want a tub or two of these luxurious, beachy, nourishing lotions and butters?

I was so lucky to try the Midori (peaches, sugarcane, vanilla with tangerine and bergamot essential oils) Beach Butter. The scent is heavenly, the texture is divine. Thick like a stiff whipped cream cheese, I love rubbing this shea butter- infused product on my hands and legs where my skin is dry. This product leaves you so super soft and skin has a slight shimmer to after you apply. I will mourn when my tub is empty!

Have you ever smelled the flower called Pikaki? I first got a whiff of this when I tried a Fresh Scents by Terri perfume then couldn't find it anywhere else. Well guess what? Palmsugar offers this scent! This tropical flower is something to look out for if you are a floral loving chica like myself.

The Pikaki Cayman Coconut Cream is a smooth lotion perfect for after a bath or shower when skin is damp and ready for a creamy topping! It contains body soothing ingredients like coconut oil and vitamin E.

I'm so glad I stumbled upon PalmSugar Spa on my friend Ellen's blog! This company offers beachy scents like Bonsai (fresh green florals, orange blossom, neroli essential oil), Mahi (sweet Hawaiian pineapple and sugarcane with tangerine and grape essential oils) and more. You can find items like beach butters, sugar scrubs, a hair and body conditioner called White Palm Cocoa Creme, I've got my eye on that one!

I lived on the island of Oahu where there was a certain smell in the air. As soon as you walk through the open walled airport, you will notice that the air is heavy, humid, the scent of the ocean is all around. Flowers bloom constantly and plants and trees are lush and green. Flip flops, tank tops and shaved ice are as common as traffic and movie stars here in Southern California. I get that laid back, cool Hawaiian beach vibe from Palmsugar Spa! Check it out here and guess what? They accept Paypal! Hurry and order something sweet and lovely for the Mother in your life!

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Friday, May 04, 2007

DHC Skincare

DHC Matte Cream

DHC Moisture Care Lipgloss

I'm the kind of girl who likes sequins and feathers, big hair and seeing my name in lights. I like lipgloss and clear skin, painted nails, big diamonds and smelling like flowers. DHC sent me a few of my favorite items: lipgloss and matte cream to keep the shine off my skin and my lips looking kissable.

The Moisture Care LipGloss comes in a tube and is available in every color to suit your mood. My personal fave is the Orange but it's hard to choose. All the colors- Cinnamon, Cassis, Raspberry, Cherry, Orange and Peach- look sheer and shiny with a little sparkle. These products nourish and moisturize your lips with hyaluronic acid, olive oil, and marine collagen, yet they don't feel sticky or heavy. When the summer months roll around, it's nice to have a light hand with the makeup and leave lips looking full, lush and shiny.

But who wants shiny skin? Not I! Having oily skin has been the bane of my existence since I was a teenager. I would cover up the shine with a powder puff full of Cornsilk, blotting out every last drip of oil until my skin had an unnaturally chalky texture.

DHC's Matte Cream is the answer to your shine problems. If dewy skin isn't for you, take a look at this product, it controls oil all day long. Simply apply the cream over those troubled areas to prohibit oil from appearing through your makeup. Easy. It absorbs quickly and unlike some oil control lotions I've tried, this one doesn't leave white residue after it dries.

DHC is a direct mail skincare company from Japan and has been featured in a variety of magazines. O Magazine recently pointed out how much they love the Olive Virgin Oil Swabs.

DHC is a big believer in using olive oil - which is rich in antioxidants and vitamins yet so gentle- in their products. I didn't realize how many products this company offered! While paging through the catalogue, I found many items that I would like to try. Everything from body care to skincare to fine foods! I'd like to get some of those nifty Olive Virgin Oil Swabsand the Retino A Essence along with the Hair Brushing Foam and Eye Makeup Remover. Order a catalogue or read more here.

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Creme de la Mer

When I received the little tub of Creme de la Mer, I experienced a variety of emotions. At first, I was elated. I had in my possession the holy grail of beauty products, the famous, loved by celebrities, praised by supermodels, creme de la creme of moisturizers. I was excited. I was thrilled. I felt like a superstar.

All of that gave way to grief. I knew I would get addicted to this cream equivalent of diamonds. I would run out and be unable to afford more and my skin would wrinkle up and shrivel like a prune and I would age ten years.

Next, I felt disbelief. I had Creme de la Mer! In my own hands I held the secret to the fountain of youth!

But then, sadness. One day I would have used up my sample and I would be left with nothing but a memory of my excitement.

I've had a few days to use this famous moisturizer and yes, it lived up to my high expectations. Ever since I read that Heather Locklear keeps her un-aging face healthy by using this cream, I knew I had to try it. You only need a teeny tiny amount on your pinky finger, gentle pat around your face and there you go. It's very, very rich and a little truly goes a long way. I use it around my eyes where I have such pesky fine lines and the beginnings of crow's feet. The lines instantly softened.

The cream smells lovely too, like wealth and beauty and evenings out at Spago and jaunts to Rodeo Drive. It's lightly scented but non- irritating, very gentle. Creme de la Mer offers a whole line of goodness and I want to try it all, especially the Radiant Infusion. For more information, to shop and dream click here.

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St. Ives Healthy Brilliance

St. Ives Healthy Brilliance Renew and Glow

Do you remember when the St. Ives Apricot Scrub was all the rage? A lot has happened since that facial scrub hit the market so many years ago. St. Ives is now introducing their fantastic new Healthy Brilliance line of products. This easily accessable brand is worth your attention.

The Healthy Brilliance Brighten and Glow Exfoliating In-Shower Body Polish has a permanent home in my shower. This citrus scented exfoliater contains sugar crystals which are neither harsh nor gritty. I use this everywhere from my feet to my chest to get rid of any old dry or dull skin. What I am left with is super soft skin that smells delicious! The size of the tub is huge, a full 8 ounces for less than seven dollars at the drugstore. This product is worth your time to head over to CVS or where ever you shop and pick up a tub. I take a generous handful and use my body brush to scrub.

After you are done giving your body a spa-worthy exfoliation, try the Healthy Brilliance Renew and Glow Body Moisturizer. I apply this on my arms and legs, a little on my chest. I am a moisturizing nut and I love to rub this in every night after my shower while my skin is damp.

This product contains grape seed, olive and green tea extracts along with macadamia ester, all good ingredients for your skin. Although Renew and Glow delivers a bit of self tanner, it won't stain sheets or clothes, I've put that to the test. The color is so gradual that it's goof-proof and you will not end up with orange hands and streaky skin.

St. Ives has done a terrific job with these products. As you know, I stay out of the sun, being so extreme as to wear a hat, big sunglasses and an umbrella when I sit outside. I will continue to use the Renew and Glow this summer so while I may be as brown as a hot dog left out on the grill, I will have a healthy glow that will make me look like the perfect picture of summer health.


Sephora Blockbuster Palette

Mother's Day is right around the corner which means two things. Either you can buy the woman in your life this palette from Sephora or you can treat yourself. I vote to treat yourself!

This two-tiered palette offers a myriad of colors and possibilities for your summer face. Check it out- there are reds and pinks and berries for lips while eyes get a pop of color with browns, purples and blues. Slide open either side to expose six blush shades and a small set of tools.

This is perfect for the makeup lover in your life (yourself) ! It's $36 and is available at Sephora.

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Summer beauty with Dior

Oh how...


I have yet to meet a Dior lipgloss, eyeshadow, blush, mascara, that I didn't absolutely love. Dior's products are a wonderful quality and the lipglosses are divine. I'm addicted. These are my "special occasion" items.

Dior is offering their limited editon Sun Couture Palette for eyes and lips. Sweep a fluffy brush across the band of summery colors and create a sun-kissed face. A little on the cheeks, forehead and a gentle swipe on the bridge of your nose is all you need for a slightly bronzed, just- spent- all- day- at- the -beach look. The palette also has a lip balm that is a bronze-red color.
Have you tried Dior Addict lipstick? Well, you must. Their Ultra Shine lipstick is so moist, creamy and light, its really ideal. To complete the sun kissed look, try no. 422 Ultra Brunette. This sheer color gives lips just a hint of color and sparkle with high shine.

Love love love Dior Kiss! This tube of lipgloss offers incredible shin. With this product you get sexy lips resplendent in sheer color! no. 468 Strawberry Tartlet is a burst of berry color which I love. It's not overwhelmingly bright, it's sheer, it smells like strawberries and makes your lips kissably pink. Nourishing and lip plumping, you can toss this in your purse and use it alone or over lipstick all day long.

The 5 Couleur Eye Palette in no. 440 Sunset Cafe is all you need. Mix and match colors. Get creative. You have your base color, highlighter, crease color...everything for sophisticated, summery eyes. Rich, soft shades will bring out the best in your face. My blue eyes look brighter with the bronze color but brown or green eyes will shimmer with this palette too.

I noticed metallic colors in the fashion magazine recently and here is Diors answer to a hip trend: their Waterproof Eyeliner in 064, Metallic Chic. This silver pencil has a smooth texture that will glide across your lashline giving your eyes an edgy, funky look. One end is the pencil, the other end is a foam tip to blend or smudge the color. I love this pencil paired with the Strawberry Tartlet gloss and a pink cheek.

As always, the products are totally high in quality and smooth and nourishing and lovely and each time I go on their site, I find more things that I want or convince myself I need.
Viva Dior!

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