Thursday, June 28, 2007

Be very BOLD with C Shock!

I am beyond excited to bring you this review of MAC's C Shock Collection. These vividly hued colors will be available until July 18th so hurry and buy them up before it's too late.

The bright eyeshadows remind me of elementary school. With shades like yellow-green (Eyepopping) and sunny yellow (Going Bananas) orange (Fab and Flashy) blue-green (Wondergrass) turquoise (Big T) purple (Romping) and bright blue (Bang on Blue)- I am instantly taken back to a time when a new box of crayons thrilled me. All the new colors sharpened into lovely points, standing at attention like little soldiers! Was there anything better? And now I am grown up and the thrill is the same although the medium has changed. Now it's makeup that sends me over the edge with excitement. Bright shades made to color on a blank page.

When I saw the blue lipstick, my first thought was WHAT? Then I reminded myself that there are no rules here! Mixing this blue with the magenta colored Lip Gelee, She Boom, creates a lovely lilac shade. It's basic color mixing here, red plus blue equals purple. Pomposity is a deep pink with flecks of silver and Out to Shock is a pale pink with a metallic undertone, perfect with a tan! Overrich is a corally-pink color. All the lipsticks can be diluted with gloss or bold by themselves.

Lip Gelees are awesome. These creamy glosses are shiny and the colors are perfect for a dramatic statement or going casual. Mega is lavender with silver sparkle, Sugar Shock is a red berry shade- reminds me of blackberry juice staining the lips, and my favorite is Lil Sizzler, peach with a frost.

I would love to be one of the creative minds at MAC, wouldn't you? Nothing would be more exciting than to come up with names for shades, develop bright new colors and plan glamorous collections. Flashy, brilliant tints and powerful, flashy hues are on the counter at MAC. As always, MAC's website is up- to- date and features all their products.

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Poetic Brow Shaping Sugar Wax

Two years ago I went on a cruise and before I left, had the bright idea of waxing my bikini line at home. Instead of having smooth, soft skin, I tore off the first layer of my epidermis. I spent the whole trip in agony! It's taken a me a while to try waxing again. Bliss has this little kit called Poetic Brow Shaping Sugar Wax. It takes the sting and pain out of do- it- yourself- waxing.

I am happy to report no skin was damaged during the procedure! Bliss makes it all very easy with step-by-step instructions on the box and carefully labeled products, including a no-heat wax and a soothing balm for after the waxing.

Whew! I'm really relieved that this is so easy.

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New look for an old site...

My incredibly talented friend, MK from the popular site Popbytes, designed a new header for my Conversations with Famous Writers website. I am so excited! Every time I load the page, I smile because I adore what he created. I wanted something to tie- in with Hello Dollface. Take a look here. He did an amazing job!

And be sure to visit Popbytes, a highly addictive and fun entertainment website.

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Jo Malone, Nectarine Blossom and Honey

I had the opportunity to test Jo Malone's Nectarine Blossom and Honey Bath Oil. Let me tell you that I'm not so keen on fruity scents. It has to be something really special for me to like because I don't want to walk around in a haze of cloying sweet fruit haze.

I loved this gently foaming bath oil so much however, that I dabbed it on my wrists hoping it would double as a perfume oil. Sadly, it didn't! So I got the cologne and can now smell completely delicious but not at all too sweet. The scent is the perfect union of peach, plum and black currant and honey. It fabulous for summer.

A while back I was able to test Jo Malone's Red Roses and Pomegranate Noir which was a simply stunning scent combination. Now I can add the Nectarine Blossom and Honey Oil to my approved list! I can't decide which to try next- Vintage Gardenia or Lime, Basil and Mandarin? How about Honeysuckle and Jasmine?
There are so many to choose from and each one sounds equally wonderful. Jo Malone has a reputation as having the very best colognes in the world. I am certain every one of her scents has therapeutic powers, the ability to lift your spirits and cheer you up with just one whiff. Go to Jo Malone for more scents and products.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007


Someday I will get to the Bliss Spa for a day of rest and pampering. Until I get myself there, I will be content to use some of their fine products like Wrinkle Twinkle. It's a line filling wrinkle reducer. Use the brush to fill in fine lines and watch them disappear! This is my "must have" for morning. Crows feet temporarily disappear and even in strong light, those wrinkles cannot be seen. An amazing cream.

Ray of Hope is a spray- on product with an SPF 20. There is nothing I hate more than those pockets of fat on my thighs. This is why I wear a little skirt over my bathing suit and hate to be seen in my bikini outside of my own backyard. Ray of Hope contains "Sun-activated spheres that release caffeine and carnitine onto problematic areas." I like the fact that this product is water resistant and the spray is a fine mist that is absorbed without leaving a thick coating. I have yet to see a reduction in cellulite but my fingers are crossed!

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Kinerase lives up to the hype!

The last time I was in Sephora, a woman was standing at the register with an empty tube of thw Kinerase Cream SPF 30, waving it around shrieking about how she needed a new tube. "Geez, lady," I thought. "It's only sunscreen, get a hold of yourself!" But alas, its not only sunscreen. It's a fantastic moisturizer. Light and quickly absorbed but with a nice SPF of 30, this is the cream that I have been using on my face when I go for my long walks in the hot summer sun.

I can see why that women needed a new tube. And why she was willing to pay $135 for it. Not cheap but well worth it.

I have been so lucky to not only test that product but the Ultra Hydrating Rapir Mask and the Ultra Rich Day Repair cream. The mask adds moisture to your face, much like a soothing treatment you would get at a spa. When you rinse this off, your skin is soft to the touch and feels clean and healthy, especially if you pat on some Ultra Rich Day Repair Cream.

I feel like I am feeding my face when I apply the Ultra Rich Day Repair cream. It contains "kinetin and zeatin improve the more severe visible signs of skin aging, improving the appearance of fine line and wrinkles." When I am home and not wearing any makeup, I generously apply the day cream especially on those nasty fine lines by my eyes. What I need is the Intensive Eye Cream!

The Advanced Radiance Facial Peel improves the look of your skin by reducing fine lines and improving the texture. You simply unwrap the applicator which looks like a lollipop and swipe it over your face. It's that easy! It feels cool and soothing when you apply it.
I was impressed and happy with the Kinerase products. Sometimes I have high expectations and products don't live up to the hype. But Kinerase lived up to their reputation! I would love to test some of the cleansers and the eye cream, I bet my skin would be flawless if I kept on a strict regimine of Kinerase products. For more information click here.


Yves St. Laurent Summer 2007

Yves St. Laurent 2007

The most often asked question for me is this, "Which mascara do you recommend?" I have sampled a lot of really wonderful mascaras. Some people like their lashes to only have a hint of color, others want length and then there is me- I like very long, thick, dark lashes. Full of volume but really long too. I adore Yves St. Laurent 'Volume Effet Faux Cils' Luxurious Mascara. It not only deposits color but does everything else.

And then we have the Holy Grail of mascaras. Maybe one of the best ever. The 'Everlong' Lengthening Mascara. It does everything. No clumping. Slides on like a dream. Makes your lashes look like you have falsies on. The brush is unique because it looks like a bunch of little combs instead of a single big brush. Each lash is coated and darkened, looking immediately thicker and longer. This might be because of a little something called the "Lash Growth Booster", which encourages lash growth, how cool is that? If you only buy one mascara for the next couple of months, make it this one.

Yves St. Laurent has a couple of other tricks up their sleeves like the Shiny Lip Plumper Spf 10. It's a tube of gloss with a brush at the end for precise application. Shiny lips in seconds with lots of radiance. There is a new nail color pen too. The Nail Lacquer Brush Pen is a nifty nail polish that is a brush and color all in one tube. Click the end of the tube and color is dispensed from the other end. Paint your nails with glossy color. I like the pen idea!
For more information, click here.


Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Lip Gloss

I am an equal opportunity makeup lover but lip gloss holds a special place in my heart. From the early days of my Dr. Pepper flavored chapstick to the frosty fabulousness of Wet N' Wild until now, I have probably gone through hundreds of tubes. And I'm not stopping. My purse always holds at least two glosses sometimes more.

Smashbox has a collection of glorious colors. Their Lip Enhancing Glosses come in sheer, true and full color. The Sheer colors I tested were Expose, a nude color and Afterglow, a perfect mix of pink- peach. My summer face is a primer with an SPF and a little concealer, a bit of bronzing powder and always a gloss like one of these. The sheer color gives lips lots of glimmery shine.

The Full Color gloss I tried was a red wine shade called Starlit. The full color gloss contains vitamin E so your lips are highly moisturized. This color was very glam and shiny for a night out on the town!

True Color is a creamy textured gloss with Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil. I love Pixel, a pink-nude shade. Smashbox always has excellent products, I have yet to try something I'm not crazy about! Click here to read more and see all the beautiful colors from the Lip Enhancing Gloss collection.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

IQ Derma Moisture Infusion Lip Treatment

IQ Derma is a brand I had never heard of but am glad I learned about it. How many other brands are floating around, unbeknownst to me?
This little pot of super gloss is a lip treatment which offers tons of moisture with Maxi-lip, "a peptide complex that restores collagen to the lips". My lips do look and feel great while wearing this.
Moisture Infusion Lip Treatment contains olive and Sweet Almond oils so you know your lips will be totally nourished. What I like about this product, besides the light, smooth texture, is the pale pink shade. Ideal for summer, a hint of color and shine on your lips.
IQ Derma offers a lot of other products and based on how much I liked the Lip Treatment, I look forward to testing other items.


Monday, June 18, 2007

Bourjois Paris, Part 2

Before you go to bed at night, after you have applied your nightly moisturizer to your face and rich lotion to your hands and feet to combat dryness, apply this Night Lip Balm from Bourjois to your lips.

Ideal for chapped lips and perfect for all pouts, this creamy balm infuses much needed moisture to your mouth. In the winter we worry about lips being extra chapped from the cold but in the summer, we are concerned with all over hydration. Apply this every night for super soft, supple lips!

These little pots of silky shadows hide a curved applicator and a mirror, how sneaky! This wet/ dry shadow comes in 12 colorful shades like a versatile Rose Peau, a lovely green shade called Noir Emeraude, smoky gray Gris Delicat and a dark blue gray called Noir Cobalt, and a peachy nude called Ambre Nude (there are more colors but these are the ones I've tried). I like to use a thin brush and apply these wet like liquid liners on my top lash line. Then use a soft dry brush to fan the color out a little bit.

I will never forget my lipgloss again! These nifty glosses can go on your keychain or cellphones. If I am not in the mood to take a full sized gloss with me, I can sneak it in my pocket and go purse-free. These offer a high- shine, mini version of the wildly popular lipgloss, Effet 3D.These sets are designed to be a shadow and liner. Takes the guesswork out of applying colors with directions and a small mirror. I love this and use it as a base and shadow color rather than eyeliner. Check this guide out for perfect Parisian style!

Take care of your lips with the Double Ended Buffing Balm. One end is a soft brush to buff and exfoliate your lips. The other end is a highly moisturizing balm. There is a little bit of sparkle to make your lips shine. Lips look luscious. I feel like I have the most pampered lips in the world!

YUM, this is some super refreshing lip gloss. Made with menthol, this minty gloss will keep your breath smelling sweet. Feels cool and lovely on the lips with lots of shine. Minty breath and glossy lips? A fashion must!

I tried two other Bourjois items that are not pictured. The Compact Powder eliminates shine with a light, sheer texture. This slim black compact includes a mirror and a sponge to apply. The powder evens out my complexion leaving a flawless, not heavy, finish.
The Invisible Lipliner is ideal for people like me who have naturally dark lip color and don't need a dark liner. I can't stand when people outline their lips with dark pencil and fill it in with light, frosty pink. I much prefer the no color lip liner which acts as barrier so your lipcolor doesn't bleed or feather. This one is silky soft.

You can read about more Bourjois Paris products on their website. Don't forget to check out the mascara! Yes to Volume, No to Clumps works super well and comes in cool shades like Violet and Blue.


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Lumene Cosmetics

Rejuvenating Makeup SPF 20

Star Effect Mascara

Beauti-ful Plumping Lipshine

Quick and Chic

A while ago, I tested the Quick and Chic nail color from Lumene ( I thought it was pronounced Loo-meen but it's really Loo-min-ay) and loved it. The brushes are larger than normal and two swipes covers the entire nail! Perfect for easy application. Colors are offered in bright reds to pale pinks and everything in between.
Recently, I was able to try the fabulous Touch of Radiance which is an easy highlighting pen that is applied using a small brush. You twist one end, color comes out the other. This is ideal for covering up pimples, dark circles or the entire eye area, use it as a highlighter where ever you want extra brightness. This product contains Lumene's secret ingredient, seed oil from the Arctic Cloudberry, rich in fatty acids and considered the most nutricious of the wild berries.
Rejuvenating Makeup SFP 20 is for treating the skin of women over 50. Hey, that's not me! However, I'm all for a great foundation. This one is creamy and it blends well. The product contains special peptides to "target the different layers of skin". This makeup will firm skin, reduce fine lines, promote collagen and elastin. I don't need to tell you that your makeup should include an SPF like this one. Protect your skin no matter what your age! Even though I am years away from 50, I will use this because you are never too young to take care of your skin.
Waterproof Star Effect Mascara is a popular mascara that has recently turned waterproof. Cry, wear it in the pool, splash in the ocean...whatever you need to do, your mascara will stay in place! My lashes looked shiny and well- coated with this product. The brush is small and precise so every last lash will be coated. I like it a lot for the lower lashes.
Beauti-ful Plumping Lipshine is a soft, creamy lipshine that smells delicious. I always like full lips. This product contains light reflecting pearls to make your lips look extra shiny and kissable. My lips felt fuller but didn't sting or tingle at all. Arctic Lingonberry seed oil moisturizes lips while an spf 8 shields lips from harmful rays. There are 12 shades of Beauti-ful Plumping Lipshine for you to check out. Lumene is available at CVS stores. And while you are there, take a look at the Radiant C Beauty Drops, one of my favorite skin care products.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Skyn Iceland Giveaway

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I get to test neat products. Luxurious, beautiful items like the Oxygen Infusion Night Cream. I tested out some samples from Skyn Iceland a while ago and loved everything. Truly, I was so sad when my little containers were empty. I was scraping my nail along the bottom to get every last bit out.

Well apparently other beauty lovers are impressed by Skyn Iceland too. Skyn Iceland is the winner of the 2007 CEW Indie Beauty Award and here is what they are doing to celebrate:

"We want you to tell us, in 50 words or less, what makes you creative, original and entrepreneurial. Writers of the best five (5) submissions will each win a skyn ICELAND Detox Kit for Sress Skin, a $45 value. Deadline for all entries is June 15th, 2007; winner will be announced and their prize-winning entries will be posted by July 1st, 2007.

Please send all submissions to By submitting your entry, you agree to the terms and conditions of this contest. Limit one entry per person, per email address."

Good luck to all my fellow glamour girls out there! This is one prize you don't want to miss out on. If you need more details, please click here. By the way, CEW stands for Cosmetic Executive Women.

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MAC Moonbathe

Why not give these babies a whirl?

MAC has another new collection out, this one is called Moonbathe. I keep reading it as Moon Bath. Either way, these golden colors are sure to liven up your summer look. Rich golds and metals play up your features, letting you be a bit daring. Check out those eyelashes! Ideal for a wild night out on the town or a soccer mom who wants to funk it up. I love false eyelashes and my friend and MAC makeup lover Lisa adores MAC's false lashes.

I've said it before- MAC has the most incredible palette of eye colors. Whatever shade, tint, or hue your little heart desires, MAC is there for you with a pot of something brilliant. The eyeshadows for the Moonbathe collection are glam by themselves or blended together. I use the pigment as a base and blend a brighter, more daring color with it. Colors like Claire de Lune- a neutral shade, Cosmic- a copper-tan, Cranberry- reddish purple (looks frightening but is a neat, funky shade). With MAC's colors, I'm inspired to wear eyeshadow everyday.

GlimmerShimmers are highlighters used to add a bit of flash to your face. On your browbones, cheeks, or even eyes, GlimmerShimmers definitely call attention to your face!

The Frost Lipstick shad called Honeymoon is a pearly tan which would probably go with any skin tone. I love Honeymoon with the Lipglass shade of Crescent over it. Lipglass is known for bringing on the high shine and I could wear this every day and never tire of it. I've been on the Lipglass bandwagon for years, ever since it came out.

I didn't try the nail colors but I am headed out tomorrow to pick up a bottle of Golded, what looks to be pink with a hint of gold. For more colors and information, click here. And while you are on the site, look at the C Shock Collection. I am so into all the pink lip colors, simply gorgeous! If I had a MAC wishlist, those would definitely be on it.


Friday, June 08, 2007


Colore Science Cosmetics blends the line between cosmetics and skincare with their mineral makeup. I've not always had luck with mineral makeup although many girls rave about the power of minerals. I have to rave about this line though. I'm so happy with the products I tested that I'm making a list of other items I want to try like The Smoothster and The Corrector.

I started the day with a pore and line reducing primer called Line Tamer. I used the size of a dime and had enough for my face, carefully blending this pale yellow cream which hides any skin discoloration. I let it sink in for a few minutes and then used the Pressed Mineral Pigment. This cool compact has a hidden sponge under the powder along with a mirror. I gently patted it on all over my face, very slowly, trying to hide those pores that I detest. After that, I powdered my cheeks with Suncanny Face Colore with the retractable dispensing brush in the shade of My Lil Pumpkin. It's a blush and a brush all in one! The Pumpkin color is more of a tan shade that can be used as a bronzer.

I finished my morning makeup routine off with Sunforgettable Dispensing Brush SPF30 lightly dabbing it all over my face. Done with my sun protection for the day! On my neck and chest, I rolled on the Sunforgettable Rock and Roller Ball, a shimmery powder that leaves behind a SPF of 30 without a mess. Applying this is so easy! Since this product has no scent, you can still apply a perfume without having undertones of a sunscreen smell.

Genie Sparkle Colore is a fancy little pot of eyeshadow but is applied with a small pointed brush like a liquid liner. It's a mineral powder for the eye adding a hint of bronze color (Glisten to Me) above or below the eye. Star White, Star Bright is a pale neutral shade that you can apply to the inner and outer corners for a eye brightening effect.

I highly recommend Colorescience. I love the products with the SPF built in. I hate the greasy, oil clogging feeling of sunscreen on my face so the powder form is ideal. I am hard to please when it comes to foundations and face powders but I'm going to be carrying around the Pressed Mineral Pigment in my purse all the time for touch ups.

Why not give this brand a try? Here is the link for information and more products.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Comments 4 a Cure

Very recently I had a breast cancer scare. I found a lump and had to get it checked out. While taking a sample, the radiologist found a small cluster of cells that looked suspicious. It all pointed to breast cancer. I panicked. I was a nervous wreck. What if it was cancer? And what if it spread? Would I die? Yikes, it was a very emotional time for me.
I went through all the appropriate tests and ended up having to have a chunk of my breast cut out for biopsy. I think it is a miracle that the pathology reports stated it was not cancer after all. I was convinced I had this disease. I told my Beauty Blog Network friends, my news coming on the heels of another girl being diagnosed with cancer. Both of us are somewhat young and don't fit the typical profile of a cancer patient. Shows that this disease can strike anyone at anytime.
The Beauty Blog Network got together and decided to do a huge fundraiser to support cancer research and causes. Besides being able to contribute on the widget to the left on this page, you can bid on amazing, and I do mean AMAZING goodie baskets on ebay. You can bid on manicure sets, perfumes, lipglosses...everything beauty! Please click here to learn more and read what's available on ebay, all proceeds going to charity. And a big huge thanks to Miss Elke Von
Freudenberg for making the Comments for a Cure and the ebay auction possible.

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MAC Strange Hybrid Collection

I love the colors MAC comes up with in their collections. Worn all at once, you will look just like this girl in the photo, maybe even a Cirque de Soliel clown. But used subtly, the color gives you a pop of unexpected color that will get you compliments.

Bright colors including blue, pink, lavender and lily are abundant in the Strange Hybrid collection. Imagine yourself as a colorful flower in a vibrant garden!

For lips, there is the creamy Lustre lipstick in Flowerplay, a cherry pink shade with a slight pearly essence, I love it with a sheer gloss over top. Orchidazzle is a little scary in the tube- it's purple! But it goes on as a sheer grape hue with silver pearl undertones. Other shades include Propagate which is a neutral peach, Strange and Exotic, a sheer wine and Strange Hybrid, silver pink.

Lipglass is always a favorite and this isn't a color I would normally choose for myself- Hothouse, a deep dark raspberry- talk about dramatic! Perfect for a night time rendezvous. The Strange Hybrid Lipglass editions also come in shades of tan and coral, an a mauve-pink.
And now, on to the eyes! If you have never tried pigment, I urge you to do so. My friend Lisa, a hardcore MAC addict, was always telling me about these concentrated colors. I tried out Provence, an ideal shade to use if you want a shimmer but not a ton of color. Jardin Aires is tan with gold pearl. These are awesome base colors and hold tight to your eyelids, not disappearing all day.

You can get really creative with color and MAC has many playful shades to work with. Fertile, is a striking blackish purple. Floral Fantasy is a pink-violet shade that is quite theatrical. I just wore Moonflower for a evening out on the town. This color is a deep blue with silver undertones. Seeding is a taupe color and Rose Blanc is yellow-gold. One swipe of eyeshadow gives a little color, layer it on for an attention grabbing eye!

Go to the MAC site to read about more Strange Hybrid colors and products.

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Mascara Madness, the lowdown on the best

They say: Transform your eyes…with a true-false lash effect!

I say: Here is a mascara for those of you who like really long lashes! It's a two step process: first apply the Hi-Pro Stretch Brush which makes your lashes longer, then use the comb to reach every single lash. The combination of these steps truly makes lashes look long and beautiful.

They say: Like a push-up bra for your lashes.

I say: This brush is perfect for reaching those tiny lashes, it does a great job on the lower lashes too. No clumping! Ideal for reaching every single lash.

Bad Gal Lash

They say: The biggest, baddest lashes!

I say: Yes! Big lashes indeed! If you like your eyelashes thick (I do!) and dramatic, this is the mascara for you. Check out the size of the brush! Take your time so the mascara doesn't clump.

Redpoint Mascara

I had never heard of this brand so my expectation were low- it takes a lot for me to really love a mascara. But surprise! Redpoint delivers!

Sold on QVC, They say: designed to create a high gloss look with encapsulated pigments that allow for more intense shine and color.

I say: if you are looking for an all around great mascara, give this one a whirl. Lashes were coated with rich color and given a boost. This could easily stand up to department store brands.

They say:Ultra-volumizing clump-proof mascara

I say: I was surprised at the little tiny comb applicator. Look at it! I didn't expect my lashes to look so long or pretty. Definitely exceeded my expectations. This mascara is totally clump free and each lash is coated without looking too thick or goopy.

Lash Fusion

They say: No clumping, no flaking, no smudging, no kidding.

I say: True that! This is another great all around kind of mascara that does everything it says. It's a good one for when you are on the go and don't want to fuss with curling your lashes or applying more than one coat of mascara.

Coup de Theatre

Another Bourjois mascara! They say: Get the illusion of false eyelashes...without the fuss.

I say: There is a tiny bit of fuss, just a bit. First coat lashes with the micro fiber enriched side, then apply the color. My lashes were longer for sure thanks to the teeny fibers that attach themselves to your lashes, the color was nice and dark and everything washed off easily.

I sampled a tube of FiberWig mascara after my friend Catherine raved about it. It makes lashes look longer thanks to microfibers and it washes off very easily with soap and water. You can buy it at Tarte Lights Camera Lashes is always a good mascara and I recommend it for everything- lengthening and thickening. I hear good things about MAC mascara and that one is surprisingly affordable. I love my Yves St. Laurent mascara too. If I had to choose one product to take on a deserted island (besides sunscreen) mascara would be it!

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

MAC Prep and Prime spf 50

I know I should always wear sunscreen on my face. I KNOW! I get lazy and I just don't do it all the time. I'm good about patting it around my eyes and have even found a fabulous sunscreen (more on that later) but I tend to skip that step. If you think about it, every day your routine could potentially include applying a sunscreen, moisturizer, primer, foundation, cover-up, under eye concealor, highlighter ... that's like a ten step program before you even get around to doing your eyes!
Thankfully, MAC has this product called Prep and Prime and it offers an SPF 50. Did you get that? FIFTY! Perfect for a fair skinned gal like myself! A small, less than dime sized amount will cover your entire face. I use this in place of my primer, sunscreen and moisturizer. It preps the skin, creating a smooth surface for the rest of your makeup. It absorbs quickly and is not oily. It doesn't leave a white film behind which some primers are known to do.
No wonder why makeup artists and girls of all ages love MAC!

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DHC Eye Makeup Remover

You know how some eye makeup removers are really oily? Others leave a thick residue and some even leave a film in your eyelashes. DHC Eye Makeup Remover is none of those.

This oil-free product is super gentle and non irritating, is not at all greasy and gets the eye makeup off completely and effortlessly.

I am loving everything I try from DHC! Check out the DHC website here.

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Sheer Cream Blusher
Silky Finish Lipstick

Creaseless Cream Shadowliner

There was a time in my life when every cosmetic I owned was by Benefit. I swore by their excellent creamy foundation stick. I used Benetint on my cheeks and lips. My blush was courtesy of Benefit. I owned several lipsticks by Benefit too. And one of my favorite eyeshadows? Benefit. I poured over the product catalogue with such intense interest, you'd have thought there would be a test about each and every item.

Then I started collecting more makeup and trying new, different brands and I hadn't been keeping up with my Benefit collection. It's been so long since I've tried a product from Benefit, wait- that's right, I bought their Maybe Baby fragrance a few months ago and Looooooove it.
Recently I got to try a few new goodies from Benefit and I was not disappointed.

The Creaseless Cream Shadowliner is so soft, I might have mistaken it for a pot of lip gloss if I wasnt paying attention. Not only is it super silky but it doesn't clump up on the eyelids. It's so easy to apply- I used my pinky finger. You don't need to blend it in with fancy brushes, this is an easy product to get right. And it looks fantastic!

The Silky Finish Lipstick is exactly that- so silky. Glides on the lips offering a gorgeous sheer color but the more you put on, the darker it becomes. I use one swipe on the top and bottom lips and like the way it evenly coats my mouth. I can't even feel it on, it's so light! Im obsessed with the shade called Swoonderful.

The Sheer Cream Blusher is ideal for those of us who don't want to keep adding more and more makeup all day long as the color fades. With blushers, the strength of the color tends to go away as the day goes on. I cannot stand looking in the mirror and seeing a pale face when just an hour before, I applied my makeup. Here comes Sheer Cream Blusher to the rescue. It adds a nice rosy glow to your cheeks and it lasts especially when you top it off with a hint of blush or bronzer.

See what's new at Benefit here.


Kiss My Face Foot Scrub and Creme

Marilyn Monroe loved her feet so much that she wore strappy, barely- there sandals to show them off. But who wants to show off dirty, rough, peeling feet? Gross, but I've seen it. I've witnessed otherwise attractive women with feet that would scare small children. Kiss My Face to the rescue!

The slightly gritty but very pepperminty pumice and walnut shell Foot Scrub will buff and clean your feet, getting them sandal ready. I have a nice stiff brush to scrub my feet and really slough off the dead skin. Then apply a generous amount of the cooling peppermint foot creme. This product contains softening ingredients like cocoa, mango and shea butters to really leave your feet in tip- top condition.

Kiss My Face has a line of spa products such as the Hand Creme, Hand Lightener, Hand Alert and the Foot Scrub and Creme so you can look (and feel) your best at all times, throughout the year. And on hot days, the peppermint not only cools you off but gives your mood a boost too.
Did I say the peppermint is super refreshing? Ahhhh... it soothes hot, tired feet. Go to the Kiss My Face website to learn more.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007


What are you IN2? That's the premise for this recently launched scent from Calvin Klein. There's a site where you can find other like minded people who are in 2 the same things as U.

The scent for her is a mixture of pink grapefruit, bergamot, currant leaves, sugar orchid, white cactus, amber, vanilla souffle and red cedar. On me, I really smell the cedar and the amber. On others, the notes of vanilla are noticeable. I guess it depends on your body chemistry.

For him the scent is created from lime gin fizz, pomelo leaves, tangelo, cocoa, pimento, shiso leaves, cool musks, white cedar and ultra-vetiver. That's making me hungry!
You can find this hip new fragrance at department stores and fine shops.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bourjois Paris, part 1

Bourjois Lipstain Pen is a magic marker-like product that gives lips just a bit of a stain. I liked "drawing" on my lips. The pen will slightly darken your lips giving your mouth a flush of color. You dont need to top it off with a gloss but I did for extra shine. The beauty of stains is that your lips will hold the color for hours!

Bourjois did a very smart thing and included a mirror in the cap of this Stick Concealer! When you are on the go but need to cover up that red pimple, whip this baby out and fix it! Also use on dark circles and minor blemishes. I keep it in my purse for spot coverage. Check out the cute leopard print on the tube!

This past week, I had a pimple on my chin. I simply cannot leave anything on my face alone so I picked and pinched and squeezed until it was red, swollen and more noticable than if I had left it alone. Thankfully I had this Spot Correcting Pen to pinpoint the exact little problem area. This product also contains a drying agent to clear up those pimples. Yes, it did help! I have used a q-tip or small brush in the past to apply concealor to a tiny area but this pen works wonders on small spots.

If you are a gloss lover like I am, you must check out this water based gloss. Eau de Gloss. It is made up of 14% water, its very hydrating but it's got the slickest, neatest texture of a gloss that I have ever tried. It's....refreshing! Applied with the brush tip applicator and your lips instantly feel soothed and look shiny. This product is available in soft shades worthy of an Impressionist painting. Monet would approve!

When I was visiting Las Vegas a few weeks ago, I didn't care about anything other than hitting a Sephora and shopping while my husband gambled. Walking into a Sephora is always a near religious experience...angels appear, music swells and I am instantly filling with warmth and happiness. I feel like anything is possible!
My purchases that night included some lemon soap and a tube of Bourjois 3-D Gloss. I was attracted to the array of amazing colors and had a hard time deciding which to pick. Shiny and non tacky or sticky, these glosses give a hint of 3-D color- the three dimensional being shine, color and plumping. I choose number 35, by the way. The nude shades are so perfect for day or night. These glosses are on my top ten gloss list, the ones I keep close at hand or in my purse. LOVE them!

With my love of glosses, I rarely wear lipstick. But Docteur Glamour is pretty amazing, I'm not going to lie. I fell in love with no. 11, Rose Retabli. It's a peachy shade that slides onto the lips and gives moisture and hydration- so glosslike! It's not sticky as lipsticks can be. It's very soft, containing Karite Nut Butter and Mango Butter to keep your mouth looking kissable at all times.
I have more Bourjois reviews coming soon but for now, read through the Bourjois Paris website. I am quickly becoming a big fan of this brand and can't wait to write up more reviews on the goodies Ive been testing!