Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Coppers and Golds with MAC Rushmetal

MAC Rushmetal

This new MAC collection, Rushmetal, reminds me of a glorious fall day. Shades of reds, golds and rusts are as eye catching as the splendid New England foliage! It makes me long for hot chocolate and crisp air and apples and pumpkin pie. I love southern California but I sure miss the colors of the leaves changing in the north east.

Rushmetal has new shading brushes to apply the eye colors. MAC's tools are a professional quality with soft bristles that don't fall out. So well made, they stand the test of time after many applications of product and through multiple washings. No. 249 is the large shadow brush for broader areas and No. 239 is smaller.

Have you used MAC Pigments yet? They aren't for the faint of heart. For those who want to be BOLD! These are little pots of highly concentrated powdery colors and I warn you- a little goes a long way. The colors are Rushmetal- more copper than a penny, Copperized-olive green with gold tones, Quick Frost- pale neutral with subtle green undertones, Off The Radar- orange / gold, Gold Mode- frosty tannish gold, Coco Motion- gold-green shimmer, Revved Up- perfect color for dressing up and hitting the clubs- it's a glimmery shimmery rose. Must wear with false lashes with this one!

Sprinkle some pigment into nail polish, use it on your cheeks or lips- get creative with it. I imagine you can use a stencil and sprinkle some on it, remove the stencil and you have yourself a nifty tattoo for the day.

The Lipsticks are fabulous. MAC has every shade, hue, tint and color for every skin tone. The Rushmetal Collection features Thrills- rose/copper with a frost, Fast Lane- dark mauve with silver undertones, Frenzy- peachy bronze with a golden frost, Soft Lust is a tan color with pearly tones.

These new products are available at fine department stores and MAC pro shops or at the official MAC website.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Get glam with Too Faced!

You will feel like Paris and Nicole minus the jail time when you apply the Status Gloss! Listen to the names- Trophy Wife is a bright pink, Trust Fund Baby is a pale pink, Sugar Daddy is golden pink, Billionaire Boyfriend is copper, Champagne Wishes is bronze and Private Jet is a golden plum. Who thinks up these names? Brilliant I say!

These shiny glosses offer rich color, fabulous shine and smell like something tropical. Fire up the jet and let's head to Turks and Caicos!

At first glance, I was like "What? The color inside these little tubes is all the SAME!" But alas, I was so wrong. The Sparkler Glamour Glosses all offer extreme high shine with an iridescent shimmer, this is true. But each of them have their own hue. My favorite is Pink Bling, it's as if diamonds were crushed into your best pink lip gloss.

One of my most favorite brands EVER is Too Faced. I love the way everything associated with this brand is fun and fresh and hip. It's suitable for teens and girls in their thirties like myself.

This Wrinkle Injection is a super little tube of something special that works to fill in those deep and not-so-deep wrinkles. It fills fine lines with a light putty-type substance making wrinkles much less noticable immediately, leaving behind a satin finish.

You must head over to the Too Faced site and check out how adorable it is! Very user friendly and very glamorous.


GapBody Bath and Skin Collection

Perfectly purse sized, this little tube of Hand Cream promises to soften hands. For some reason, my hands are always dry, the nail beds always a little rough looking. I'm keeping this with me at all times for emergency applications which happen to be each time my hands are on the steering wheel in the car. I look down and ..ugh! I need to apply lotion stat. This one won't be far out of my reach.

All the Gap Bath and Skin products come in heavenly scents. The one I tried here is Night/Fall, a somewhat spicy amber.

The Body Cream contains shea butter and jojoba to soften every spare inch of your skin. I apply lots of lotion in the morning after my shower and at night to keep my body silky smooth and hydrated. I tested the scent called Island Hop, a pineapple-coconut hybrid that reminds me of a frosty drink on a white sandy beach.

The Body Lotion contains sunflower and hazel seed oil. It is a little lighter than the Body Cream and quickly absorbs leaving behind a light scent. Raincheck was the fragrance that I tested. Floral with a hint of "crushed green leaves," it's like the delicate aroma of a garden after a rain storm.

It's a hand lotion but I use it up and down my arms! This product contains cocoa seed butter to moisturize your hands (and feet if you desire). SugarSnap smells like flowers- a combination of pear flower and lotus, very feminine.
I'm excited to review these items from GapBody Bath and Skin Collection. All the products are simply packaged with almost old fashioned lettering on the labels. Colored ribbons indicate the scents. All the products contain healthy ingredients like shea and jojoba butters along with nourishing vitamins. There are also body scrubs, bath salts and bath oil. Of course these body products are what you would expect from the Gap- high quality, well made and lovely. Perfect with your summer/fall wardrobe. For more click here.


Ole Henriksen Natural Hair Hydrator

Ole Henriksen has some of the best products on the market and the Natural Hair Hydrator with Orchid Flower is as wonderful as it sounds. Used after shampooing, this lush hydrating product contains ingredients like sea kelp, kukui nut, awapuhi, plumeria and orchid. It smells like a flower from the Caribbean.

Creamy in texture, this hydrating product will make your hair feel soft, rinsing out completely without residue. Hair is left healthy and smelling delicious.


Friday, July 27, 2007

The downside of summer

During the summer it seems like I just step outside and start to sweat, I hate that! Ive been on the hunt for a really great deodorant that will stop sweat, wetness and all that pleasent stuff. I would resort to armpit botox if I could.

I tried the new Secret Clinical Strength and Certain Dri. These have to be two of the strongest products on the market. While both of them surely do their jobs- mask odor and fight wetness- the only thing I don't like is that you need to apply it at night which I often forget to do. I guess during the night the products work to shut down your sweat glands so that the next day, you are completely dry.

Ban Invisible Solid works like a charm. The Satin Breeze scent is nice and light, not overpowering. I have tried some deodorants that smell like men's aftershave. Sorry but I don't want to smell like Old Spice. Ban boasts 24 hours of unstoppable freshness! I have been using this for about a week or so and like it. We have a winner! It even works through my 1.5 hour workouts and a day at the beach.

These products can all be found at your local drugstore.

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Olivia Garden

When I attended Melanie Segal's Platinum Publicity event a while ago, I had the opportunity to meet a lovely lady named Anne who was the vp of sales and marketing for this company called Olivia Garden. She had several neat looking brushes and told me all about the features of the brushes. Now hair brushes are not something I think of a whole lot. But if a brush will help me straighten my frizzy locks or encourage hair growth, then I am intensely interested.

I recently got to try out these brushes on my very own head of hair. The Ionic Massage Hair Brush is not only pretty to look at, it's made from bamboo and does things like massage the scalp, activate blood cell circulation and promote healthy hair. It feels really good to give hair a thorough brushing. The brush is high quality and I love it. Yes, I love a hair brush.

The other brush I tried was this enormous round brush, a Ceramic and Ion Thermal Brush. What is amazing to me is that by using the brush and my very good hair dryer, I am able to combat the frizz and wave in my hair and end up with straight locks that curl under and appear to be healthy. This brush would work on anyone. I find that it dries my hair faster- is that possible? I use the brush to roll my hair under and blow dry in sections. Easy! When Im all done I put some anti-frizz lotion on my hair and I am good to go.

You can read more on the Olivia Garden website. They have brushes and tools and accessories so be sure to check it out!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Face Atelier

Face Atelier is a hip line of makeup that I didn't know about until recently. The brand encourages women to embrace their own unique beauty by using these outstanding products. Everything is clean and modern and the products are a high quality.

I had the opportunity to test the Ultra Foundation which boasts the ability to fill in tiny pores and wrinkles and will last all day. The foundation comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser. You don't need very much to cover your face but you do need to blend well. It's a good coverage for me, meaning that it's more sheer than opaque. Yes it does last a long time without sliding off. Also, you can add some Zero Plus to go a shade darker, or Zero Minus to lighten, enabling you to create your own perfect shade.

Lip Glaze comes in a tube with a slanted applicator so it glides along your lips. It has a nice light texture, not sticky or thick. It doesn't carry a scent if that's important to you. I tried a shimmery pink color called Flamingo. Since I love pink lip gloss, this is a color I'm going to carry with me everywhere.

The Lipstick comes in twenty seven shades so you can surely find what you like! Face Atelier makes it very easy to find a fabulous color, grouping their shades together. Since I always head towards the pinks, I tried a frosty hue called Candy Floss. There is nothing to complain about here, the lipstick is a nice creamy texture and comes in a sleek black tube. Id like to try one of the corals from the Sea to It collection.

Finally, I have been using the Lash Rx before I go to bed at night. This product combines vitamins and anti-oxidants to nourish your lashes. I have a theory that children have thick lush eyelashes because they haven't used mascara yet. Once you begin using mascara, eyelashes dry out. Why not nourish lashes like you do your hair? Lash Rx can be applied at night time or before you start applying mascara. It's creamy, neither runny nor thick and doesn't irritate my eyes.

I am happy to have learned about Face Atelier! I'd love to check out the eye shadows next as well as the tools. Their website is super easy to navigate and fun to look at, click here for more information.


Monday, July 16, 2007

More DHC goodness

DHC Retino A Essence

Olive Virgin Oil Swabs

SunCut Q10

A while back I had the opportunity to test and review DHC products. I was impressed! They are a direct mail skin care company with lots and lots of great products. Everytime I browse the site, I see more things I want and need.

I recently tried the Sun Cut Q10 spf 30. There is one with a hint of shimmer and one without. Both have a light creamy texture which absorbs easily leaving your skin feeling super soft. I would suggest this for the face, neck and chest. I am usually very nervous about putting sunscreen on my face because I don't want an oily t-zone, but this one is truly ideal.

The Olive Virgin Oil Cotton Swabs are indivually wrapped swabs that you must keep on your bathroom counter, vanity or where ever it is that you apply makeup. You know how sometimes mascara ends up on your eye lids or eyeliner smudges? Simply run one of these gentle swabs over the area and you are immediately perfect. Use these to moisturize cuticles on fingers and toes, clean up makeup mistakes. I hear Oprah Winfrey loves these portable swabs. And if it's good enough for Miss O, then it's good for all of us, right?

The Retino A Essence is a light cream that will brighten skin and improve fine lines and wrinkles. It contains Vitamin A and E and is ideal to use at night while skin repairs itself. I have read many times to use this type of product to ward off wrinkles. I am doing what I can! The Retino A Essence is easily absorbed into the skin, it's not heavy or thick which I like.

Hair Brushing Foam is a nifty product. It comes out like mousse and contains ingredients like virgin olive oil, olive leaf extract, and sea collagen from the Aegean Sea to pamper each strand of hair on your head. I have that frizzy kind of hair that needs to be tamed into being sleek and shiny plus I am prone to split, dry ends. Using the Hair Brushing Foam on the very ends of my hair before I blow dry seems to disguise my crispy locks into appearing healthy.

DHC offers skin care, makeup, hair care, baby products, fragrance and more. Check out the site here.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Make Up For Ever

I'm obsessed with Make Up For Ever's Aqua Eyes eyeliner. You can sweat, cry, swim, line the inside rims of your eyes and it will stay put. The color is really intense which makes this product a winner. It's got a super soft texture so it glides on effortlessly.

The Aqua Essential Waterproof Eye Set has everything you need for a day at the pool or beach including clump free mascara, water proof makeup remover (which is ideal since I can never remove waterproof mascara without taking off eyelashes), a bright turquoise eyeliner, an eye seal to keep the products from disappearing/smudging and an amazing liquid liner that allows you to get as close to the lash line as possible.

Make Up For Ever's lipsticks have a creamy texture, are long wearing and offer bright color. I tried no. 203 which is an intense hot pink color and 213 which is a more subdued mocha-pink shade. The Super Glosses have a nice feel to them, not too sticky and not at all goopy or thick. The combination of the lipstick with gloss over it makes your mouth look very polished!

Hold on because you are going to be amazed at the pigment in the Diamond Powder! I couldn't believe how vibrant the color was. Glittery, shimmery and bright! Using this will definitely get you noticed! Use it wet or dry for a POP of color.

The Corrective Make Up Base has an Spf 18 in it so right away you know that wearing this will help protect your skin- which you should be doing every single day, all year. This product absorbs quickly into the skin- I find that you only need about a dime size to cover the face. There are different shades depending what you need- lightens, brightens, tones- but the idea is the same with each product: the Corrective Make Up Base will even out the skin and make it look smooth and prepare for makeup application.

To learn more about this brand, click here. This brand has so many cool things to check out!

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Fit Flops

Here is the Fit Flop, a new way to work your legs. These muscle building sandals will tone your legs with every step you take. These shoes have been featured on Good Morning America, The New York Times Style Section, NY Daily News. Fit Flops are all the rage! They are sporty looking so you can wear them with cute shorts and a tee shirt.
The Fit Flops are $45 at Bliss.com and I am very close to buying my own pair. I'd love to put a little spring in my step! I'll pretty much buy anything that promises thinner thighs and sexier legs! Pre-order here.

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Pajama Party!

It's the World's Largest PJ Party with Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. Anyone can attend and all you need to do is download your ticket!

If you are in Chicago then grab your fuzzy bunny slippers or marabou trimmed mules and head on over tomorrow night. Details here.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Stila, Mandarin Mist

I absolutely love the illustrations that Stila has on their website. Always soft, flirty and pretty, the drawings are as neat as the makeup! The artist really captures the vibe of the cosmetics, I love it!

Stila is now introducing their Mandarin Mist collection. They have a Cheek Duo which is side by side color that blends together giving your cheeks a soft and shimmery glow in shades of peach and pink. The Eye Shadow Trio features three bands of delicious color. I tested Warm- peach, rose and brown and Cool- pink, taupe and brown. These soft pearly shades make your eyes come alive! You can blend and apply these colors how ever you want along the lash line, crease and brow. I think the eye colors might be used on cheeks if you are feeling slightly daring!

The Mandarin Mist fragrance is a sweet confection- a light citrusy scent. The small bottle is etched with blossoms and looks so feminine on my dresser and smells lovely.

I try the Lip Glaze but I know from experience that Stila's Lip Glazes are awesome, packing some serious shine and they usually feature a yummy essence. You can read more here.

I always look forward to seeing what Stila come out with next!

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Bobbi Brown Sun Kissed Face Palette

Here it is, all that you need for your summer face in one sleek, mirrored compact. I've been looking forward to trying Bobbi Brown's products for years. I remember being a teenager and hearing all about this great new line with lots of nude colors. It was Bobbi Brown and she is still going strong with naturally gorgeous shades.

This Sun Kissed Face Palette offers two lip colors with an spf 15-a shimmery bronze and a pink, along with a brown blush and two brown eye shadows. The dark chocolate shade can be applied with a fine brush along your lash line as an eyeliner. These are beautiful summery shades for a natural look. You know when you come home from a day at the beach and you have that sunny glow? Now the look can be yours every day, beach or not!



You know that pomegranate's are loaded with powerful anti-oxidants and health experts urge us to drink pomegranate juice for a variety of reasons. Murad has developed some fabulous products incorporating the benefits of the pomegranate. The Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser is a lightly scented foaming cleanser that leaves your face fresh and clean. This product contains Energizing Pomegranate Complex. What's that, you ask? It is "vitalizing blend of artemia to help stimulate healthy cell function and pomegranate antioxidants to help defend skin." I keep this cleanser by my sink and wash off my makeup at the end of the day with it.

The Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer SPF 15 is a lightweight lotion that offers broad spectrum spf protection. This contains zinc and copper and your skin will drink it in. I love using it after I wash my face with the cleanser.

Energizing Pomegranate Lip Therapy contains an Spf 15 to protect your lips from that hot summer sun. Perfect to toss in your bag if you go to beach for a day! This Lip Therapy is made with one of my favorite ingredients, shea butter, as well as jojoba esters to condition your lips.

I was pleased with the three products I tested from Murad. This is a brand that I see featured in magazines all the time and am so happy to test the cleanser, moisturizer and lip therapy. I am especially interested in trying the eye creams and treatments. For more information, check out the comprehensive Murad website.

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Eve Chat with MAC

Recently singer Eve spoke to MAC in an exclusive chat! Click here to read the scoop where Eve and her makeup artist JJ talk about skin, makeup, MAC C Shock and more.

I was happy to see my fellow beauty blogger All Lacquered Up asking a question too.

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