Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Davines hair care

Nature is the muse of the Davines line of hair care coming to you from Parma, Italy. This lovely line of hair care features natural, high quality ingredients as well as the best of technology. The result is supreme shampoos and conditioners.
The Davines Essential hair care line has six different formulas depending on your hairs needs. My hair tends to be weak, brittle, dry, overprocessed, frizzy, limp and thin. For fine, stressed hair there is the Dede/ Conditioner, a leave in mist with grape extract. I use this on my own hair as well as my daughter's. Her hair gets really tangled and this product helps soften those twisty strands.
Dede/Shampoo with carrot extract is for that fine, damaged hair. It smells heavenly and produces a nice amount of suds, rinsing out completely.
Momo/Fluid is another leave- in product. This one I was using on the very ends of my hair. It's an anti-frizz product containing grapefruit seed extract. You just put a little in your palms and smooth through the ends to help tame the frizz.
Momo/Creme is a moisturizing anti-aging daily cream with walnut extract for dry and dehydrated hair. Its a tube of goodness. that protects your hair from environmental damage like the strong rays of the sun. You apply Momo/Creme to your dry hair. Think of it as the last step in coif maintenence. When you have been styled and sprayed, run a little of this thru your hair. There is also the Nounou line and the LOVE line of products
It was fun learning about this line and testing the lovely Davines products. You must visit the website, it's beautiful!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

SuperSmile Toothbrush

Kelly and I have so much in common, we could be BFF!

I'm totally serious when I tell you that every time I go to the dentist which is a respectable twice a year, he asks me if I have had my teeth whitened. I answer, "No...I use SuperSmile!"

I've reviewed the SuperSmile products before with enthusiastic praise. The single dose mouthwash rocks, the toothpaste keeps my pearly whites bright, the liquid mouthwash is delicious and not too overpowering, the whitening gum is not too minty or gritty. I am very intrigued with the tongue scraper. I love everything and more importantly it works. My friend Catherine uses it and her teeth are super white and Kelly Ripa is a fan - check out her choppers!

Now I have a lovely Lucite handled toothbrush to add to my SuperSmile collection. Yes it looks pretty (mine is pink) but it also has an ergonomically correct handle and a 45 degree angle to reach all those places in your mouth where plaque can hide. The bristles are lush yet firm. Who knew I could get excited over a toothbrush?

Check out the SuperSmile website and tell Dr. Irwin Smigel that Hello Dollface sent you!

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Benefit's That Gal

Benefit's That Gal is a skin brightener which can be used under your makeup for an extra glow. This light pink cream can be lightly applied anywhere you want a little radiance.
Here's what I do: after I apply my primer/sunscreen, I dot this on my cheeks and then apply my foundation. I love the way it smooths out my skintone and makes me look vibrant and healthy and young. Thats most important. The older I get, the younger I want to look!
And here's some information for all of you girls who think they have what it takes to be "That Gal":

Benefit has teamed up with Extra, Sephora, Lucky and the William Morris Talent Agency to hold a nation wide search to find "That Gal." The prizes include: A guest hosting spot on Extra, an audition for talent representation with The William Morris Talent Agency, photo in Lucky Magazine and on and a year supply of Benefit makeup!

Remember, if you aren't near an audition event location, you can always go to to submit an audition video!

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

MAC Blue Storm

One of the things I miss about New Jersey is a good old fashioned thunderstorm. Seriously, out here in Southern California, a storm is as unlikely as seeing pale skin and bad teeth. Whenever the gray clouds gather and the sky darkens, I hold my breath waiting for a good cleansing downpour but it never happens. The closet I can come to a nice big storm is by wearing the new MAC Storm Collection.

Sometimes MAC offers up colors that are a wee bit eccentric for every day wear. However, with these moody blues and grays, there isn't one product in the collection I couldn't see myself wearing to Fred Segal, to the spa, to my personal yoga instructor, to a movie premiere or shopping on Robertson Blvd, you know- my everyday activities, hardy har har.

A while back I was addicted to MAC's eyeliners. The colors are so fabulous and they wear well. I had about four, maybe five, perhaps it was six. MAC was the only brand that made a deep rich brown without reddish tones. I wore my eyeliners down to nubs. Here are some new Kohl pencils to line your eyes. Dramatic Feline is an onyx black- very deep, lush and rich. Mystery is black with a hint of deep green, so gorgeous.

The Lipglass shades must have been created with me in mind. Ha! The colors are right up my alley. Atmospheric is a purple shade with frosty gold thru it. To decrease the purplish tone, I mix the lipglass with Lightening which is a luscious white sparkle on it's own. Combined with Atmospheric, it produces a flattering shade which is a departure from my normal pale pink. Lull is a soft shade, a light lilac frost that is so perfect for my days lounging poolside sipping mojitos.

I had a feeling that navy blue was going to be a huge color for fall. I don't know what it was...just a hunch. I was looking everywhere for a cool navy blue purse and a deep dark blue nail polish. I bought the purse and shortly after, here comes along Whirlwind, a dark blue nail polish that has subtle tones of green. It's hip, it's now, it's a must have. I have it on my finger and toenails and have gotten many compliments. Rainy Day is a silvery gray with a slightly lilac frost to it. These are shades that are different and funky but not weird. Pack away the reds and pinks and corals of summer and test these shades out. Personally, I love a very short nail in a dark color any time of the year but fall in particular.

The eyeshadows remind me of Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. The blues, the grays swirled together. You could probably create some fine art with these shades. There is Blue Storm- a royal blue, Stormwatch- dark teal, Thunder- dark blue with purple frost, Cumulus- gray with an icy hue to it, Cloudburst- black with a hint of blue pearl.

Zoom Lash mascara in Rich Black is also part of this collection. I love it- for only $11, it's a terrific mascara. Top off that extraordinary eye shadow with some fluttery lashes!

Gosh, I do love makeup! Is there a 12 step program for me?


Friday, August 24, 2007

Amy Winehouse style, lots of eyeliner and a beehive coif

Amy Winehouse is one of the hottest singers around. That deep, sultry voice, the gravity- defying beehive hair, the tattoos, the crack addiction...
She has a style all her own. Its an "I don't care" attitude; sloppy clothes coupled with dirty ballet flats and always lots of eyeliner. If I went out of the house like that, my friends would stage an intervention.
I found the above photo of Amy and I think she looks great here. The thickly lined eyes, the soft peach cheeks and pink lipstick, it's working for her. But I can't get over the hair and wonder if its a hairpiece, a thickly coiled wig or extentions.
I do admire the style of those girls- Sienna and Kate and Amy who go out of the house looking like they fell asleep in yesterday's clothes and still manage to look chic and breezy if not rumpled. See, when you have your makeup in place you can get away with almost anything!

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Yves St. Laurent, The Naturals

Yves St. Laurent The Naturals Collection

I can't begin to tell you how much I like light colors on my lips. Anything dark...nah, I look like a vampire- not a good look. It's the pale beiges and light pinks and neutral honeys that work well with my complexion and hair. Yves St. Laurent offers four wonderful lipsticks, all natural shades that flatter the skin.

The Naturals Sheer Lipstick are available in No. 24 Natural Pink, No.25 Natural Brown, No. 26 Natural Beige and No. 27 Natural Honey. The lipstick itself is high quality with all the right texture, consistency and packaging. Push the gold top down to reveal the lipstick. It smells lightly of roses and is super soft on the lips. I feel like a glamorous starlet when I whip out the tube and apply it!

The Naturals Collection also includes Longlasting Eye Shadow and of course everyone's favorite, Touche Eclate. And I feel obligated to advise you, my fellow cosmetic junkies, that Yves St. Laurent makes one of the very best mascaras around, Everlong Lengthening Mascara.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

For the man in your life...

I am all for people taking care of themselves and living well. There is a lot of attention given to breast cancer- rightfully so. I don't hear a whole lot about other cancers. But here is Anthony Logistics for Men, they have created a limited edition product to help fight prostate cancer.

"Anthony Logistics for Men is excited to introduce a limited edition super-sized (32 oz) Sea Salt Body Scrub created to support the fight against Prostate Cancer. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City for Prostate Cancer Research program.

The 32 oz pump is adorned with the fight against Prostate Cancer’s Blue Ribbon, further highlighting Anthony Logistics for Men’s support and involvement with Prostate Cancer Research. It is available at"

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Urban Decay

I loved Cameron Diaz's look here. The messy hair, the gown, the makeup. I wonder if her eyeshadow is Urban Decay?

I used that Urban Decay Surreal Skin Universal Mineral Powder yesterday and was surprised how it evened out my skin tone and kept it shine free all day. I know lots of you are fans of mineral powder but for me, it usually doesn't work so well. There are very few mineral powders that I like. This is one that I will use again. The yellow shade makes my complexion look perfect, taking out any redness or discoloration.

This product contains Titanium Dioxide which filter harmless rays from the sun. And you know by now how the sun damages skin! This little pot features a built in applicator so you dont have to worry about getting loose powder everywhere. Its genius!

The Urban Decay Eyeshadows come in many colors. Rich in color, the eyeshadow is a nice consistency, blending well with other shades. Its ideal. I love the bottle cap-type top. Flipside was the color I tested, a vibrant bluish-green with a hint or irridescence. I did Amy Winehouse makeup today- thick black eye liner on the upper lid and a bit of vivid Flipside for maximum impact!

You can find more Urban Decay items online at Urban Decay or at Sephora, the greatest place in the whole world besides Nordstrom!

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LORAC Glam Rocks

I'm a fan of anything sparkly especially something that has the name "Glam" in it. Glam Rocks is a funky eye- catching shadow that let's you experience a rock star/super model kind of look.

LORAC's Glam Rocks are little bottles of highly pigmented, very shimmery eye shadows. Metallic and sexy, you can wear these loose powders for a night out on the town or if you are a glam girl like myself, wear them day to day.

I love the way LORAC founder Carol Shaw took her first name, spelled it backwards and boom! Instant brand name. YDNIC doesn't really have the same oomph, does it? I guess I'll just stick with Cindy.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Get that So Cal Glow!

The end of summer is almost here. YAY! I love the colder weather and colder weather in Southern California is a chilly seventy degrees. But just because luxurious days lounging at the beach are over, it doesn't have to mean the end of your bronzed glow. Hard Candy has this enormous pan of mineral bronzer so you can keep looking sun kissed all year long! The bronzer contains jojoba and vitamin E along with aloe so you are doing your skin a favor while you look super fine.

Featuring an adorable map of California hot spots on the front of the compact, SoCal Glow contains a large mirror inside along with that great bronzer which carries the summer scent of coconut! Delicious in so many ways.

The glow doesn't stop there. The Sweet Spot tubes by Hard Candy are moisturizing lip glosses which also smell divine. I want to sniff these tubes all day long. Aromatherapy! The new shade of Bohemian is lightly scented with a citrusy orange essence and the color gives your lips a gold tint. Sweet Spot glosses are never sticky and always offer lots of shine which is why I have a tube in each of my purses.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Foot Petals

Foot Petals

Last year I bought a pair of gray peep toe wedges. I wasn't looking for new shoes but these lovely shoes caught my eye and I couldn't say no. Who can resist darling shoes? Not I.
I figured these shoes would look cute with skirts, dresses and pants. I couldn't afford NOT to buy them.
Excited to wear them, I stepped out in my new purchase only to find that not only did my feet slide forward, giving me the dreaded toe overhang, but they fell off the back of my heel like a clog. What's a girl to do?
While shopping at Ross, I found a pair of Roxy sneakers, cute brown shoes with a strap. Darling! How could I leave them behind for someone else to snatch up at only $16.99? I bought them, wore them, and suffered a painful blister because of that strap! Chaffing, how can I make it better?
It's FOOT PETALS to the rescue! Killer Kushionz are the full insoles that are simply placed inside your shoe for maximum comfort. These stop your feet from sliding forward in your shoes. They help to reduce back pain and help keep feet cool and dry.
For the rubbing, chaffing, blistering, I used the Tip Toes, designed for the ball of the foot. They cushion where you need it making the most uncomfortable but irristable shoes more foot friendly!
Haute Heelz comes to the rescue of those sky high stilettos that we love because our legs look long and lean, but our feet kill us! Place them inside the toe of the shoe to protect your pedicure, put them anywhere on the insole for cushion and comfort.
Now we can wear our impractical but pretty shoes and have our feet be in tip- top shape. You must check out the website for more products and information. I'm being tempted by the
Socklettes as well as the Spalux slippers!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Luscious and heavenly- Diana B.

I pride myself on knowing the latest and greatest products on the market. So when I saw Diana B. scrub, bath gel and lotion I wondered why had I not heard of this brand before, hmmmm?

Today I bring to you products that smell so divine, you are going to be longing for your bath or shower just so you can use these luxurybath products. Sumptious Black Fig Bath Gel has a spicy, fragrant scent and contains seaweed and chamomile.

The Green Tea Grapefruit Sugar Scrub is something that my seven year old daughter couldn't keep her hands out of. She eagerly opened my jar and stuck her hands into the sugar infused scrub. It looks like honey but isnt sticky at all. The scrub washes off and leaves skin super soft and smelling luscious.

Check this out, Maple Sugar Lychee Nut Body Lotion and yes, it smells as incredible as you might imagine. Is it wrong that I go around putting lotion on my kids so that I may sniff them? Instant aromatherapy. This product contains marine oil, aloe vera and sugar extracts.

Diana B. has traveled around the world and has put much thought into these good-for-you products that she has created. Good for the mind and the body, I love it. Learn more here.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MAC Lipglass Pencil

I used to use MAC Lip Pencil in Spice along with every other cosmetics obsessed diva. Then along came the Lipglass Pencil and I am reformed. This is the softest, most luxurious pencil you will find for your lips. This Lipglass Pencil is the ideal product to work hand in hand with the MAC Lipglass. I like the texture, the look and the shine of this pencil.

"What's the difference between regular lip pencils and the Lipglass Pencil?" you might ask. Well, the Lipglass Pencil is ultra smooth. It can be used to line lips and fill them in, then top with a Lipglass of your choice for high shine and lots of glamour. Using the pencil along with the Lipglass gives your mouth a very polished look. Not to mention the shine of the products make your lips appear Angelina Jolie-like.

The colors are all flirty and feminine. I like the neutral shades but there are a few shades for the girls who like the darker hues. click here for more!


Friday, August 10, 2007

Rimmel Light Beam Lip Gloss

Rimmel Light Beam Lipgloss is pretty nifty. If you ever find yourself in dire need of lip gloss application in places like a movie theater, tunnel, a barrel, a closet or in a car at night, here is your product. With a delicious scent and a glossy texture, this lip gloss will delight and fascinate all at once.

The gloss features a small mirror as well as a bright light so you can look at your lips while you apply the product! In all seriousness, I apply my lip gloss all the time and even whipped it out during a showing of the Bourne Ultimatum.

You can buy this lovely product at I know Rimmel is carried at Target and WalMart too. This is a great little gift item for the makeup loving diva in your life!


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

If Marilyn Monroe were alive today, you know she would love MAC makeup. She'd dabble in the dramatic colors keeping her lips shiny and red and her eyes smudged and dark.

MAC brings us new products, Painterly and Lipglass 3-D. Let's start with Painterly. These paint pots are made with Carnuba Butter and Thixcin wax. What does that mean for you and I? Well, the product sails on to lids and stays fresh and matte for hours. It's very creamy. I tried using the darker colors as an eyeliner and it worked like a charm. Applied with an angled brush close to the lash line, it worked as well as any eyeliner. I used the lighter colors as they are meant to be, as eyeshadow. No creasing, no color changes. Looooove it!

Painterly offers many, many colors (I'm partial to Blackground) in both creams and frosts. Sometimes you're in a creamy mood and other times, it's all about the frost.

MAC 3-D Glass is going to make your lips ultra glam with a swipe of the wand. It offers resplendent shine which looks multi-dimensional when the light hits your lips. There are some fabulous colors in this collection. Vitamins A, C & E nourish your lips while you get non-sticky shine and vibrant color. Shades range from a pale pink (Lightswitch) to a pinky red combo (In 3D) to hot pink (Racy) to caramel (Optical) to va va voom red (Boundless). Looking for neutral colors? Try Energy, Synched Up or a gold infused Backlit. There are also Lipglass pencils to give your pout a finished look.

Is it so wrong to love every single color? Is it wrong to leave the house every day with no less than three of these in my purse?


The latest and greatest from POP Beauty

The little ribbon gloss is so tasty and delicious plus has glorious color and high shine, I know you will adore it! There are four colors in the Mini Ribbon Gloss collection- poppy red, honeysuckle bronze, pink ribbons and daisy glow. Because I am such a pink addict, I can't get enough of the daisy glow which features bands of peach, nude and pink. I apply it all together for a soft pink glaze on my lips. The glosses are made with jojoba oil which keeps lips moisturized and ultra kissable.

The Glow and Highlighter Pressed Radiance Powder offer five shades of color which, added together and applied on your cheeks, will give your skin a glow. The beauty of this product is that you can use it on your eyelids too. Mineral Powder is all the rage these days so if you are one of millions of glamour girls who love minerals, this powder is a must for your beauty collection.

POP Beauty is so much fun and their products are so cute and whimsical. They offer either a subtle sparkle or glow and are very girly and sweet. For more information or to see more products, please click here.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

New from Tarte!

You are going to enjoy the Ready to Wear Dual Look palette. I didnt realize there were 2 palettes in one kit at first! Then I started playing with it and surprise! A bunch of other colors to experiment with!

Get your New York face with the lighter colors then vamp it up a little with the darker Paris shades. This nifty faux alligator skin kit includes the best mascara: Lights-Camera-Lashes, six total eyeshadows in gold, olive, moss, pink, lilac, and violet), two blushes (peach and dark pink), four lip glosses (pink, pinky- nude, natural, burgundy), an eye shadow brush, an eyeliner brush, and small Rest Assured eyeliner.

Another Tarte goody is the EmphasEYES High Definition Eye Pencil. This super skinny eye pencil has a creamy texture and it can get up close to the lash line to really define eyes! I've been known to commit the sin of lining my inner eyelids and this one is ideal to draw a thin line.

Natural Cheek Beauty Stain gives cheeks a subtle flushed color. The cheek stains are a gel that blends beautifully into skin and leaves behind a long lasting pop of cheek color. When I'm going for a natural look but don't want to be too pale, I use the cheek stain for a hint of pink.

Inside Out Vitamin Lip Stick, comes with delicious Borba beauty crystals to add to your water. Have you tried the Borba crystals? They are sooo yummy and adds a nice flavor to otherwise plain water. I love the textured tube of this lipstick. Actually, it's more like a gloss with the slick center containing Acai, green tea, Lychee extract, and Vitamin C. to nourish lips. I tested Zen which was a mauve-ish shade on my lips.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Jelly Pong Pong

Let's take a look...

at a brand called...

Jelly Pong Pong!

Where oh where did that funky, unique name come from? Jelly Pong Pong- I love it! This is a fun product line that you must check out. I first heard about it on Meg's Makeup and my interest was piqued. I had the chance to test some of the products and yes, I enjoyed everything. The packaging is super cute with little illustrations and quotes. The quality of the items is great and there was nothing I didn't like.

The Magical Pearls look like little scoops of bronzed caviar! Tiny spheres of color to roll a brush over for cheeks or crush it for eyeshadow. I adore the neat hexagonal shape of the box and the color!

Supermodel Stain. I tested Giggle and Pop, a medium pink-peach shade that looks surprisingly good on cheeks and lips! This comes in a tiny mirrored compact which takes up no room at all in your purse or pocket.

Chic Shine for lips and cheeks, The I'm In Love compact features two colors , a glossy shimmery red and a muted mauve. These smell yummy. The tiny square can slip into a pocket for a night on the town. When I used to go out dancing, I hated carrying a cumbersome purse. I wish I had one of these at the time. I would have been purse free and still looking good.

Raspberry Parfait, the intoxicating smell brings me back to being a child and eating raspberry sherbet. This dark pink color offers high shine and a glossy finish.

How can you not love a product with the name Shoe Palette? Bronze eyeshadow with a shiny, lightly frosted lip gelee in one nifty compact, this one is called Vertigo Stiletto.

Teint Sublime, I tried a lovely pink shade named "Purple". The tint is supposed to neutralize sallow skin. It looks very pink but it blends in so nicely, the whipped texture melts into skin and makes my dull eye area look smooth and bright. Takes years off! Suddenly I'm twenty six again!

If you are looking for neat brand to try out, head over to Jelly Pong Pong!


Take yourself to a new galaxy...with MAC Flashtronic

MAC Flashtronic

The Flashtronic collection reminds me of distant planets and stars, floating and spinning in the galaxy. Flashtronic is shimmery, starry nights and glimmery, colorful oceans in mysterious places we dream about.

The Mineralize Skinfinish features large round pans of color, the soft texture can be worn on eyes, cheeks and chest. Hey, this is MAC we're talking about, you can wear the color anywhere you please! All the Mineralize Skinfinishes offer a luscious pearl shimmer. There is Global Glow, a brownish gold. Gold Spill blends peaches, tans and gold. Northern Light is made up of brown hues and shades of rose.

The Mineralize Eye Shadows have the same soft hazy stripes of color as the Skinfinish. Quarry is a sky blue spun with olive bronze and gold. Lovestone is a deep pink, threaded with gold. By Jupiter offers pale browns and beiges. Tectonic's shades are green-yellow with golds and browns. Mercurial is light purple with bronze and gold. You can mix and match and play around with these colors. They are almost too pretty to use. Almost.

I have found my perfect Lipglass color and it's called Perfectly Pink. The color is seriously ideal, not too dark or light, a mid-tone pink with lots of shine. Flashtronic is a bronzed confection containing a gold sparkle. Young Spark is similiar to Perfectly Pink but with hints of gold. Electro Lush is a blue toned raspberry pink shade, very dramatic and it makes your teeth look super white.

Go to MAC for prices and information. You have to see this collection in person. It's stunning!