Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Introducing...Josie Maran Cosmetics!

I'm sure you recognize the name Josie Maran. This gorgeous cover girl has been on the pages of every top magazine and has been the face of Maybelline Cosmetics for years. Being a model has afforded her the opportunity to try out many brands of cosmetics as well as pick up a few tricks and tips from makeup artists. So what's a cover girl to do when she's involved in environmental issues, has lots of knowledge about beauty, is living naturally and is a mother who is concerned for future generations? Create a cosmetics line, of course!

Josie Maran Cosmetics isn't just any brand of makeup... this is a line that is very environmentally friendly and luxurious. Josie's makeup is " organic and nontoxic" and made using gentle ingredients. I wonder if she wore her own makeup on Dancing with the Stars?

I'm lucky to have been able to try a couple of pieces from this line. I especially love the light metallic pink packaging and coordinating colors of her website. Everything is earth friendly and designed to be as natural as possible. When I think of natural cosmetics, I envision berry stains, eyeliner made from burnt twigs and mud masks. Behold! Josie's line offers none of that.
The cream blush I tried was not too dark which is often the case with the cream blushes I've used in the past. I tried the shade Sunset which is a pale pink, housed in a round compact with a mirror. I really like the soft color as well as the velvety texture. I dab it on my lips for a light carnation pink shade.

I tested the concealer which I lightly dotted around my eyes and blended well, the result was a brighter look around my tired eyes. This product blended nicely and again has that velvet texture that I like so much. I have tried many concealers which turn yellow on the skin but this one didn't, the color remained true well after I applied it.

Last, I tested two lipsticks. One is called Flirtatious, a pinky-rose and the other is Precocious, a pearly rose. The lipsticks have a lovely consistency with no scent at all. Actually none of the products carry even the lightest scent which is good news to those of you who don't like their cosmetics smelling like perfumes.

I'm pleased with this all natural line and believe it to be if not hypoallergenic, at least very gentle to the skin. I am anxious to see some other products from the line, especially my favorite item- lip gloss. I urge you to visit Josie's website and check out the products when they are available this week.

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Get soft all over with Pink Potion!

I've long been a fan of the delicious, luscious Jaqua products. My newest favorite is the entire Pink Potion collection. The light floral scent is a combination of white flowers and amber. It's a very feminine smell but don't think its too sweet - it's not. It's just right.

I've been using the Shower Creme every day. I use one of these big shower puffs and the gel lathers up nicely, rinsing off without a residue, only subtle fragrance remains. The cream contains fruit and aloe extracts, macadamia, kukui and evening primrose oil and vitamins B5, A and E.

Then I apply the Pink Potion Luscious Lotion, which features a blend of kiwi, mango and aloe extracts. This is magically hydrating lotion absorbs nicely into my skin especially when I use it immediately following my shower when my skin is damp. The "experts" always say to use your body lotion on slightly damp skin to promote ultimate hydration.

Jaqua doesn't stop there with Pink Potion- there's more! A heavenly Pink Potion Cocoa Body Butter with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and jasmine extract will make your skin feel like silk. I always love the way body butter make my skin super soft.

I have to throw the Pink Potion Hand Lotion into my purse so I can use it all day long when I'm on the go. The hand lotion includes yummy ingredients for ultimate suppleness: meadowfoam seed oil, fruit extracts and vitamins A and E.

With all the wonderful goodies Jaqua puts into their products, is it any wonder that this brand is consistently mentioned in magazines? Go to Jaqua Beauty to check out all their other fabulous products and be sure to try Pink Potion. Pink Champagne is another favorite of mine but there is something for everyone. I promise you will get compliments when you wear the Buttercream Frosting. Someone once followed me around a shop because according to him, I "just smelled so good!"

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Darphin Jasmine Aromatic Care

Ive always been intrigued with French style and beauty. Ahhh, I dream that I live in a neat little apartment cluttered with house plants and antiques with a view of the Eiffel Tower. I would have incredible skin although I probably would smoke cigarettes at sidewalk cafes while sipping strong coffee every single day. But my skin would be fabulous because I used Darphin!

Darphin has created this lovely oil called Jasmine Aromatic Care that gives my face a glow. A few drops after I apply my nightly moisturizer is all I need. I wake up looking fresh faced instead of weary, my cheeks feel softer too. I also apply just a bit to my neck and chest area and my skin literally drinks it in.

This product smells divine, not overly floral. After you apply it, the scent becomes almost undetectable yet every so often you get a slight whiff of the clean, light smell.

The Jasmine Aromatic Care contains jasmine essential wax, rosewood and orange essential oils, raspberry pip, muscat oils, and avocado extract.

Not to mention the bottle looks very French and classy sitting on my bathroom counter! You can go over to and read up on more Darphin products. I've got my eye on the Predermine Replenishing Anti-Wrinkle Cream! Click here for more information about Darphin and eluxury.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

NARS Cosmetics, Siren Song 2007

NARS The Multiple- Orgasm Blush stick, available now

My journey to review NARS goes back for as long as I've been running Hello Dollface. It's one of those brands that I dreamed about trying and testing and reviewing and writing about. FINALLY, I get to bring you my feature on this elusive brand. NARS is the creme de la creme of cosmetics. I've never read a bad thing about this brand and even my dear makeup artist pal confided that NARS was her fantasy. You see, fantasies don't include waxed men who 'have pocketfuls of cash, no...the fantasies of cosmetics junkies include lip glosses and eye shadows in gorgeous colors and eyeliners that don't wash off and blush that makes our faces come alive.

NARS has a blush called Orgasm that is mentioned everywhere for being universally flattering. Now they are introducing The Multiple- Orgasm. A blush stick with the same flattering peachy gold hue, this can be used on eyes, lips, cheeks, bust line- where ever you want a glow. Is it possible that this is even more flattering than the original blush?

Siren Song is the newest collection which arrives in stores next month. I have a sneak peek for you. Rich colors and bold hues, this collection includes reds and violets and golds to make your autumn face stand out. Two Lip Glosses that are going to add drama to any face are Rose Gitane and Bad Education. Dark and sultry these are the answer to "How do I make my lips look sexy?" WOW.

NARS has Kabuki Artisan Brushes that are perfect for swooping blush onto the cheeks! If you use those little brushes that come with compacts, please discard and use a special brush made for professional makeup application. I promise you it really does make a difference.

For even more dramatic, fancy lips check out NARS lipstick in the burgandy shade of Viridiana. This color is deep and dark and ideal for a night out on the town. Think of a fancy dress and Jimmy Choos and upswept hair. I imagine myself in New York City doing something lovely and out of the ordinary while looking mysterious and glamorous. Ahhh. A girl can dream, right? More casual shades that I like for day to day wear are Barbarella, a pearly peach and Galaxy Girl pink with a bit of shimmer. (these are available right now) Of course NARS lipsticks are ideally creamy and feel good on the lips.

The eye shadows in shades of Night Rider and Night Snow are like mini works of art in their mirrored compacts. Night Snow is ivory with sparkle and Night Rider is plum with a silvery sparkle.

Sometimes friends will say, "If you have any extra cosmetics, will you give them to me?" and I cringe because I seriously hate to part with anything. I mean, I do share. But when something as special as NARS comes along, its hard to part with. As I look over these NARS Duo Eyeshadows, I can't help but think of my dear friend Lisa who is a makeup lover like myself.
Mirrored compacts, all black and sleek feature shades like Violetta, a pale matte lavender with a sparkly essence. Cheyenne is a pearly ginger coupled a deep mauve-ish shade. Balthazar is bronze and gold, this one is my favorite because my blue eyes really contrast with the colors. The shades have a bit of frost to them and all can be beautifully blended.

Last is the blush called Luster. This some what shimmery blush looks pale in the compact but gives a healthy flush to cheeks, much like Orgasm but with less of a peach hue.

You will love NARS. I hear from many fashionistas and glamour girls who want to try NARS but for some reason haven't yet given it a whirl. What are you waiting for? You are going to love playing with the rich golds and reds of this season's colors. You can find NARS at Sephora and on the NARS website.
Look for Siren Song next month!

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Lip Gloss Heaven

Blow Lip Plumper

Lip Gunk

LORAC Mocktail

Gloss Appeal by Clarins

Once I applied to be on Survivior, just to show my husband that I could indeed survive without a blowdryer. On the application, they ask what your one luxury item would be and of course I wrote in Lip Gloss! I figured it was the ideal item to take along for the journey- you could use it on your lips and in a pinch, on your cheeks. Who wants to be on tv looking pale? Shiny lips always perk up a face.

So you see, I really am slightly obsessed with gloss. Shiny, glorious, pink gloss! Clearly I never made it on Survivor and perhaps that is a good thing. Because I dont know if I could live on coconut milk and boiled water for more than one day.

Back to the gloss- I've tried out several recently and I bring you the results of my extensive testing- they all would be so perfect on a deserted island.

LORAC's Mocktails are deliciously scented glosses. Squeeze the tube on one end and the color comes out the brush on the other. These smell so incredible. Chi-Chi is a clear, pearly shade and smells like a frostly Pina Colada. Tropical Dream is a sheer peach shade and I cant for the life of me figure out which cocktail it smells like. Boones Farm?

Urban Decay's Lip Blow Plumper increases my pout a bit but what I like best is the sheer color that adds just the right amount of shine. I top it off with Lip Gunk, a gloss that offers super shimmer and sparkle. I see the metallic trend for fall is carried over into the gloss which contain bits of glitter especially in the shade of Litter! I love it. You can top off any color with a little Lip Gunk for gorgeous lips. Biker is a silver pink which I apply on top of the Lip Blow. My pouty lips look all glorious and glimmery!

Clarin's Gloss Appeal offers maximum shine. The applicator is pretty lush and plump and it feels good simply to use it. I tested two colors, both shades of pink. The texture, consistency and everything else about this gloss is perfect. Now I want a tube in every single color. Check out 03 (Paradise) an irridescent pink and 06 (Orchyd) a glimmery hot pink, combine together for the most perfect shade of lip gloss ever.

I wonder if I will ever go back to being a lipstick lover? Gloss is so super sexy!

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The Beauty Interview with Jean Godfrey-June of Lucky Magazine

Jean and I are so much alike!
We both have published books...

...and share an admiration of Kate Moss. We write about beauty and are both mothers.
Jean and I could be twins! Well, maybe not really.

Jean Godfrey-June must have one of the best jobs in the world. She tests beauty products and gets paid to write about them in Lucky Magazine. I have been a loyal Lucky subscriber since the day the magazine hit the news stands. Each month I flip to June's column to see what amazing new products she is recommending. When her book Free Gift With Purchase came out, you better believe I read it cover to cover.

I asked Jean to answer some questions for Hello Dollface. I mean, who better to interview than a beauty insider like Jean, a believer in self tanning lotion and fellow Kate Moss fan?

Who is your favorite beauty icon?

Kate Moss is the all-time gorgeous one, I think. For style, though, I do love a Joan Dideon.

If you had to only use one cosmetic brand for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

My shower would be full of items from Fresh. I don’t think there’s a product they make that I actually dislike. For makeup—Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown. But I’d cheat. And I’d have to have Lancome self-tanner,Cover Girl mascara . . . Fidelity is really not my strong point in this arena.

In your opinion, what is true beauty?

You know it when you see it.

Do you have any beauty related hints, tips or secrets you can share?

*Pat—don’t rub—your concealer. Especially for undereye circles, put thick concealer on ONLY where the dark part is; dab it on with a brush. Then pat with your finger until it disappears. it will seem like it’s not going to disappear, but persevere and you will get what my friend calls “The Heather Locklear”. You know, how the skin under her eyes is seamlessly, precisely the same as the skin over her cheekbones? The patting thing doesn’t get me there, but I do look much, much more awake.

*If people tell me I look tired, I slather on self-tanner. If I know I’m going bathing-suit shopping, I really slather on the self tanner.

*Before slathering on self-tanner, I put cream or lotion all over my feet, which prevents the streaked-foot syndrome that so many of us fall prey to.

*If you’re having a bad hair day, a little John Freida Secret Weapon on the ends makes almost anyone’s hair look better.

*If you’re having a bad skin day, Fresh Umbrian Clay (the tube, not the bar, which falls apart) really, really gets rid of breakouts—use it as an overnight spot treatment and you will be amazed.

*The 4pm I’m-hungry-and-I-look-like-hell can be partially addressed with the face oil from Stella McCartney. The whole line is fantastic, but the oil is instantly transformative.

If beauty is only skin-deep, what would we find if we looked a little deeper into Jean Godfrey-June?

If my skin were a little more beautiful, perhaps I could get beyond it to what’s beneath!

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Emmy Beauty

I'm not here to comment on the dresses but this one really caught my eye. Its so soft and pretty and etheral looking. I love the way Sarah Chalke's makeup is equally as feminine. Bravo!

I need to become Michelle Pfeiffer's best friend so she can share her secret fountain of youth with me. I just want a sip of it! This woman doesn't age. Very age- appropriate makeup. I notice some women pile on the makeup as they get older. A light handed touch works best, don't you agree?

One of my favorite women here, Mary Louise Parker. I would have loved to have seen a strong red lip. Her hair looked fabulous, thick and shiny.

Gorgeous. I love the color of Marcia's hair. Ms. Cross has the ultimate earrings on, check those out! The color of the stone is magnificent and plays off her hair color. Everything is tied together with pink toned makeup. Lovely!

Old school glam right here with those red lips. Congrats to Katherine Heigl on the Emmy win!

One of the most beautiful women on TV, Kate Walsh was dripping with glamour from head to toe but her hair was driving me nuts! Seems unbalanced, I would have to hold my head to the side all night.

Why don't I ever think of Julia Louis Dreyfuss as one of the most beautiful women on television? She is truly pretty. I still see her as Elaine with long skirts and big shoes and frizzy hair. Here she is looking stunning. The vivid purple really pops with her inky hair. I am loving the pale lips. I see the trend for fall. Strong eye, pale lips.

Heidi Klum shares the lopsided coif with Kate Walsh! They can put their heads together and make a balanced 'do. I'm skipping this trend. Heidi can get away with anything, can't she? I would have gone with a more plum lip color to match the dress but Ms. Klum is so gorgeous, she can do whatever she wants.

I was at the house of Jaime Pressly's stylist before the Emmys and got to see this outfit close up, from the dangling earrings to the large ring to the shoes and purse. Jaime has always been one of my favorites and I love her character on television. I think she looked great! Congrats on the Emmy win!

Did you catch that dress? Daring! Totally plunging neckline! I hope Felicity Huffman had some double sided tape to hold that dress down. Her makeup went well with the bright pink gown. Her body is really fit and she showed it off last night.

That hair is incredible! The earrings are enormous! Debra Messing is a fashion darling who always gets it right. See the smoky eyes and pale lips! Do you have your eyeliner ready? Have that pale lipstick color at hand? That's the way to go.
I love watching the awards shows and I pay close attention to who is wearing what and how the makeup and hair is styled. The awards shows are like my Superbowl. I settle in for the evening and get all excited, flipping between the Emmys and the post show on E! Someday...I hope to dress in a beautiful gown, strap on some Christian Louboutins and walk that Red Carpet!

Photo sources here & here.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bobbi Brown Metallics

Here is an instant way to get ready for fall- use a metallic color on your eyelids. Pump up the glamour by applying a metallic shade. Metallics are all the rage!

Bobbi Brown is introducing her new palettes for fall and this limited edition Burnt Sugar compact is perfect for toting around. The colors included are Toffee, Gold Dust and Burnt Sugar. The photo doesn't do the product justice. As I hold the sleek black palatte in my hands, I want to cry at the beauty of it. So modern and clean looking. And the shades inside are inspiring too. Medium gold brown, champagne and deep golden brown.

To learn more about Bobbi Brown's products or get some tips on applying these metallics, click here.


Institut DERMed, Sun Protective Cream

Even though the summer is coming to an official end, I am still planning on slathering on the sunscreen. I see those fine lines around my eyes and realize I should have been dabbing the sunscreen on my face for the last ten years, not just the last two. When it's chilly outside, we don't think of applying sunscreen but the more I read about sun protection, the more I realize I must apply it on my hands, neck, chest and eye area- those are the places that show aging the most.

Here comes a new sun protective cream spf 25 from Institut DERMed. This oil free sun screen will not clog pores but will protect your skin. This product absorbs very well and does not carry a scent. You can learn a lot more about this brand by heading to the website. Let me warn you- you will want to go for a spa visit!

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Melanie Segal's Platinum Publicity Gifting Suite

Liz Claiborne for Best Buy

actor Shaun Taub, not Santino Rice

Sheer Cover

On Thursday I headed over to Beverly Hills. Rodeo Drive to be exact. I was invited to attend Melanie Segal's Platinum Emmy Lounge at the elegant Luxe Hotel. The event was held on the rooftop, a very hip affair. If you have never been to one of these gifting suites, let me tell you that they are loads of fun and if you get the chance to go, strap on your Jimmy Choos and enjoy. You interact with vendors and learn about new products; it's a fabulous opportunity to network and a nice way for the companies to get their names out into the world by having writers, press or celebrities show off products.

As we were waiting for the elevator, my eyes traveled to the gentleman next to me. OMG! It was Santino from Project Runway! I loved his Tim Gunn impression. He was decked out in a fedora, slim gray pants, a tight little sweater...I wanted to say something but good thing I didn't because it was most definitely NOT Santino. It was actor Shaun Taub who starred in the fantastic movie Crash and will soon be seen in The Kite Runner. There are often celebrities at these events and I am terrible at recognizing people in real life. Later, I headed to Wire Image to put the faces with the names. Two people I did recognize were Kaycee Stroh from High School Musical and Melora Hardin from The Office, both so gorgeous!

Vendors included KangaROOS, Plantronics, Sheer Cover, Tivo, Raw Organic bars, Grand Velas resort, Bottlenotes which served up a delicious mid-afternoon flute of champage, Christy's Hats- funky head wear that I would love to have in my collection, Liz Claiborne for Best Buy, Beach Bunny swimwear, Izze drinks, Jimmy Jimmy Coco Tanning, Fiji Water. I had my tarot cards read by Brad and I hope the cards don't lie because awesome, big things are in store for me.

I got to meet Lauren from Alterna which was thrilling because she's the PR girl I email for this site and in real life she is beautiful and as kind as I imaged her to be. You must get yourself some Alterna Caviar products. I rushed to wash my hair and WOW, I totally had perfect hair all day. The Caviar products are so lush and luxurious, the serum takes away the frizz and the hairspray controls the style without making your hair look lacquered. I LOVE IT.

There were Plush Puffs, HER energy drinks, and MBT Footwear which I must get my greedy hands on. These shoes work out your whole body and improve posture and firm buttocks and do all kinds of magical things to your body.

It was such a great day. I capped off my time in Beverly Hills by stopping at the Coffee Bean on Beverly Blvd. where I saw Jessica Simpson's dad Joe sitting outside with a group of twenty somethings, chatting away. He looked exactly like he does in the pictures. I can't say it excited me but it was a minor celeb sighting and those are always fun.

The event wasn't all flash, glitter and celebrities- Platinum Publicity also raised funds for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, a cause we can all support. Thanks to Melanie, the gorgeous little dynamo who invited me. As usual she put on a terrific event. I look forward to the next one and I'm aiming for the silver celebrity bracelet...if those tarot cards ring true, than who knows?!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sephora Loot

I love the glamour of Marilyn Monroe. Red lips, arched brows, black liquid liner and let's not forget the vibrant blonde hair!

Gwen takes Marilyn's look into the 21st century. There will never be a more polished look than the lined eyes-red lips combo! Maybe the smoky eyes and nude lips.

I went to Sephora last weekend to see what was happening in the fantastic world of makeup and beauty. I was dismayed to find that they no longer carry Pout. Horny Hilda lip polish was one of my favorite colors!
After roaming around every square inch of the store, I ended up buying an deep indigo eyeliner from Sue Devitt, a tangerine lip lacquer from NARS, Cargo Lip Gloss and Gwen Stefani's new perfume, LAMB. I was so torn between her fragrance and Warm Cotton from Clean. I couldn't decide, the pressure was too much! Only because I have Clean Baby Girl and Clean Shower did I go with Gwen's perfume.
Here is how Sephora describes the fragrance notes from LAMB:
"Fresh Green Notes, Water Hyacinth, White Freesia, Fresh Pear, Violet Leaves, Jasmine Petals, Rose, Muget, Sweet Pea, Orange Blossom, Heliotrope Flower, Sensual Musk, Frangipani Blossom, Peach Skin."
I liberally sprayed this all over, enveloping myself in the delicate flower blossom scent. Its very light and reminds me a lot of Maybe Baby from Benefit. Both perfumes have similiar notes so if you like Maybe Baby, I'm certain you will enjoy LAMB.
When I came home after having a cup of delicious tomato basil soup from Nordstrom Cafe, I couldn't stop thinking about Warm Cotton. I might have to make a return visit! Other items that caught my roving eye were Dior lipglosses, Stila Long Wearing Lip Color and anything by Ole Henriksen. I'm also due for another bottle of C Gel from Dr. Brandt, the magic potion that smooths my skin. I could go to Sephora every day and come back with a bag of goodies each time!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fashion Week Trends

Someday I might make it to Fashion Week. Don't you think it would be fun to see what goes on behind the scenes of those exciting runway shows? It's probably an adrenaline pumping, day to night thrill with lots of multi-sensory stimulation!

MAC is sharing their backstage colors and trends from the week of high glamour fashion shows. You can click on Day One thru Seven for different looks from top make up artists. From DKNY to Gwen Stefani's LAMB, MAC artists created many faces bright, subtle, low key and high glam. I like the makeup of the Tuleh show, soft and sexy. I need to get a hold of that white eyeliner pencil.

Take a look here. The illustrations are so much fun too!

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Rain Gloss for lips

False Eyelashes

Colorscope Custom Color Shifter

Anti-Age Eye Cream

When I was a teenager, I really, really wanted a bottle of Calyx by Prescriptives, probably because I read about it in Seventeen or Sassy. I spent my Christmas money on a small bottle of this perfume which smells like "exotic fruits, lush flowers and smooth woods." To me, it was so much better than anything I could find in the drugstore which amounted to bottles of Love's Baby Soft and cloying Parfums de Coer. I wore Calyx for years and smelling it now brings me back to being sixteen.

I got a chance to try out some Prescriptives cosmetics recently. After reading about the mascara called False Eyelashes, I knew I had to check it out. This mascara doesn't clump, is a nice consistency and dries well, not smudging throughout the day. I believe you can tell the difference between the high end mascaras and the cheaper ones.

A really interesting product is the Colorscope Custom Color Shifter. Apply it to your lips to change the tone of your lipstick. The lighter shade is a cool color by itself, it made my lips have a neat lilac-silver hue while the golden lipstick warms up lipcolor. By itself, the golden shade made my lips look peachy. I like these by themselves but you have many options to mix and match and blend different colors.

Rain Gloss for lips is a delicious smelling gloss that gives your lips the slickest, most moisturizing feeling. This feels super nourishing and I could easily get addicted to my lips feeling so soft and looking so shiny. Truly, this gloss feels amazing.

Ahhh, next is my latest obsession: Eye Cream. This Anti-Age Advanced Protection Eye Cream has an SPF 25 in it to protect that delicate eye area. I'm quite sure that the eyes are first to show signs of aging, those fine lines pop up soon after you hit thirty-three or so. This cream guards against "sun, pollution, stress and excess sugar." I just started using the cream so its too soon to tell if it works but I will tell you that the consistency is what I like- not too thick, easily absorbed and it doesn't irritate my eyes. I dab this on with my pinkie finger concentrating on the crows feet.

Prescriptives offers so many beautiful cosmetics and skincare products. As I look though the site I see tons of items I would love to try and topping this list is the Intensive Rebuilding Instant Line Filler. Take a look at their bestsellers here.


Reese Witherspoon in Elle

For your viewing enjoyment, a couple of pictures of gorgeous Reese Witherspoon in Elle magazine. Don't you wonder what you would look like all done up by professional hair and makeup artists, wearing fancy, designer clothes? I love the long bangs and bronzy cheeks.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

What's this? I've been tagged!

Makeup Junkie in Canada (which is a wonderful and fun blog by the way!) tagged me so I am obligated to share things about myself. Things that I wouldn't ordinarily share.

Here is how the tagging game works and I took this right off of Miss Makeup Junkie's blog,

What does tagging mean? Here are the rules: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about him or herself. People who are tagged need to then report this fact on their blog along with their 7 things, as well as these rules. They then tag 7 others and list their names on their blog. They're also asked to leave a comment for each of the tagged, letting them know they have been tagged and to read the blog.

1. I wore braces and a headgear. To school!

2. When I was in college, I used to give rides to a grossly overweight girl. When she got in, my Toyota Corolla would tilt to the side.

3. I grew up in New Jersey and knew I would live in California someday. I stared out my window watching the rain come down in the spring, snow in the winter and I prayed to grow up to be beautiful and live in California.

4. Because I lived in New Jersey, I had huge mall hair with stiff, teased, dry bangs that defied gravity. When I turned sideways, my bangs stood straight up in the air about four inches.

5. About fifteen years ago, I went on a date with a guy named Bob who drove a bright blue Chevy with a suction cupped Garfield attached to the back window. His friend was Corky, a lime green jumpsuit wearing heroin addict. Nice, huh?

6. I love cheese omelets, wheat toast and coffee any time of day or night. Especially the coffee part.

7. I love my family and my friends so much that all day long, I think about how very lucky I am to have such wonderful people in my life.

I am tagging my friends at Popbytes, Scarlet B, Frugal Fashionista, Caroline Leavitt... if nothing else, head over to their sites to learn something new and interesting and fun.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

MAC Smoke Signals

photo source
I adore smoky eyes with pale lips. I have my day- old smudged eyeliner look with black nails and light lips as my every day makeup and in my own mind I am Kate Moss minus Pete Doherty. All skinny hips (I wish!) and tight pants (too tight for my age) and ballet flats with some kind of funky necklace around my neck, thats me. But the black eyeliner is the crux of the look and believe me when I tell you that I have every black from every brand on the market.

Because MAC is either constantly on the cutting edge of all beauty trends or setting the trends, they have a fabulous collection called Smoke Signals. I think every single color in this collection is out of this world. Images of smoke filled night clubs, tight velvet dresses and sexy cocktails in fancy glasses come to mind.

Let's start with the nail polishes, shall we? Nocturnelle is what's on my toenails this minute. Deep rich black, creamy and longlasting. I started wearing black this summer and am addicted.
Wildfire is black with red pearl. Short, super dark nails is what's hot this fall, trust me. Please, please ladies, forgo the long plastic tips from the beauty salon. That look is very shoulder pads, Dynasty, mink turban from the late 80's and acrylic nails need to be banished along with dark lipliner and frosted lipstick.

Kohl Powder eyeliner comes in Orpheus, a black color with gold highlights. You will know me by the Orpheus on my eyes and the Nocturnelle on my nails this fall! Raven is a blackish-purple and its beautiful.

There are two blushes to warm up the face, not that you need much to compliment the smoky eye. Ablaze is a coral rose, a darker color maybe for darker complexions. Emote is a pale brown. Use these for a hint of color!

I know these are going to be a smash hit with my fellow glamour girls out there, the Eye Shadow X4. Smoking Eyes features shades of taupe, light gray, white with a tint of pink and blackish gold. Gentle Fume contains a light silver, inky black, blue-gray, gray with sparkle.

Pigments are so concentrated in color, if you haven't tried these you must. Pigments come in little jars and the color is so vivid and vibrant, you only need a tiny amount to make an impression. Silver Fog is totally versatile, its a metallic silver. Smoke Signal is a dark maroon and Dark Soul is a lot of fun...its deep, rich black with hints of gold. I would strongly recommend a good eyeshadow brush when you use these because you MUST BLEND well.

The lip products are always my favorite. I have puffy lips, not quite Angelina Jolie, more like Julia Roberts, and my lip color always has to be just right to not amplify what I have. Personally, I can't wear very dark colors but if you can then let me suggest you check out Burnin, a very rich dark burgandy- maroon lipstick. Brew is a soft creamy beige. Mellow Flame is a medium coral pink. Barely Lit is a frosty tannish-pink. Sparks Can Fly is a medium rose color. Once again, I wonder who these creative masterminds are who make up these names. Brilliant! I want to join the team and brainstorm on names!

Last, my favorite products in the world, Lipglass. I love lipglass for the colors, the texture, everything about it is great. You can layer over lipstick, wear it by itself, blend different shades...they fit in your pocket without making a big lump in your pants, put it in that little pocket that all purses have. Illicit is a neutral pink that I like over Barely Lit, Soft and Slow is medium rose with gold pearl. Bare Truth is a midtone caramel, Bizaarish is a deep burgandy with a slight frost.

And there you have it, another amazing creative collection from the expert minds at MAC. As usual, Im itching to find out what they are going to come out with next. For more info, head to the MAC website and check out the video!