Friday, November 30, 2007

Emu Oil Naturally

Who on earth would have ever imagined that one of my favorite products would come from, of all things, an emu? Fabulous Dremu got me very interested in learning more about emu oil. When? Why? Huh? I don't associate an emu with beauty, let alone skin care. I would have never in a zillion years thought to put an emu product on my face! But I did and I loved it and I did my research and met this wonderful girl named Lorraine who runs Emu Oil Naturally.
Lorraine so kindly sent me a bunch of her emu oil products to try out and I have to tell you...I liked them all. You must head over to her site and read through everything to learn more about each product. She has a research page which I found super helpful. I always enjoy learning about new products and treatments.

Emu Oil is one of the best moisturizers ever. Lorraine has created shampoo, conditioner, scrubs, a great soapless- collagen soap, very nourishing lipid moisturizer, body lotions with shea, I could go on and on. Each item I tried was shockingly good! Wouldn't you think a product made with emu oil would smell like a petting zoo? But it doesn't.

Two products that shocked me by working so well were the Deep Heat Rub and the RX Pain Formula. I suffer from chronic back pain every day and rubbing these on (not at the same time) really helped me get through the night when the pain gets so bad. The deep heat really penetrated and I felt it within my muscles working.
Lorraine so kindly took the time to answer some of my questions about Emu Oil. I hope this educates you as much as it did me.

How long has Emu Oil been used in beauty products?

America first got into Emu Oil in the 1990's, then it slacked off mainly due to some unscrupulous people out to make a quick buck, which hurt honest people working the Emu farms to the manufacturers of Emu Oil products. The industry has used Emu Oil in beautfy products since the 90's. After that the Emu oil ranchers, farmers & manufacturers got together to form the American Emu Association (AEA) & developed strict quidelines for the safe use of Emu Oil by consumers. The AEA standards are based on FDA regulations for food oils and most manufacturers refine the oil higher than even AEA demands. Now big cosmetic firms are getting very interested in Emu Oil because they can see how effective it is and no side effects.

What are some of the benefits of using Emu Oil?

It is THE most moisturizing product out there. Emu Oil has the capacity to go deeper into the skin layers, not just sit on top of the skin as many oils (including mineral oil) do. Healing takes places from within. Any ingridents that are added to Emu Oil are also taken with it.

Emu Oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores), sounds pretty good? It IS. Emu Oil also has the capacity to help reduce bad cholesterol, some people get an energy boost from it too (I don't).

What is your favorite item from the line you carry?

I personally test each product on my website, I have my family and regular customers try them out also. Usually I'm right about the product if I don't like it getting a consensus from the others. I have very high standards for the products I sell. The biggest difference in opinions usually comes down to the fragrance used in some of the products. Essential oils are powerful & healing as well. EO's are the only fragrances I use in any products. Some do not have fragrance either.. I have rejected many products as I am very picky what I put on my website. To pick a favorite would be really hard to do. My newest product is a Non-Sulfate Shampoo. I have had repeated customers requests for this and I have been searching for at least 2 years. I have rejected many shampoos until I found this one. This is VERY GOOD, even on my long, thick, coarse constantly dyed hair. If it passes my tough hair test (it does) and the rest of the "guinea pigs" agree, it goes on my site. This one was an overwhelming positive response. I'm pretty sure my customers will agree once they try it.

How is the oil harvested or made?

Emus have a large sack of fat on their backs. This is where all the Emu Oil comes from once rendered from the bird (yes, the bird is killed). From there the fat is immediately frozen & shipped to a processing plant to refine the fat into oil. The first pass is considered "animal grade" and can be used for pets, other livestock. It goes through another refining process, for the regular Emu Oil that is safe to use for people. Additional processing also will give triple refined oil and clear oils. The manufacturers of Emu Oil are always looking for ways to improve the refining process.
All AEA refined Emu Oil is safe to use for consumers. As mentioned before, AEA standards for Emu Oil & products made from Emu Oil meet or exceed FDA regulations for food grade oils. One other thing I'd like to mention. 99% of the Emu is used. Emu meat is one of the healthiest meats on the planet, with lower cholesterol levels, more protein per pound, very lean and nutritious. There is a chart on the bottom of my Research Page that shows the comparisons between Emu meat and several other meats we eat. You may be surprised at what you find.

Is the oil safe for consumption, aren't there oil pills?

Yes, you can ingest fully refined Emu Oil. Emu Oil is very good for Arthritis, other joint pain, sore muscles, aches & pains, bruises. I have several medical problems which cause me to hurt all the time. I do not like taking pain pills (they make me too groggy to work, interact with my kids, friends, pets, or just plain "be normal") Chronic pain like mine can steal away your life. Using Emu Oil helps tremendously in getting my life back. I use both the topical products and the pills. I carry two different Emu Oil pills on my site. A.R.P (Arthritis Reducing Plan) and Multi-Omega pills which are Emu Oil and Flax Seed oils working in combination to reduce bad cholesterol.

Only very recently have I heard about Emu oil. Do you see it gaining popularity?

Most definitely! Many people, like me, can't use prescriptions very much (I get worse on
antibiotics, etc, and pain pills wipe me out so I can't function at all), others are just choosing more natural or alternative solutions to their problems or what they want to accomplish.
Thank you so much Lorraine! For a complete product list, please click here.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Daily Dollfaces

People actually purchase this stuff? No, really? I can see the doll's underpants, that's not cool.

I think Thandie Newton is so pretty!

I almost bought jeans like these but they were too long- the ones Penny Cruz is wearing. I don't want people to think I don't have feet.

Lisa Kudrow, where has she been?

She's in the new movie I want to see, PS I Love You with Hilary Swank.

That is the most innovative award ever! I want a bronzed deer too, a Bambi award of my own. We have to discuss Katie's hair. She went from Soccer Mom Coif to Posh Spice 'do. I think Tom cut her hair himself, he's got that Ken Paves vibe. Everyone is sporting a bob these days. I'm tempted...please hold me back. I would regret the next morning.

I avoid white pants because I think they make me look fat. For some reason, white makes people look larger than they are. Again, with the shlumpy fitting outfit on Julianne. She needs Tim Gunn. Or maybe a nice belt.

Do you think Paris and her boyfriend take turns staring into a mirror? Or do they each hold their own hand mirrors and talk to their reflections? Hot! Did you see Kathy Griffin's new comedy special on Bravo? Her piece on Paris was hi-larious!

Jessica regrets breaking up with Nick! Poor thing. Doesn't seem like Nick is missing her too much. She needs a blind date, let me set her up with...someone like Brody Jenner. I want to create a show called Celebrity Dating and I would set up dates between celebs. Britney and Pete Doherty would be such an awesome couple.

Another day, another Britney rumor! Pregnancy rumors are being denied.

She went to Barnes & Noble and Target today to shop off her pain. Where will she end up tomorrow?

Kirsten Dunst used to remind me of rumpled bed sheets but in this photo, she looks more like a bag of flour.

I think this is Ashley but it could be the other imp. No, it's Ashley- the hair is clean, she's not scrunched over a venti- non fat- no sugar- low foam- low carb- dry latte.

Things I learned today:

Brad Pitt won't do nude scenes. He will be highly selective on his movie roles now. No more Ocean's whatever movies for him! Angelina said he needs to be home more to help the nannys with the kids.

Julia Roberts wishes she could be a stay at home mom and grow her own vegtables. Well, why can't she? Millions of dollars in the bank can't support that dream? How much does one person need to live on?

Marie Osmond was being fed lines by a writer during Dancing with the Stars. Witty banter? Not coming from her, that was courtesy of a writer. She is quickly producing scary, vacant eyed dolls wearing her DWTS dresses.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is engaged. I love weddings, I hope I get an invite!

Kevin Federline is forced to make due on $15,000 a month in child support from Britney.
That's rough! He can't afford to stay home and grow his own vegtables on that paltry sum, you know what I mean, Julia?

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bath and Body Works for the Holidays

Suddenly Sauna is a spa- at- home gift. You put water in the gloves and let your hands sit in the heat, the gloves heat up like a sauna. Once your ten little fingers are sufficiantly heated and softened, you apply the hand lotion. There go you! Super supple, soft hands without even leaving your house to get a manicure!

Liplicious glosses is the ideal gift for people like...well, me. Chicks who love makeup. These sweet tubes of gloss are sparkly and glimmery. They taste and smell delicious and have glints of diamonds! Okay not real diamonds, but it sure looks like diamond particles shimmering on your lips.
Goldie has this adorable line of cute cute cute girly item with a Tinkerbell motif. You know that Marilyn Monroe was the model for Tink? True! I sampled the little squares of nail polish which last for days and days without chipping. There are sheer colors like hot pink, pale pink, tan and lilac with names like Shimmer Shell, Lost Boys, Nursery, Jolly Roger.

Take a look at Bath and Body Works for more gift ideas or if you want to get me something, just click here.

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Southern Beauty Magazine

I'm not a Southern girl although I did spend a year living in Charlotte, North Carolina and danced to that Cotton Eye Joe song. Southern woman are known to have beauty and charm and can sweet talk their way into or out of any situation. Just think of Scarlett O' Hara!
This new magazine, Southern Beauty is for everyone, you don't have to live in the south to enjoy it. I received an advance issue and liken the experience of paging through the magazine to taking a bubble bath. It's relaxing to look at and a beautifully constructed magazine with photos worthy of a fancy catalogue. The articles are short which makes it easy to read one in a few minutes.
They cover everything like hair and makeup and those topics we all read about with intense interest. If you see this magazine, be sure to pick it up and check it out.


Hourglass Cosmetics

Extreme Shine
Brazilian Blush Duo

You are going to love Hourglass Cosmetics. It's definitely a high- end brand, sold at the best place on planet Earth, Sephora. The packaging is pretty and simple- you can't see so well in the picture here but the blush compact is a soft gray leather like case with a drawing of trees and leaves, I love that.
I got to test the Brazilian Blush Bronzer Duo which has a quilted design. You can use them individually or separately. The peach color reminds me of NARS Orgasm, it offers a pearly glow and is quite neutral. Combine it with the brown shade for a look like you just came back from Costa Rica.

The lipgloss is exciting to me because it has an amazing shine and smell. It's a tad slippery which is fine, it is not thick or tacky. Extreme Sheen has a kind of tropical essence that smells so nice. I tried the color called Reflect, which is a clear with a pink tint. I have been keeping it by my computer and applying it all day long!
You can learn more about this fantastic new brand on the Hourglass website.

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Daily Dollfaces

Poor Jennifer Love Hewitt! One day she's standing in the ocean in a bikini and the next day everyone is looking at her cellulite. Well, it makes me feel so much better about my own body. Oh goodness, she has a REAL body!

Anne Hathaway chopped her hair. See, Posh is making everyone cut their hair like hers!

I always wonder what I would look like in full glamour makeup like Dita Von Teese?

Well, if its one thing I learned from watching Tim Gunn's Guide to Style it's dressing to suit your figure and this does nothing nada zilch zip for Julianne Moore. But you can't deny her beauty.

You have to be kidding me! She can feed her kids sodie pop and rot their teeth and bring them out with unwashed hair and pink eye. She makes me look like MILF of the Year.

Her knees look filthy. Yeah, I know it's the light but I bet those pajama bottoms haven't seen a washing machine, ever.

Everytime I see Blake Lively I think, that girl is younger, much cuter version of me.

She's what I want to look like when I gaze into the mirror. Did I say much cuter? I meant she looks nothing like me.

Perfection. She's a dollface. I bet she never looks in the mirror and thinks, "Im so ugly!"

Everytime I see a photo of Kristin Davis, I think, "There is NO WAY she is in her forties!" This is the first picture I have seen where she does look her age. But she looks great!

Maggie "Cabbage Patch Doll" Gyllenhaal.

Remember how they gave Cabbage Patch Dolls those funky names?

Sometimes I feel so out of place living in southern California with natural boobs. I used to think that maybe I should have them enlarged so I look like Posh Spice? But then she goes and flattens them out. Now I know I should keep my chest the way it is, untouched by a surgeon's hands.

Awww, if you saw this poor little pipsqueak on the street, wouldn't your maternal instinct kick in and you would wrap her in a blanket, comb her hair with a lice tool, dip her in a hot bath with Clorox and give her ten dollars to buy a hot meal?

Finally, someone wears leggings with a long shirt! Great job Rhianna. Now I forgive you for that

Umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, umbrella song.

Where has Tea Leoni been hiding? Awesome color scarf!

Uma Thurman goes for a natural look here. I'm guessing she is wearing Pur Naturals lipstick by Yves St Laurent. It's a great neutral shade. Doesn't Ethan Hawke dress like a hobo? I can't believe those two were together.

I want to know the status of the Janis Joplin movie being filmed, starring Zooey Deschanel! I love Janis. I always belt out Me and Bobby McGee when I'm cleaning. I mean, when Im giving the cleaning lady her orders.

Important things I learned today:

Zac Efron is making over $3 million for High School Musical III. Poor Vanessa Hudgens is only making $1.75. Maybe she can buy some new camera equipment? The whole cast will be back, YAY. But this is the last film, no more HS Musicals after this one.

Jennifer Lopez is having twins and she is pigging out and getting very big. She is eating chips and salsa and drinking orange soda every day.

People on the subway in New York City were left gasping for clean air, even urine scented air, after a dirty Heath Ledger vacated his seat. Apparently he stinks so bad that even the dank subway air was a pleasant fragrance compared to his unwashed odor. Maybe he is trying to catch Britney's attention?

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

MAC Liquidlast Liner

I would be willing to bet that Gwen Stefani is a fan of MAC Liquidlast Liner. Every makeup lover probably knows her way around a tube of liquid liner. It takes a little practice and a steady hand to apply but once you do, you will love the glam look of a cats eye (think more Angelina Jolie rather than Amy Winehouse) or the drama of simply lining the upper lashes, getting the liner as close to the lash line as possible.

MAC Liquidlast Liner comes in a tube with a fine, small brush. You can layer the liner for a darker and more dramatic kind of eye. I usually line the eye twice so I get a nice rich color. And the liner truly lasts all day long. I have to use my eye makeup remover at night when I'm ready to take it off because it doesn't fade.

MAC always has a terrific selection of colors but my very favorite is called Inkspill, a deep dark green. Sometimes I add a hint of black eyeliner over it, usually Feline.



With MAC lashes #3, you will have full on glamour girl lashes like my favorite, Marilyn Monroe. These are so beautiful! You only need a hint of mascara then apply these! MAC has many lashes to chose from whether you want individual lashes or a band of flirty fringes. Every makeup artist I know loves to work with the MAC lashes.

I used to think false eyelashes were for drag queens, performers and divas. I never used them fearing my lashes would fuse together and I would remove my own lashes along with the fake ones. Plus, I didn't want to look like a stripper or a showgirl. Just this past year, I tested the waters of false lashes and I like what I see!

You can buy false lashes individually or a full band. Drugstores like CVS and Walgreens sell lashes for under $4. You need to buy the glue as well. Personally, I find a full band of lashes easier to apply than a small cluster.

MAC has really excellent lashes in all different styles. When applied correctly, no one can tell you are wearing them. The ones above, MAC Lash #35 are very retro and funky and people will probably notice these. The band is flexible and will adjust to fit the shape of your lid.

I never wore false lashes on my lower lash line. I feel just like Twiggy with these! I love a dramatic look. And the clear band makes these easy to blend in with your real lash line. MAC Lash#39

Applying lashes takes a really steady hand. I was getting ready to attend an event in Hollywood
and I wanted to add some lashes for an extra POW! It took me at least twenty minutes to adhere the lashes to my eyes. My fingers felt thick and unsteady, I just couldnt get the angle of the lashes on correctly. I was so upset that I ended up scrapping the whole idea. That's where this nifty tool comes in. Japonesque Soft Touch Lash Placement Kit makes it super easy to apply the lashes.
There came a point in time when I was applying individual lashes to the outer corners of my eyes every day. Drag queen and stripper is not the look I'm going for but glamour girl? Absolutely!

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Daily Dollfaces

I guess Nicole Kidman doesn't consider Botox or Juvaderm or any other fillers to be plastic surgery. You can practically see the needle marks. Admit it Nicole and you will feel so free! You don't have to hide under the dark and heavy cloak of plastic surgery rumors any more.

WOW No kidding, Kevin Federline on the cover of Details magazine? He's considered an influential man? I really have to ask...WHY?

I can't believe I haven't noticed until now-
Amy Winehouse and Janice from Friends look so much alike!

I wonder if Lindsay is looking down thinking, "I wish I wore a longer shirt..." Leggings and ballet flats are really cute IF you have shirt that goes down past your bottom and hips. No one wants to witness camel toe or sausage thighs.

Paris, tsk tsk. Please read above, the part about the shirt going past the hips. And who wears lingerie outside of the bedroom? With tights?

Vanessa Paradis, I love her style.
She's French so she's automatically glamorous! And she's with Johnny Depp so I'm automatically a wee bit envious.

Rose McGowan and her red hair. What lipstick shade is that? I want it.

Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars reminds
me of a character from Whoville. Cindy Lou Who? Derek Lou Hough!

Battle of the layered coif! Chace Crawford vs. Zac Efron. Those boys spend way too much time on their hair. Girly men. Fembots.

Lindsay Lohan's myspace loving Riley Giles looks like J.R. Rotem, Britney's old flame. Psycho eyes.

Salma Hayek and her daughter Valentina.
Ka-ching! Daddy is a billionaire. Ka-ching!

I'd love to have long hair like Gwenyth Paltrow instead of aflippy layered 'do like Zac Efron. I have neither. Mine is more like Braveheart's.

Is it true that Eva Longoria's character will be killed off
of Desperate Housewives!?

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