Thursday, January 03, 2008

Brilliant DuWop gift set!

This set from DuWop is so great, I love it. In a small round pink case is the DuWop Lash Lacquer, Lip Venom, Blush Therapy, Venom Gloss and a trio of eyeshadows. The Lacquer makes your lashes black and shiny as if you just went swimming and emerged from the water like a mermaid goddess with wet lashes.

I keep Lip Venom in my purse at all times, period. It has a tingly sensation to it, like cinnamon, which doesn't bother me, in fact I like it. What's so fabulous is the high shine your lips get. The Venom Gloss, which I never used before, offers pure shine too. I usually want my lips light yett radiant! The eye trio has what you need to blend and highlight and that dark color is a cream liner so you can line your eyes like the supermodel I know you are. Blush Therapy is a pink hue that adds instant cheer to your cheeks and it smells minty and wonderful.

I would tell you to buy this as a gift but the holidays are over so it's time to buy something for yourself. You can purchase this at my favorite place, Sephora.

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