Thursday, January 24, 2008


Cleansing Water

Vinoperfect Serum

You are going to love Caudalie. After reading about this line of French skincare I was very intrigued. Caudalie's products include items that cleanse, moisturize, energizes and protects the skin. One look through the pictures of the Vinotherapie spas has me practically booking a flight to France at this moment. Everything about this line is pure luxury.

Anti-oxidant rich grape seeds are more powerful than both vitamins C and E, these are the primary ingredient in Caudalie. That's some serious stuff.

I first tested the Cleansing Water. Because this is exactly like plain H20, I wondered if it would really be effective in taking off my makeup, especially mascara. I'm happy to report that it removed every trace of all the foundation, eyeliner, mascara, concealor, blush and lipstick that I was wearing! What's even more amazing is that it left behind no residue at all. And it's just like water. Magic water. You don't even have to rinse after you use it. Its truly a miracle in a bottle.

I heard so much hype over Vinoperfect Radiance Serum that not trying it wasn't an option. This product is applied with a dropper, once or twice a day under your moisturizer. Most serums I have tested are somewhat sticky. This one is not. It smells light and pleasant, has a nice consistency and absorbs quickly. It will give your face a subtle glow and your skin will have an improved texture. It is pretty amazing. No chemicals are found in the Vinoperfect, its all very pure. If you use this everyday, you will see a better skin tone. LOVE IT.

I also tried and loved the Anti-Aging Serum for Eyes and Lips. This is the perfect consistency for around the eye area. The serum is exactly what I look for in an eye product and I mourned when it was gone! I like when the fine lines around my eyes are plumped up and this product did that. Also, it didnt seep into my skin and dry out after I applied it and didn't bother my sensitive eye area. This product was a real winner! I wonder if I only used the Anti-aging serum and Vinoperfect, would my skin be completely flawless? Hmmm.

I want to eat this stuff, it's so good! Well, it is made from wine. I mean grapes. Caudalie offers lots of treatments for the face and body. You must check out their beautiful website.

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Blogger Lindsay Kroetch said...

i love this line too! i tried a face mister by caudalie and fell in love! follow my blog!

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Ethan said...

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