Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Clarins Colour Fizz, Spring 2008

Bright, happy shades herald in the spring of 2008 with Clarins new collection. Color Fizz is meant to be fun and exciting, and with the new shades you can be as bold and sexy as you want.

I love the eye popping colors of lilac and yellow together. The Single Eye Colour eye shadows are smooth and refined to the touch, an intense in hue when you apply them. The Sunny Yellow shade, WOW! What a look for the springtime! I tested the yellow along with Sweet Lilac which is such a stunning combination and very much in tune with what was seen on the runway. The compacts are sleek, modern and silver, little pieces of art.

*Makeup artists Nick Barose Tip* - Avoid black liner with these bright's too close to the original 70's look. The Chocolate Brown liner is softer and the brush line is very flexible for a thick or thin line, Nick especially likes to dot this liquid liner in between lashes for a fuller effect.

Gloss Appeal comes in two limited edition shades, Lilac and Praline. Lilac is the perfect color for spring- pale pink (see the model above, she's wearing it). Clarins gloss is soooooo silky and shiny, one of the best. If you are a gloss addict like me, you will find that this one is extraordinary. Praline is a nude color that offers the high shine that I like so much. There is a subtle flavor to the glosses. I apply this in several coats to get the optimum gleam and radiance. Just the other day a friend asked me how my lips were always so shiny. Clarins!

The Eye Pencil in the shade of Copper makes blue and green eyes look brighter. Copper will bring out the sparkle in brown or hazel eyes. Copper is a color that compliments all eye colors. The eye pencil is soft with a sponge tip at the end to help you blend.
This collection is on counters right now! Click here for more information.