Friday, January 04, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Do the paps just hang out on the corners hoping to see a celeb? Here's Keri Russell and her baby and her tote bag, freezing in NYC.

If you win one of those giant stuffed animals at a fair, DO NOT bring it to me, thanks anyway Johnny Knoxville.

Halle Berry's getting bigger! I want to see the scales hit 220lbs!

Eddie Murphy just got married to Tracey Edmonds. Congrats!

Josh and Fergie on the beach. She looks like a hippie. My kind of style.

Hilary Duff is Hannah Montana-ing herself!

Brooke Burke is pregnant too. Everyone is pregnant! (not me)

The thing I hated about winter on the East Coast was bundling up to stay warm! I felt so puffy all the time. Sarah Jessica Parker is pants?

If Christina was a turkey, that little red button would have popped! Anyday now..


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