Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Poor Rumer Willis won't be Miss Golden Globes this year because of the Writers Strike. Maybe next year when those spots on her face clear up. Such a pretty picture.

Jennifer Aniston during those horrible unflattering teenage years.

I'd know those holes in the stockings anywhere... Paris Hilton!

This weeks People magazine cover. Not really but don't you like mine better?

All hail Madge! Don't deny the botox.

Last night I saw a movie with Lindsay Lohan and she was so cute with her red hair! Bring back the fire...crotch.

Katherine Heigl is saying, "Are you seriously following me to run errends?"
Yes, they are following you and I like your outfit.

Somethings wrong with this photo...oh, Matthew McConahoogy is wearing a shirt!

Jennie Garth, victim of clown lips.

If one place makes me cringe, its Chuck E Cheese. I call it Yucky Cheese. I can't believe Brad and Angie would take their kids somewhere!

Johnny Depp gets my vote for Best Footwear, hands down.

I dont know why I'm so upset over having a single pimple, Cameron's got many, I hear she has terrible skin in real life. Pock marks and cystic acne extraveganza!
I wonder if Halle Berry has her plastic surgeon on standby for a post-delivery tummy tuck?

Amy Winehouse - nothing like black roots and cheap blonde hair to elevate your style. And isn't that a Johnny Depp tee shirt? Crybaby was a cinematic masterpiece!

photos..dlisted, ohnotheydidnt, teddyandmoo, Us, People.

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Blogger Joanna Schmidt said...

I can honestly say I think Madonna looks great when she's not all "whored-up" with too much makeup.

8:10 AM  

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