Thursday, January 10, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Halle and her baby daddy are going to give Shiloh Jolie Pitt a real challenge- the cutest baby in Hollywood will have some competition!

Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs. Brilliant! Who was the stylist on that shoot?

Everyone in Hollywood is pregnant, even Val Kilmer! Gosh, a beached whale comment would be so easy. I hate to be contrived but...Val looks like a beached whale!

Sarah Jessica and her newly darkened brunette locks. I hope this means the end of those Garnier Nutrisse commercials where she's still blonde.
Either Rachel Hunter is on a growth spurt or Chloe Dao is a midget.
There's Tim Gunn (my boyfriend).

When you go out in LA and you are a celeb, you must dress nicely! Kate Hudson looks cute. What else is new?

Next stop for me: Joans on Third.
Hopefully I'll just "happen" to run into Jake Gyyllennhaall

Heidi Klum needs to lose the hat. Too distracting. What would Ninagahcia say? She looks like she's going to do a Mexican hat dance.

I noticed Keri Russell wearing those shoes all summer last year. So I found a comparable pair at Macys and bought them. Now we can be twins! BFF!

Those thigh high boots on Megan Fox are fierce!
I could see myself picking up my kids in those amongst
the velour tracksuit wearing moms at school.

I'm so glad Hilary Duff is back to blonde! She finally got my memo.

Courteney Cox has a nanny for her daughter and a woman employed to carry her packages! I bet she has a whole staff to do everything for her. Is she lucky- or lazy?

Avril Levigne has a bun in her oven according to the rumors. Expect some angsty, angry pregnant woman songs. Everyone is pregnant around here! Something is in the water-- like...sperm.

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Blogger Joanna Schmidt said...

I think Courteny Cox needs a lighter hairdo. She'd look cute with a Holmes cut. Yeah?

8:08 AM  

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