Monday, January 14, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Rebecca Gayheart

Portia earns high marks from me for her sophisticated gown! I don't think tuxedos extend themselves to creativity as a gown does. There isn't much you can do to a basic tux.

I'm not a huge Rachel Bilson fan but I would wear her lovely dress if I had the occasion.

On again, off again- Pamela Anderson and hubby Rick canoodle. What is up with the word "canoodle" anyway?

Where are the leggings? I was watching Mean Girls last night, I just adore that movie. Lindsay was super cute in it with her red hair and freckles.

I love Just Jareds site, he often has big photos of celebs. You can see wrinkles and pores and imperfections and I like that! Kate Walsh's lipsick is whoa! hot pink but she is so pretty.

Jenna Jameson looks like she could be anywhere from age thirty five to sixty in this photo. That's what lots of makeup, sun tanning and who knows what else does to a body.

I don't care what anyone else says about her, I think Jennifer Aniston is super cute with pretty hair and a nice figure.

Anna Wintour or Katie Holmes? Katie just doesn't look cute and young anymore. She's an attractive girl who looks like she's about to get her AARP card.

Halle Berry's belly.

I havent seen Gwen Stefani's hair straight in...well, ever! She reminds me of Reese Witherspoon. And where's the Russian Red lipstick?

Eh, they don't excite me.
Cameron always has funky outfits (and bad skin) but I can't do the whole jeans tucked into the boots thing. Too 80's for me.

That's the way to age Calista! Forgo the botox and be natural. Although the forehead looks a little too the lipstick shade.

Britney looks THRILLED! I get the whole bohemian chic thing where you want to look kind of dirty and cool and funky but I think she's just dirty and has an element of funk that's not intentional.

I bet you those boots reek! I've totally seen that guy before when I was in Beverly Hills. Brit's dress is a neat tablecloth hybrid.

I don't know why but I like Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz together. And I like her newly reddened hair. I really like guys who wear black eyeliner too. And who have tattoos. And are creative. Which is funny because I married someone so opposite that!

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