Thursday, January 17, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Gorgeous skin, hair, makeup- Kristin Cavalleri. Wait- why is this girl famous?

Another excellent makeup job. Sarah Michelle Geller looks fantastic. I love the coral shade of lipstick and her braided Swiss Miss coif.

I wonder if Ashley Tisdale is happy with her nose job? Does she look in the mirror and ask,"Damn! Am I prettier than Zac Efron?"

I adore Kate Moss. I love her clothes and style.

That better be faux fur or I will jump off my I LOVE KATE MOSS wagon.

My secret crush, Joel McHale. He's hilarious and tall and witty.

Haven't seen Helena around in a while!

If only I had places to go, I'd dress up like Dita Von Teese who always looks impeccable and who I hear is a really nice woman.

Speaking of impeccable, Christy Turlington is another one of my favorites.

Its the patron saint of chick-lit in the big city, Candace Bushnell. I'd love to have a career like hers. Then I would go to glam events and dress in couture too.

What can you say about Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson? They are committed, at least to their hair smoothing lotion.

Instead of posting photos of a nearly naked and fully insane Britney, enjoy the rugged beauty of Amy Winehouse.

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