Thursday, January 24, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Lucy Liu in a sea urchin, cotton candy, paper streamer thing.

I want to be hip and funky but if I wore this, my friends would question my mental state. I love the color of the shoes, the hat, the dress. I would wear this to meet my friends at Starbucks.

The nerve! Heidi Klum flaunts her trim figure and I'm going to pretend like I know for a fact that she's wearing a girdle. Plus, is that a shirt or micro mini dress? It barely comes to her thighs. What would Ninagahcia say?

I'm suddenly craving big bananas for some reason. With a side of diamonds and furs!

How many fashion faux pas is Jordan committing? Let's count. 1. Orange skin- beta carotine overdose perhaps? 2. That shirt! 3. Are the eyebrows drawn with a sharpie? 4. White-pink lipstick, thankfully the burgandy lipliner has worn off 5. Hot pink tips on the nails. Get her on What Not To Wear.

I totally get the fluff bomb of hair. Body symmetry. She's trying to balance the big belly with bigger hair. Halle Berry, such a sly fox- I'm on to you girl! Check out the henna on her hand.

I love the fact that Jennifer Garner will go out without a lick of makeup on her face.

Eva Longoria looks like a cocktail server at Caesar's Palace, I'll take a vodka tonic. Victoria Beckham is doing her best to modernize C3PO's classic two piece while her boobs are trying to escape their bronzed prison.

I keep hearing rumors of Josh Brolin and Diane Lane splitting up, I blame it on the mother-in-law, Barbra Streisand.

Carmen Electra looks so much better when she wears less makeup like in the above photo.

Heath Ledger's death is so tragic! I cannot believe it. So sad.

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