Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I'm ringing in the New Year with MAC!

Happy 2008 Everyone! My wish is to grow old with a smile on my face with vigor and joy like the woman in the above photo. She is a true original. A socialite named Zelda, she sleeps during the day and hits the club scene at night---at 91 years old!

The above makeup face is called Full On Lust. I especially like the lip color. This face is funky with dramatic accent on the eyes! Here is what was used:
EYES Charcoal Brown, Frisco, Sea Me, Parrot, Charred, Carbon, Boot Black, All Black CHEEKS Strada LIPS Sublime Culture, Twig-Twig, Full On Lust.

I can never seem to get my eye makeup to look as well blended and professional as this look called Avarice. Here is what was used- EYES A Little Folie, Daisychain, Groundwork, Clue, Ochre Style, Coffee, Plushblack CHEEKS Raizin, Blackened Red Reflects LIPS Rozz Revival, Avarice.
Like a good fitting pair of jeans, a little black dress, a classic strand of pearls and a glamorous red lipstick, some things never go out of style. MAC pays homeage to the classics with their collection, The Originals.
Here is what you can expect to find when you stroll by the MAC counter now thru January.

*Parrot - deep aqua blue with green & blue pigments- I LOVE THIS ONE!
Ochre Style - mid-tone yellow brown with gold. This frost is ideal with browns and earth tones.
A Little Folie - mid-tone red brown. A brunette would look stunning with this dark color.
*Daisychain - soft yellow beige with soft white pearlized pigments. Creamy shade that is a nice neutral.
Memorabilia - dusty purple goes well with black eye liner and a hint of glitter.
Clue - mid-tone grey with silver pearlized pigments. This frost blends well with Alum or harred.
Alum - mid-tone blue grey with soft blue pearlized pigments, I like to blend this with darker blues finished with black mascara.
Charred - deep steel grey with silver pearlized pigments, adds drama to a simply done eye, appears metallic.
*Frisco - soft pastel pink, this is ideal for a base for more flamboyant colors
I am just getting the hang of using pigments. Only a tiny bit is needed for impact. I even used the lighter shade on my lips, to top off a lipstick.
*Kitschmas - Light airy shimmering pink pearl. I want this in a nail color!
Violet - Bright violet-purple.
*Melon - Soft bright golden peach. Reminds me of summer time!
*Golden olive - High frosted green/gold.
*Steel blue - Rich deep turquoise green blue shone with small pearl particle. GORGEOUS color!
*Sandy B. - light shell pink. I am a sucker for any tone, shade or hue that is pink!
*Rozz Revival - watermelon reddish pink, its bright and fun!
Chintz on Chintz -Sheer mid-tone yellow brick.
*Russian Red - Intense bluish-red. Gwen Stefani loves this classic shade of red. It is INTENSE!
Twig Twig - neutral brown plum.
Supersequin - plummy pink with silver pearlized pigments.
*Nouveau-Frou - beigey grey pink with white pearlized pigments.
Retrofluid -sheer deep plum with gold & red pearlized pigments.
Back to Del Rio - deep brown red.
Utter Pervette - soft pastel pink. Pale color which works well with a darker pink gloss!
*C-Thru - Soft peached-beige with shimmer. I love this with Sandy B.
*Full on Lust - neutral pink.
Avarice - mid-tone yellow red with soft red pearlized pigments. This paired with the Russian Red is a fierce look!
Real Desire - deep plum with red pearlized pigments.
*Nico Now - mid-tone grey purple w/mulitcoloured pearlized pigments. Pair it with Nouveau Frou!
These pots of glitter are like the Pigments but kicked up a notch with shimmery glitter! Im going to sprinkle some over my nail polish and see what my nails look like. I've already dabbed some on my lips to give my lip color a kick and I liked it. I've also see it applied on the outside of the eye like glittery wings.

Blackened red - Sparkling burgundy. If Angelina Jolie was glitter, this is what color she'd be.
*Very pink - Sparkling fuchsia pink, very feminine and girly!
Transparent teal - Sparkling white with turquoise. Think mermaids in the sea, sparkling in the sun.
Antique gold - Sparkling taupe. Imagine being in Donald Trump's Fifth Avenue apartment where every surface is shined to perfection!
When I was in my early twenties, MAC was just catching on and I tried to buy up as many eye pencils as I could because they worked so well, came in many colors and lasted forever.
Ebony - Soft black
Coffee - Muted brown
Indigo - Muted greenish-blue
Mascara X gives you longer, thicker, plumper lashes. Of course you would have to expect dramatic lashes to top your MAC eye makeup! Comes in Black or Brown. At $12.50, it's the cheapest high end mascara you will find!
*these colors are my favorites!
Also look out for Sculpt and Shape and MoistureFlush!



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