Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

It's quite bold of Christina to wear such a short dress! You can almost see exactly where babies come from.

Congrats to Nicole, she is having a baby! Yay for her. But bad news, you can't get Botox injections while pregnant. Will we see the fall of her face in 08?

Wow, what a Grecian Alien Goddess! Katie Holmes looks radiant.

We don't see enough of Kate Winslet which proves if you want to stay away from the paparazzi, you can.

I used to think Gwen was gorgeous but it was all makeup. Here the lighting proves that she really is stunning. And her son is cute too!

If I had money, bigger boobs and a reason to wear a dress like this, I would. Here's Jennifer "I'm a size two"Hewitt.

27 Dresses looks like my kind of movie. Katherine Heigl has armpit fat oozing out of the sides of her dress but she still looks lovely.

Does she age? Is it all botox, smoke and mirrors? Elle MacPherson is still amazing.

Alba Babywatch! Is that a tiny bloated belly I see?

If you care, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is back on The View. I miss Rosie!

Drew Barrymore's
curly sideburns remind me of the Hasidic Jewish men I used to see in New York.

If I looked like Carmen Electra without makeup, I would go around fresh faced all the time. She is more gorgeous without cosmetics!

George Clooney used to be so handsome! Now he is in need of some whitening toothpaste.

Id love to wake up and look like Christy Turlington.

Britney Spears needs sunscreen like George Clooney needs toothpaste. Her chest looks like it belongs to a sixty five year old sunworshipper.

Angelina is so beautiful. Brad's looking a little rough around the edges though. He went to the Heath Ledger School of Grooming.

I can spot her Christian Louboutins a mile away!

Amanda Bynes, totally cute and age appropriate outfit.

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