Friday, January 18, 2008

Lancome LUCI

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The LUCI Collection

Nothing excites me more than some new cosmetics coming down the pike with the promise of making a more alluring me. I know you will LOVE the new Lancome products from the LUCI collection. Standing for Luminous Colorless Color Intelligence, the collection comes from makeup artist, Gucci Westman. Does she not have the hippest, coolest first name ever? Oh why couldn't my mother have named me Prada? Where's the creativity? That's why I wil name any future children Dolce and Gabbana.

The products have a "Photonic" element to them which means the colors are light reflective, they will come alive on your skin and will catch the light and make you look like the glamorous diva celebrity you really are.

I tried the Color Fever Glosses which come in a pretty clear tube with silver accents. The applicator is a super soft little sponge which spreads the color nicely along your lips. No stickiness, no heaviness here, just pure gloss with high shine which I love.

Seashell is a vibrant purple-pink which borders on fuchsia. Hotness! I applied the Sunray shade over it which toned it down to a resplendent pink color which was better for my daytime look. Seashell is ideal for a night out because it is a color that gives your face a splash of bright color.

Color Fever Shine lipstick in Luminous is gorgeous by itself, don't let the seemingly clear color let you think otherwise. This Photonic lip tint only appears to be colorless, once you apply it, you can see shimmers of pink/lilac in the light. It's really light and very pretty. You can add a shade on top of it to turn up the volume and give more illumination to your mouth. I like light shades on my lips so this way just right for me. Add a little of the gloss and you have a nice daytime look.

I mistakenly used the Ombres Glacee as a lipcolor instead of what it's meant for which is an eye highlighter. I thought it was brilliant to lighten up a too dark lipstick. Oops. Well, you need to get creative sometimes, right? You can use the Ombres Glacee all over your face to give a little extra shimmer and interest to your makeup. It's creamy and only a dot is needed to wake up the area. Now that I know how to use it, (duh!) I put it on my brow bone and in the inner corners of my tired eyes.

There are so many beautiful shades in this collection, you must check it out! I'm certain you can find a million ways to blend the colors and get some stunning results.

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