Friday, January 18, 2008

MAC N Collection

Nude Glamour- The N Collection from MAC

In my line of work which is stay at home mom, makeup enthusiast and aspiring creenwriter/best selling author and avid reader, there is a demand for nude makeup. Because really, where do I go where I need to be all sassy and done up? Except for the occasional jaunts over to Hollywood for a glamorous event or two, my day- to- day look is done up but conservative, save for a few of those wild MAC shades I wear on my eyelids. I am the mom you will find wearing a feather boa, oversize sunglasses and a bucket hat with sweats. I will have nude-ish makeup on my face and most likely my short nails will be painted.

The N Collection gives me goosebumps, I love it so. Why? Because it's really versatile, any woman of any color can wear it and it's very polished looking. I don't need to give you the rundown at this point of the consistency of the products because you know the gloss is shiny, the lipstick creamy and the eyeshadows blend like a dream. Plus, with MAC, you can experiment and blend and layer and make up your own rules as you go along.

Here are the details from this super collection. I starred my favorites in case you were wondering.

1N Light frosted gold with pink pearl
*2N Creamy light pink (very J.Lo during her Bennifer days)
*3N Milky pastel pink (I've been looking for this exact color FOREVER and alas, here it is)
4N Mid-tone creamy brown
5N Plummy sheer brown

1N Creamy white tan (goes nicely over a pink or nude shade of lipstick)
*2N Creamy neutral yellow pink
3N Neutral brown with gold and pink pearl
4N Light chocolate brown with red pearl

*Creamola Low-down tan (this is a nude neutral which works with all the glosses!)
Sublime Culture Pink/caramel fusion

EYESHADOW (I can't chose a favorite because I LOVE them all. So perfectly neutral)
Nanogold Yellow beige with pink pearl
Modest Tone Neutral dirty tan
Neutral Pink Dirty mid-tone blue pink
Rich Flesh Neutral warm brown
Remotely Grey Dirty grey brown
Dark Edge Dirty chocolate brown

Soft Ochre Yellow beige
Quite Natural Dirty chocolate brown
*Groundwork Mid-tone Neutral taupe (this is what you use as a base)

*Graphblack Richest graphic-black (I do tend to wear black liner a lot, and this is rich and deep)
Brownborder Deep chocolate brown

(the very best mascara you can get your hands on for the cheapest price. Awesome!)
Plushblack Black

(Can I ask you to forgo the dragon lady red nails with cheap tips and opt for a short, clean nail in any of these subtle shades? Thank you)

*N Colour Creamy beige
Demi-Blanc Gold beige with green pearl
Naturally Rich Milk chocolate
MAC has some great faces for you to copy, click here. They have a face collection with lovely powders, click here for that. It must be so much fun to be part of the creative team that comes up with the new looks for MAC, I can't wait to see what's next!

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