Sunday, January 20, 2008

Me, me and more me!

Yes its me. No, it's Marilyn Monroe. Pictures of me make me cringe. Marilyn is much cuter.

My friend and fellow writer Marta Acosta has posted a very fun interview with yours truly. You must go over there and read it then post a nice comment. There is drawing for a free book and who wouldn't want that? Here is the link!

One of my favorite writers in the entire universe, Caroline Leavitt, posted a write up about my latest project, the Victorious Girls. Yes there is a movie in the works. Well, at least a screenplay. So exciting!! All this kindess makes me get tears in my eyes. Good thing I've got the waterproof mascara handy. Please check it all out.
Oh and at the risk of tooting my own horn-honk honk- here is another little article about me. Shannon from A Girls Gotta Spa (more on this fabulous girl soon) has written up this, all about my youth and dreams and blogs.
I feel so special with all this goodness floating around the blogosphere!

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Blogger Make-up Junkie said...

Wow, this is such a wonderful project! Congrats! I had no idea you were an accomplished writer. It's very inspiring and I agree that young girls need positive role models growing up! As much as I love makeup, I hate seeing young girls masked in gobs of makeup. In a world of Brats Dolls, it's about time we need some Victorious Girls! Can't wait for the movie! :)

12:57 AM  
Anonymous Stuart said...

So, I do not actually consider this may have success.

11:09 AM  
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