Monday, January 14, 2008

My Latest Obsessions

SPORTea was introduced to me by a friend a couple of years ago. I only knew of one place to buy it and it came in huge tea bags so you could make a pitcher of iced tea. I used the huge, left over tea bag for a cup of hot tea then drank the pitcher of cold tea.

I found a store last week who sells these individual tea bags for hot tea and I can't stop drinking it! The flavor is so delish that you don't need sugar (agave syrup is my healthy sweetner of choice) and it's good hot or cold. It contains vitamin C and ginseng so its good for you too. You know the benefits of tea. I even gave up my morning coffee habit to drink it, it's that good!
I was in Bath and Body Works last week to pick up a birthday gift for a friend when I saw this shampoo and conditioner. It is the Aromatherapy line. It smells so GOOD. I spoil myself sometimes and get the fancier, non grocery store shampoos. I want my hair to be be clean and soft and smell lovely.
Even after you wash your hair, you get a faint whiff of the shampoo and it's wonderful. You will want to be smelling your hair all day long. I wash my daughter's hair with it just so I can bury my nose in her golden curls and inhale.

Kate Moss
and her bangs are my obsession too. I'm going to get my hair cut this week and I'm emailing this photo ahead of time so my terrific hairdresser can copy the cut. Because I spent my pre-teen and teen years with short, boy like hair, (over the ears, shaved in the back such a fab look, not!) I am afraid to get more than an inch cut from the ends. But I think I can do bangs. As long as I look just like Kate Moss when she's done cutting. Riiiiiight!

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