Thursday, February 07, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Where has she been lately? Filming movies, staying busy, vacationing in Mexico. You know how it is. Letting the nose job settle.

Ellen Pompeii is looking rather dewy. A tad shiny. Nothing blotting papers wouldnt fix.

Christy Turlington is always gorgeous.

Kate Hudson channels Pete Doherty in her black hat and blazer ensemble. Son Ryder is looking colorful in that plaid jacket.

Do you like your Paris extra crispy (above) or

with her mouth wide open?

Her favorite thing about that trophy is that she can gaze at her reflection.

I never liked to date small men because I felt enormous in comparison.
Jennifer Lopez is gigantic and I love it. Marc Anthony is positively petite next to her.

How do all those egos fit in the room? I'm not talking about Lourdes of course. Katie looks like she's wearing a big linen napkin over her shoulders. And she's also huge! Everyone in Hollywood is small so in reality, Katie is normal and everyone else is freakishly teeny.

"You can touch my tummy but don't mess my hair! And please don't look me in the eye until I've had my botox shots!" Nicole has wet noodle hair.

This looks like the J. Lo back in the day of Fly Girls. I know everything swells when you're pregnant, but hair?

I'd take the extra fabric from that bow and add it to lengthen that short dress. Gwyneth should know better than to wear Apple's party frock. Who picked out the Easy Spirit shoes?

Not doing anything for me.

Cute, cute, cute. Whatever.
At the end of a long day, Christina will use a sandblaster to get through those many layers of foundation. I imagine her peeling her face off like a rubber mask.

geeyahhh!!!...That's one scary top lip.
If you blacken out some teeth and give her a piece of straw, stuff her with dry grass, Mischa would look like a scarecrow.

Who wore it better, Gustav Klimt's The Kiss or...

...the Olsen girl with pants puddles ?

The Golden Couple of Hollywood. Angie's dress reminds me of a nice blackberry spread I had this morning. Brad looks like Daniel Day Lewis during his cobbler days.

I never have a bad thing to say about Dita. I've heard she's super sweet in real life plus she always looks picture perfect.

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