Friday, February 08, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

I almost bought a pair of skin tight skinny pants but thought I was too old. Here Heidi Klum proves me wrong. Bring on the extra tight denim! (I'll pass on the banana yellow shoes though!)

What's most stunning about this photo is that Posh Victoria Beckham is smiling! Smiling! I can't believe it.

Here's teen phenom Miley Cyrus. She's taking over the world, seriously. Do any kids not know exactly who she is?

Here's a good thing- Lindsay Lohan has left behind the leggings. Bravo! She changed her haircolor which looks lovely. But she needs to lay off the self tanning lotion. Orange is a color best suited to pumpkins, tangerines not people.

Yikes. Holy cleavage. Looks like she's smuggled an infant in the top of her dress. Kate Walsh got rid of that red haircolor and is now a brunette. She's gorgeous but I liked the red, bring it back!

All famous people know each other, its a rule in Hollywood. Actually I think Liv and Kate were buds when they were kids.

Katherine McPhee is pictured here with her new husband. Yes he's a bit older.

Oops, my bad. This is Kat's older husband.

Jaime Pressly looks totally casual here. I'd wear this but am not into tucking my jeans into boots.
(photo from Daily Stab)

It's true, I havent seen my real haircolor in twenty years but Fergie's locks come pretty close to what I imagine my hair color to be. Congrats to Ferg who is MAC's newest Viva Glam girl.

Perfect combination of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love before she got her plastic surgery. Frances Cobain reminds me a wee bit of Kelly Osbourne.

Not too sure about the rumpled scarf Pete has on or the pink lips clashing with the red hair on Ashlee.
What's going on here? Paris Hilton should know the Red Carpet pose by now and it doesn't include imitating the chicken dance. The Valtrex should help with the intense searing pain often making the patient unable to close their legs completely.
Ali Larter, what were you thinking? I can't decide if she looks like a throwback to the eighties, (just add shoulder pads and rubber bracelets), or a mascot for Q-Tips.

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