Thursday, February 14, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Photos of Tom and Katie always make me feel uncomfortable so I can just imagine how she must feel. He has a weird grasp on her- he's smiling but digging his nails into her skin at the same time in all their pictures.

I like Sarah Michelle Gellar's dark eye makeup. Sure it's a bit racoonish but it's dramatic. Her shirt is extremely daring. I would feel not only cold but highly self conscious. B Cups unite!

Scarlett Johansson has what I like to call Dog Lips. My Bichon Frise has black lips too. Scar looks like she wants to bite me and suck my blood. Natalie is perfection.

Posh loves to ramble on about how she's such a fashionista but I have to ask her to rethink her proclamation. The clear netting fabric is there in case of a mosquito attack. At least her midsection is protected.
The large satchel is good for the beach- it holds a Fiji water, a couple of books, a magazine, some sunscreen. oops, she doesnt read books!

I just bought a yellow and gray dress that I planned to wear with red shoes too, Rose and I are like twins!
Why wasn't I invited to the Fendi event?

Even though she has a horrible temper that flares up like a nasty case of acne, Naomi Campbell is gorgeous. She's always had an incredible body and a striking face.
Katherine always looks pulled together. It must get tiring to do the press junkets all the time and be asked the same questions over and over and over. I guess you think about the millions in the bank and you deal with the journalists. ka-ching!

The Goldie Hawn hairstyle needs to die a quick death. Yes Goldie is adorable and yes Kate is too but I would not be caught sporting my mothers coif. Get a pixie cut!

I don't even know where to go with this. Its good she's not wearing leggings? The skirt reminds me of half a record.

Johnny Depp's children are adorable, Vanessa Paradis has a funky hippie style that I dig.

If Jessica Alba walked through my house, her dress could dust my furniture!

I cannot wait to see Isla Fischer play Becky Bloomwood from the Shopaholic books!

Teri Hatcher is amazing in that tight black dress. That's what I'm wearing to my highschool reunion( in a couple of years). I wonder if she'll let me borrow the dress? And I wonder if I'll be thin enough to fit in it?

Hayden Pantys doesn't look eighteen! When I was her age, I was dressing in Outback Red and teasing my bangs to the heavens. I wore enormous plastic earrings and sprayed myself with Parfums de Coer, it was quite a fashionable time.

Matthew McConaghey's girlfriend Camilla is pretty but she reminds me of that guy from The Crying Game.

It's good to see Britney out and about. Er..she's teaching a dance class... to children! Looking like that! Her hair looks like something you'd find washed up on the beach. I'd tell my kids, DONT TOUCH IT.

photos: justjared, ohnotheydidnt, teddyandmoo,fadedyouth


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