Thursday, February 21, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Nicole Kidman's dress looks like a wedding gown. Her hair looks amazing and I detect a small belly bump, the Urban-Kidman spawn is growing!

Reese Witherspoon at the premiere of the movie Penelope. The movie is about a girl with a pig nose. Christina Ricci is the one that straps on the piggy snout, not Reese. I love her smoky eyes, bronze cheeks and neutral lips in this photo. She just needs a pig nose to complete the look. I think everyone at the premiere should have donned a piggy nose.
(justjard photo credit)

Katie Holmes wears the gown of Scientology. The dress is a wee bit too matronly for my taste. She needs some curls, a more youthful coif. A Ken Paves weave perhaps. She looks like she's either trying to pass for forty-something or Anna Wintour. Don't try to look older Katie, enjoy your youth!

Salma Hayek's fiancee is looooooadddded. Billionaire! Imagine living that life for a day? First class travel around the world, designer clothes at your fingertips, the best of everything. Mansions and a staff, a personal chef, housekeeper (s) and nannies... I wish! Salma, you are one lucky lady.

Sophia Bush is a beautiful girl. But I really dislike the bubble dress. I went shopping the other day and every dress has that hemline. It makes me look like I'm hiding enormous hips under a mushroom tent.

Is she pregnant or isn't she? Kate Hudson's either bloated (hey we all get that way!) or with child. Time will tell. And time will tell who the daddy is. I'd love for it to be Matthew McConaghey. Baby Daddy times two.
Love love love Gisele! I can't never prounounce her last name, I say Bunchkin. She's not traditionally pretty but I dig her look. I like the pink lips and tan skin. Simple and beautiful. This is going to be my summer look except my tan will come from my Tarte bronzer!

Cameron Diaz with really tight jeans and a macrame handbag. Remember macrame? Everyone had those plant hangers during the early 80's. Her pruse is not really macrame, its probably some fancy designer bag. Pants are a little too tight, yeast infection anyone?

The Royal Family in the snow! There are bodyguards and nannies on standby, I'm sure of it. Don't let Princess Shiloh get cold! Have hot chocolate ready for King Maddox! Little Zee wants a hot toddy and make sure you have a panini for Pax.

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