Friday, February 01, 2008

Getting Personal- Half Peaches and Sex Oil

I got the chance to try out this stuff called Fireplay. It's an emu-oil based "Sensual Massage Oil", wink wink. You apply it to your lady parts and then it heats up. It's very gentle and hypoallergenic so you don't have to worry about becoming engulfed in an itchy rash. Here's the official information from the Dremu website:

*Imagine a warm cascade, undulating and working its way from the inside out

*Imagine the feel of an oil so like the moisture of your own body that it absorbs deeply and keeps the skin soft and supple - thanks to the power of our own Dremu Oil

*Imagine a smooth, frictionless area that has a warming dampness that's only appropriate for when you're behind closed doors

*Imagine that "getting in the mood" is now a matter of seconds, rather than minutes (or hours)

YES, YES, YES! It does all of that. I keep it by my bed for when the occasion arises, no pun intended. You can order a sample and see for yourself, click here. oooh, la la!

My next personal review is of the new Spanx bra called Bra-llelujah! I got one in the mail to try out and write about. As you well know, finding a bra that fits like a dream is nearly impossible. A kind PR rep sent me the Bra-llelujah! to test out, YAY!!! but the size she sent was a 34C, boooo. Unfortunately, my tiny half- peach sized breasts are barely a B. This quandry, in the land of Southern California, where big, fake breasts are practically bought along with a new car when you turn seventeen, has caused me years of being ashamed of my body. I pray for bigger boobs but alas the prayers are not answered!

But because the bra looked so darn perfect, becuse it was sewn impeccably and looked like the very bra that could withstand any activity withouth digging into the back or front, because it looked ulta comfortable, I tried it on and wouldn't you know that while the cups are a wee bit empty, the whole thing conformed to my body. The band and straps fit like they were made for me. It's a ten, a two thumbs up, four star bra. Its nice and smooth so it is ideal for under a tee shirt. The nude color works well under white too.

I know that you will love the Bra-llelujah! Full Coverage Front Closure Bra whether you are a 32 or 38. Its a non-fussy, classic kind of undergarment. Click here for the Spanx website. If you haven't read the story of the Spanx creator, then you must. What an inspiration Sara is! There are tons of celebrities who wear Spanx on the Red Carpet and now they will be donning the new bra under their designer clothes too. Now I need a little something to smooth out the thighs...

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